Should I try to get Child of Atlas CE?

I think ignore def buff is quite good so. Will this CE reduce difficulty of some CQ or some boss battle? Should I try to get one or we will have better CE in the future?

I decided to pass.

It’s an interesting effect, but the situations where it actually matters AND you lack a suitable Servant with Ignore DEF tied to their NP are exceedingly rare, especially since Sherlock can be fielded or borrowed in a pinch if necessary.

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Yeah, and DW got wise, so most future CQs with defense gimmicks use special defense, for which defense pierce doesn’t work.

Sherlock was great for the Nerofest Siegfried CQ, though.

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It’s also, well, not Limited. Nor even out-and-out on rate-up, just newly introduced.


That’s a really important caveat. The fact that they didn’t put it in rate-up makes it pure bait for anyone who did want it.

I actually keep forgetting that it’s not on rate-up every time someone asks about it. That banner’s visual is a lie.


I’ve totally been baited by banners with visuals of kscope, BG, formal craft, etc in the past…


I still remember falling to banner bait as a newbie because I wanted more copies of Cu Alter and rolled on the banner shared with Medb and Nightingale.

Blew through my wallet’s break bar because I forgot to check the summon details.

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effect is pretty good since it also deals bonus damage to berserkers but i highly recommend not doing it.

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Dang i spent 73 sq and got 0 copies. Feelsbadman.

Rough. My sympathies.