Should I take chiron or helena with the 4 star exchange ticket event which is in November

I am very confused and excited about the 4 star exchange ticket.
There are 2 servents which I really want , chiron and helena , which one should I take or are there any other support servents .

Post roster

Maybe come here as well, idk anymore lol

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Do you have a servant with 20% party charge? If not, Helena, hands-down. Because she is very good at taking hands down.


I’ve used both a fair amount and I’d say Helena > Chiron. The archer star weight makes Chiron an annoying support sometimes. There ARE of course times where Chiron is better…like against rider threats, times when the evade will be useful, and bosses with annoying defenses. However, Helena is good for farming with her team battery and strong NP, and she can also do fine in challenging fights with her star gen, battery, and buffs. Her cooldowns are terrible though so you kinda want her to die after casting.

I had this strat where I’d put her in the frontline to buff 2 allies, then switch her out for a support Waver so thats 40% (+30%) charge and double offensive buffs. Assuming you have 2 of the recent starting NP event CEs that’s 2 easy NPs…even easier if you have other batteries or better starting NP CEs

Chiron is more for developed rosters looking for a plugsuit card and crit buff unit to bow out ASAP. The reason for this is as an Archer, Chiron competes with your DPS over stars due to his star weight. (His own damage is mediocre which is why he’s a supplementary DPS but the def buff removal on his NP can be situationally useful.)

Helena is good for newer rosters that lack a good NP battery servant (aka one of the big four supports). She can give 20% party wide charge at max skill plus provide triple card buffs. Her NP can clear small waves on her own and her 2nd skill has a chance to boost her NP damage but honestly that’s just icing on the cake since her real value lies in her support skills and caster class means she’s unlikely to compete with your DPS for stars.

A general recommendation from me would be Helena.

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Chiron is a good Crit support with way shorter cooldowns and better values than Helena while also having better survivability. His attack on the other hand is horrible and he has no NP upgrade so don’t expect non crits from him to deal damage

Helena is a fantastic farming enabler, the only other AoE character with 20% party wide charge on a skill is Summer Helena. Her buff values and scaling are both horrible but those are irrelevant in 3 turn farming, which is her niche.

Go to who you need more. If you don’t have a 20% charger i would go for Helena (is what i did earlier this year) since you will get way more mileage out of her.

As someone who has both with their skills at max I use Chiron way more. His 50% crit boost, burst star gain, and 30% boost to all cards are super useful.

Then again I use a very niche play style using summer bb, DPS that counters enemy class, Chiron, and a backline support waver.

I use bb to clear wave 1, use chiron to buff my dps on wave 2 and then switch him out with waver to further buff dps, Finally use summer bb to lock the dps servant’s cards

DPS easily melts down wave 2 and then uses AOE np to clear wave 3

Helena. Chiron is just a minturn taunt ce fodder buffer.

I would recommend Helena
And welcome to the community

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I have all the big support casters currently in na, yet despite that, I still use helena enough to make her far and beyond a valuable summon

she’s just an all-round solid dps/support hybrid whose only real detriment is her absurdly long cooldowns. but like 95% of content with a properly utilized developed roster is done with before even most shorter cooldown skills would be back up, so

though as a bonus, she and her archer counterpart are iirc like the only servants whose passive stargen skill lasts for 5 turns instead of 3. shame her caster self ties it to her rng self np damage buff

I have waver and I use Shakespeare too

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