Should status effects/conditions be implemented in Pokémon go?

If it is ever implemented how do think it could be implemented into gameplay?

I believe it would make the game more interesting and could add more strategy to battles, especially pvp with the ability to poison, freeze, and make Pokémon go to sleep. At the same time a complete overhaul of battle system might be needed since the game does not use a turn based system. Not recommending the game be changed to turn based, just acknowledging significant changes to gameplay would be needed to implement status effects.

I see poison/ sleep etc effect lasting x turns, as we have turns in PvP. Attacks have turns, throwing charges ans switching.

I can see poison effect be like receiving 5 dmg per turn for 25 turns, unless you switch or freeze be like doubling your enemy fast move duration x2 for next 5 fasst moves

But i dont see this in PvE, however.

tbh, I kinda hate some rng aspects of the game. I think it would be hard to implement, since it’s a pretty gimmicky feature in pogo. I personally don’t think they should be implemented, especially if some moves had an rng chance.

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I think it could make it more entertaining, a logistical nightmare to implement but if they could, I’d like it.

As with many other games and with some of the attack/defence buffs/debuffs is either a chance and then a finite number of turns or a permanent effect with a strength equivalent the the attack stat of the attacking pokemon maybe tempered by the defence or stamina of the affected pokemon.

Glad it’s someone else’s problem to figure out though.


Snorlax used Body Slam!
Machamp was paralyzed!

Quagsire used Sludge Bomb!
Azumarill’s hurt by poison!

For PvE, paralysis, sleep and freezing could last a certain number of seconds, while poison and burn could occur every certain number of seconds.


As others have stated, I think for PvP there is use for status effects and especially damage over time. I don’t really like the RNG but something like: if poisoning move lands (i.e. not shielded), it deals 5 damage per turn of Poison-type damage for 12 turns or until 'mon is switched/faints. The basic idea being a move that forces your opponent to switch-out in order to avoid damage. It would add a layer of strategy to switching and shielding.


The idea of status effects seems good but isn’t this particular effect mechanically similar to the defense drop from something like acid spray. The extra fast move damage per turn from lowered defense would amount to the same thing .
Only difference I can see is that acid spray debuff goes through even if shielded and you have specified the damage as poison type instead of whatever fast move is being used.
The main stat effect which would require a new mechanic is something to make opponents sleep or be paralyzed as we have nothing to skip turns as of now.

Actually even those are not needed because since there is no speed stat in pokemon go it seems that there are only two metrics to consider in pvp

Damage done before death or TDO
and damage done before opponent hits charge

All types of status effects will increase both of those metrics and would be the same as an attack buff or defense debuff with minor differences because they will be applied to different pokemon(Yours or your opponents) and since its percentage buffs it will depend on individual stats.

I may be completely wrong in the last para as I have very little experience with msg though. Feel free to correct me if so.

You make good points. I think the main selling-point for DoT moves is that it can be specified as a different type from the fast move and synergizes with energy-slanted fastmoves (which pair poorly with debuffing moves). But as you said, only a very slight difference. Given that debuffing moves are rarely used (barring spammy ones like Bubble Beam), I would say many players would prefer the actual damage output over theoretical (i.e. debuffed). That said, maybe buffing/debuffing moves need an update in relevance…

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A very interesting effect I would like to see is a move which empties opponents energy bar. That would actually have a measure of skill to use advantageously and could be nullified by good sack switching from opponent or completely decimate something which has just farmed your earlier pokemon. Even it it dealt zero damage it woud be a useful.
Basically there are 3 parts of pvp which are as yet untouched by pokemon moves

The health bar cannot replenish
the energy cannot be changed unless a charge is used
the switch timer is completely out of our control

Moves which cause changes to any of those 3 are what is needed to refresh pvp


I always thought Dialga’s Roar of Time should mess with the timer(s)! Maybe increasing the time in raids or cutting the switch timer. Any timer-altering move would have to be cheap in PvP though, otherwise you just let the time run out. :man_shrugging: Which would make sense for Dialga’s signature move. It could be 45 energy, 60 damage and bring the switch timer to 0 without being OP IMHO.