Should I upgrade my Marthcina? [Poll]

So basically I have Marthcina at +10. We got a lot of free copies, so it was cheap and I thought why not. Up till now she’s been a fairly budget dragon killer running a bond build (+9 to all stats through refine, A, and S slots).

But I could upgrade her. I have the skills to do something like this:

Is it worth it?

  • Do It!
  • Budget Bond Dragonkiller is fine

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The thing is, that’s pretty rare fodder that I do not have a lot of. I haven’t really been using her a lot, but sealed falchion is a very good refine. I also do like Lucina, but have other merge projects, so other than pitybreakers her OG won’t be getting merges.


Probably better is for us to help you work your way through this decision. What goals do you have in the game and how is your barracks currently serving towards those goals? What would this upgrade do to bring you closer to your goals?


I’m mostly just playing for fun at this point. I still like to clear all PvE content, but for PVP I’m fine just drifting around where I am now (in and out of Vault, t19.5 ish in arena).


Is that how you would like to continue, or do you think you’ll try to play at a higher standard in the future? Because if it’s the former you can probably do what you like and keep your current position, but if you want to win against tougher opposition in the future you need to play tighter with fodder.


I guess I tried to get that across in the initial post.

I usually horde fodder, and only give it to +10 units, and in the first place I only make +10 units I like.

Essentially the question boils down to “is the sealed falcion refine worth it?”

Most answers seem to be yes, but I’m on the fence, hence the question.


Sealed Falchion is extremely good. When a weapon refine enables a red unit with a res IV under 20 to have a serious run at astra season despite Seiros, you know you’re dealing with dynamite.

It would require flowers and heavy support and the QR seal, but in theory that’s not too much for an AR carry to ask.


Ooof, flowers hurt.

I’m not actually against giving them to her, but I just don’t have enough. Never have enough.
Just finished Lilina, and I’m not sure who I’m going to do next. Possibly Nino since she’s going to get a resplendent, but more likely Sophia since she’s already on my AR O light team with NCD.


Unending problem of infantry flowers. But you don’t have to make her carry in AR.

I would feel weird bringing a unit like this to PvE, but she’s generally going to crush it.

For arena she would probably want a duel skill, though if you’re fine with being in T19 every other season then no she doesn’t and I’m guessing the experience is going to be good even without flowers.


Probably wouldn’t bring her to Arena, since my extremely mediocre team is fine as is. Might experiment with it though.

Arena is going to change, because I have a +6 (+7 if you include the free copy I haven’t merged because I want to use her both seasons) Lynja I plan to finish off in November (I think that’s when the banner will be rerun) so then I can just use her and who cares about the rest of the core at that point.