Should I use an Eir to give my Muspell Atk/Res Unity?

I’ve got 2 Eirs and Ive been considering foddering one off to Muspell since I can have DC on the Sacred Seal. I could use Mirror Stance 3 too, but I want the unity skill when using my Kaden since he provides guard. I’ve got other Light mythics too so I don’t exactly need to use the extra Eir, but I’m still unsure.

  • Fodder Eir to Muspell
  • Don’t fodder Eir to Muspell
  • Wait for banner with Atk/Res Unity instead

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What are you using Muspell/Kaden for exactly?

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Well the intention is for arena. I use L!Hector for the buffs, then Kadens weapon further adds stats so then Muspell gains a really large amount of stats. He’s mainly there to help me deal with L!Lilina.


There isn’t much in the way of debuffs floating around in arena tbf so I’m not sure unity would be necessary.

It does give you stats both phases unlike stance 3 which is only EP so, weigh your options there. But I’d be much more concerned with specials activating (especially ruptured Sky against him) than debuffs.

But again if used with Kaden you don’t have to worry about that at all so… Why not? If you like that combo and you like Muspell, no reason not to fodder skills to him.


cough Menaces cough

That said. I have some doubts you’ll be coming across too many players with Menaces if using cavalry without Duel skills, and especially without a legendary on the team. And the only time I ever had a ton of trouble with a Menace was with a Plegian Axe Balthus and it was only because I couldn’t get my bonus unit to kill him. So I agree the Unity isn’t worth it for Arena


Ok, I’m a little out of the loop of what y’all would normally be encountering. I’m stuck in “everyone’s a fucking duo” land and none of them benefit from a menace save for NottDagr… But I’m using my own and typically clear the team in one turn so… Skewed pov here.


I brought it up because three of the units I used in Arena this week have Menaces equipped…

It’s true that a lot of the Duos don’t have much use for them glances at the dozen or so Ninjorrins I’ve encountered this week alone but I’ve seen Duo Dagrs with it, and even at least one Duo Chrom who had one equipped