Should we MLB Premonition of Beginings?


Yes I’m really hesitating about MLB it. It’s the first event That I’m wondering if I should do that now since the other CE are better and that we have servant wo give chips too. Futhermore, I see a lot of people witha MLB of it where it was not the case in other event (not that much at least). So what do you think ?

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I MLBed it solely cause I am running a team with +9 without that CE even equipped, so even if I did equip it that would be +11, and if I really wanted I could bring a support with an MLB copy so I could potentially run a +13.

Biggest thing is that CE has 9 cost, so I am never gonna put more then 1 copy for my team, better to use my spawn to get more enemies to appear.


Well I’m almost in the same case too so I do think I’ll do it. Better to have more ennemie for more drop overall.


No, I heavily advise against it.

When farming at the end, we can field more copies of it.


So it isn’t better to have more ennemies ?


As I understand it, spawn rate caps at 100%, so if you can get that using 2 MLB’ed CEs, then you’d have slots left over.

But if you have no access to MLB spawn CEs, then it seems like you might only have 1 slot left open, in which case wouldn’t an MLB one make sense? And even if you have a friend support with an MLB, you would still need to field 3 copies, and for two slots, there’s no difference between 1 MLB Premonition or two non-MLB. If you luck and get a drop, then you could get +3 out of the two slots with an MLB.

I might also guess that if you are otherwise slot limited due to cost or needing real CEs to clear reliably, then again an MLB might make sense.


Some of the best nodes only require the Sakura CE. You would have 4 slots open for that - I have just created this:

Which I hope will clear everything up.


I get what’s being said but all that does is add a +4, personally speaking after Kiara comes out I will be running a +10 team not counting support, for that particular fight that gives the most Sakura chips.

If I bring in my own future MLB Sakura Spawn, and borrow a +2 servant with an MLB Sakura Spawn that will be +12 and then add in the MLB Premonition +14.

I can use the leftover cost to field better CEs that will allow me to fast and easier clear that fight.

That’s just my case


Yeah that works - I wouldn’t say that’s the average advice though.

Steamrolling through 6 successive waves is a huge pain, so I can’t in no way fault your approach.


Do we really need to farm those sakura chips that heavily if we are not going for the monuments? I have been getting quite an amount of sakura chips before finishing act 1 so far, and I have not field a single copy of premonition, currently more tempted to field bond ce over them.
Should I MLB it if that’s the case?


That’s sort of up to you - you can actually convert chips to QP and farm at the same time. Sort of like doing Free Quests at good rates but you still get 80% of the value of a QP daily.

It’s a bit tedious in terms of time, but it’s pretty darn good value. It’s really is up to you though - you can work out some comparisons in the calculator if you like.


No. Only MLB Gacha event CE and keep shop CE separate. This is to maximize the effect of the Shop CE. So the ideal outcome is to have one MLB copy of each Gacha CE and the have the empty slots be filled with as many copies of the Shop CE as you can field.


Hi guys. Kinda off-topic but, is Premonition of Beginnings even worth buying? And ALL 5 copies of it, sakura-chip-wise?

I’m contemplating since 2 stars & 2% NP gauge each turn isn’t exactly tempting; but if it would significantly increase my chip drops throughout the event then I’d gladly buy them. I’m currently at Act 3 where it was suggeted to stack as much saku chips as possible.

(Thanks in advance to whoever will answer~)

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I won’t have any gacha CEs other than the FP one, and only have 3 of those at that. No real interest in pulling on this banner, and no SQ either since I had tried and failed to get Tamamo a week or so ago.

Not sure I can even count on my friends for MLB CEs as I don’t have any whales and even just a few dolphins. Most events I can usually count on one hand the number of MLB gacha CEs across all of them, not to mention looking for one on the specific class I want to use…

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