Should I upgrade my Hana to 5* for Life and Death 3?

I was skimming through my 3-4* heroes and checking who had good IVs, and my Hana had awful ones (+HP -Spd) so I checked for her skills and saw she had a pretty rare one in Life and Death. Should I upgrade and get it or it’s too much of an investment so early in the game?

There’s Sothe at 4-star that has LnD 3,so no,it’s not worth it,imo.


No, heavens no. Life and Death 3 is available in Sothe, who is also 3-4* available, and he has it at 4*. Plus, you shouldn’t upgrade heroes to 5* for their skills unless you have immediate uses for their fodder, as its just a waste of feathers, since oftentimes units you think you would fodder end up staying in your barracks for a while. Ex: My Hoshidan Summer Elincia. I summoned her on her debut banner. She’s still in my barracks, not foddered yet, and I never use her outside of using her solely for the skill dance in Arena Assault.



edit: oh yeah, I forgot to ask what else I can do with her? :expressionless:

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LnD2 might be okay for very budgt builds, especially if you’re lacking in Sothes like me. Otherwise, build or send home. Maybe keep a couple of copies in case you need armorslayer or obstruct (lol)

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You could build her, she’s an amazing hyper offensive unit with a great armor killer PRF. Would just have to fix that -Spd with a merge.

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If you pull enough copies she’s a decent 4* merge because she probably wants desperation anyways so only her atk and spd will really matter.

I’ve foddered her for L&D2 once or twice to save the few copies I do have of Sothe for the units where I really want L&D3.

In the future if you want to check whether a skill is 4* available, you can look that skill up on the main GamePress site and it will show you from which units you can get the skill and at what rarity.