Should Nightingale be demoted from Tier 3 to Tier 4 or even 5?

I generally agree with the Tier list here except I don’t understand why Nightingale is ranked so high (middle). Bottom line, she has a totally useless NP, she has two decent skills that she cannot spam since she is unlikely to survive long enough, and so her usefulness is limited to dealing a bit of regular damage and buffing/healing one party memmber once. Why would anyone use her instead of other support units? Even 4 or lower star supports, including welfare, are better (survive longer, etc.). She is the usual glass cannon, but with no cannon.

I think she should be moved to Tier 4 if not 5. I mean, even the Tier 5 bottom of the drawer (currently Saber and Caster of SN) do some damage with their NPs, have higher staying power and their skills are at least as useful.

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I believe the reasoning is that her NP, while niche, retains a somewhat uniquely powerful benefit for CQs where your team can neither stall the enemy NP indefinitely nor use a hard counter like Invincibility or Evasion because of piercing.

Also she has one of the best targetable Buster card buffs in the game (we’d think it was pretty awesome if not for Merlin’s existence) and is the least star-hogging support you can get.

No, she isn’t a universal support by any means, but she is good in her niche. If not for her tissue-paper class and lack of broadly useful defense, she’d probably be a Tier 2. As it is she fits well with most of the other Tier 3 Servants for having a solid use even if she isn’t a preferred pick for most fights.

Edit: If we compare Flo to Scheherazade, Flo wins no-problem in terms of overall utility. Scheherazade is flat-out bad to the point where players have to be dedicated to using her for love or else as an expensive-but-unnecessary AoE farmer to make her earn her keep at all.


that “useless” np helped me tank all too many of kiara’s

granted that was a special fight of sorts, but still




Actually her survivability is kinda decent thanks to her Humanoid defense. Since a lot of enemies and bossess share that trait, it to a wide variety of encounters.

It is true that she’s still a berserker and a single stray crit will kill her though, but you’re not looking at her from the proper angle. She’s not your usual support that makes your DPS a crit card monster that kills everything before the enemy actually destroys either the DPS or the supports.
In fact, most of the time she’s the opposite of that. She’s a team unit specialized in stall teams. Have you seen the combination of Sima Yi - Merlin - Nightingale? That thing is broken and guess what, none of these have damaging NPs.

She has a niche being a healing, damage mitigating berserker support, and she performs greatly at it. The only berserker comparable to her is Asterios and he’s a 1* unit that depends greatly on heavy hitcounts.
Her damage and NP debuffs PLUS healing are very strong actually, pair her with Mash and Hans and you have pretty much the best stall composition to deal with most of the first part story battles. In fact, in America you can deal with the demon god pillar boss battle by stalling it with Mash, Hans and the Story Support Nightingale. She does very greatly with the right set-up.

The damage she can dish out thanks to her berserker class is just a plus and she has one of the best targetable buster buffs in the game only second to Merlin.
Also as mentioned above, she takes no stars at all making your critical hits more reliable.


Disagree. I think Nightingale is fine at Tier 3. The reason why she isn’t any lower is because of her powerful targetable Buster buff (50% at max level, for 3 turns, on a 5(!)-turn cooldown), her powerful targetable heal (on a short cooldown too), and because her non-damaging NP serves of a (despite niche) great utility in some CQs and against certain fights. Think about this, against enemies with buff removal before dealing damage with their NP like Amakusa or Abby (even if she’s a Foreigner), Merlin’s party-wide invul, Irisviel’s party-wide guts, or even David’s or Tristan’s party-wide Evasion, and all of those self-protection skills won’t save you from taking all the damage. So there’s two options: draining NP gauges or reducing their NP damage and ATK considerably (basically debuffing the enemy). Nightingale is one of the few Servants who can do the latter effectively… If she can survive.
That’s her main issue: Nightingale would be a top tier Support if not for her glass canon class. However, her Berserker class and 2nd skill help her deal some damage if she’s not serving as a support, until she can. So I think Tier 3 is a great middle place for her. Her Berserker class is also useful in a way, because you can equip 2030 on her and she won’t keep all the stars for herself, like Rider supports or even Casters sometimes. So, you’re able to get guaranteed (Buster) crits for your DPS.

However, in the future, there will be ways to make her survive a bit longer. Reines, removing all types of class disadvantage, can help her survive some more in longer fights.

So yeah, I think Nightingale’s placement in Tier 3 is decent. She’s good, not overpowered, but definitely not bad. And even less useless. She has a niche and a use, and she does it well. You just need to… Well, help her survive, ironically. Her 2nd skill (and her 1st, if you decide to use it on her) can definitely help with that, though.

Edit: in the future, she gets a skill upgrade that even gives Debuff Immunity on her targetable healing, if I recall correctly. I’d haveto check later. Either way, it’s definitely useful and a nice extra.


That NP helped me tank my ass in that Shimousa boss too. Its niche, but it works when it has to.


Because 10 star absorption | 50% buster | Berserker damage.

Basically buster crits + berserker damage fill. She is not “good” in the meta but if tier 3 -5 are about off meta gameplays then she stands at the top of it. If you want to buster deck clear she is a great choice and will land far better result than a merlin in that context.


Just to add something else, Nightingale is on my list to finish leveling because I want to throw her in a comp with my Ilya for giggles once she gets her skill upgrade that provides guaranteed debuff immunity on that nice, low cooldown.

Nothing “meta,” but fun and effective for the right situation. Like both Nightingale and Ilya.

I think Nightengale is one of those servants that isn’t beginner/casual friendly.

If you don’t know how to (or can’t) properly support and utilize her, then she seems awful. Conversely, once you have a better grasp of her mechanics, she becomes a must have.


side semi-related note: I like pairing my illya and sanzang together, where reasonable, for extra debuff immunity options

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Next we’ll have someone claiming Merlin needs damage on his NP.

Oh wait.



His NP was so powerful in Babylonia that they had to nerfed him when he’s summonable


I wouldn’t say her NP is useless, because as people already pointed out, she saved us during CQ against Kiara (I am one of them). I mean sure, that’s a more extreme case

But what makes Merlin so good with his kit? One of them was his AOE invincible, but on the flip side what happens if your enemy pierces invincible? It’s easy to say you kill them before they release their NP, but once that happens, you’ll need to stack def and Nightingale’s NP will help massively


tbh, aoe invincibility tends to be the last thing I see people mention about merlin

even though, yes. it’s ungodly useful too

This was me before i got Nightingale. Now, she’s one of my go to servants.

People tend to overlook her as Merlin is way too OP compared to her.

“I don’t agree with tier list” - said every forum member ever :feh_roy:

The only useless NP in this game is stheno :fgo_musashismug:

Because she can do things other support units can’t

Glass by itself can be a deadly weapon, more so if sharpened.

If damage were the basis of tier list then Merlin and Waver should be sitting at tier 5, staying power is useless if you have nothing useful to offer


I rephrased the title to a question, so it fits as discussion. Otherwise it sounded like a matter of fact, which isn’t the case.

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People need to stop acting like NPs that deal no damage are “useless”.


Why is there a hospital bed floating in the air? :thinking: