Should I TM my maxed 98% DT/OR Dragonite to DB/DC?

I use it mainly for gym defence and Rocket battles. It may be some time before we see a Dragon-type legendary.

88 FTMs and 40 CTMs to spare…until I evolve my two perfect Gastlys, followed by two perfect purified Larvitars and three 93% Beldums this weekend.

I’m gonna lead off with no, and here’s why.

  1. I think the optimal PvP moveset for Dragonite is going to be Dragon Breath/Dragon Claw/Draco Meteor, given that DM is now a faster move that reduces the attacker’s attack. So if your 98% ends up with DB/DC/Outrage, it won’t be as good, and DB/DC by itself is a distant third from those two.

  2. For the uses you have it for now, it performs well.

If nothing else, see how these changes shake out before spending TMs on changing moves (and certainly before spending dust or other more scarce resources).

Yes, but Zekrom, Reshiram, Kyurem, Black Kyurem and White Kyurem are all waiting in the wings. Niantic figured out in Gen3 that leading off with the best of the bunch and then dispensing the less desirable ones lost people’s interest. That said, we have 5 dragons waiting in the wings for their chance to play, as well as the obligatory revisit of some of the old ones.

On the flip side, you’ll want to use Dialga, Rayquaza, Ice, or Fairies against these dragons, and Dragonite isn’t a top counter anymore for anything.

He said gym defence and rocket battles

Gym defence:
DB has low damage, DT is better, fast move needs to hit hard.
DC is good because 3 bar spam, but OU is also good, 2 bar moderately spam and huge damage.

DB is arguably better than DT because 33% more DPS, but DT has 10% more EPS which helps stun lock.
DC is the best charge move because of stun lock. Rocker battles are different than regular PvP battles, grunts stop attacking for 2 turns after a charge move is fired from either pokemon. Spamming low energy charge moves result in better TDO than using slower moves with better DPE.

OP said that’s what it’s used for now. But if it became much better for something else, I would assume that would be a consideration.

2 seconds, which is 4 turns. And it applies after a pokemon from either side changes out, too. For Rocket battles, DB is clearly superior to DT, just do the math. Still plenty fast to stun lock, and much better damage.

Wait, 2 seconds?

So that’s why I keep getting hit while sneaking a Confusion in between stun locks

Fun fact: An Outrage can kill anything that a Draco Meteor can around 98% of the time. And it does not have that drawback; The move is basically only used for killing endgame enemies. If you plan on killing multiple enemies in a row, I would suppose Outrage seems better.

Probably true, and overkill is a legitimate concern. That said, the updated lists the best moveset for Dragonite in the ML as DB/DC/Draco Meteor. They base this off of simulations, not from pure math, so things like attack speed do matter.

The reason that DM is better than outrage is that you have Dragon Claw available. Most of the time, you’ll use DC, and do great damage very quickly. Then your foe puts in something that resists Dragon, and you need to hit it hard. Switching is a good option, but you can’t switch again for a minute, and if Dragonite is your last pokemon, it’s not an option. So instead of the wet noodle slaps DC would apply, you toss off a few more DB, and then hit it with the strongest PvP attack in the game, hoping you can do enough to take it out.

Hurricane is viable here too, esp. since it gets STAB, but the first round of simulations make it look like DM is the second move of choice. We’ll see if it stays that way.