Should we spend 75 candies to get SE?

In Conkeldurr, it is worthy to get Stone Edge despite being a one bar rock charge move?

For PVP perhaps as Rock would give you coverage against flying types to wich Conckeldurr is weak.

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It’s good for gyms as well to save potions.

Like say, if there’s a Snorlax followed by a Dragonite, you can kill the Snorlax with DP, then fire a Stone Edge at the D-nite quick.


I personally would not drop 75k for Stone Edge on Conk VS 50k for Rock Slide on ‘Champ. :man_shrugging:t2:

Or if you wanna invert that type of moveset, you can spend 10k and get Rock Slide/Focus Blast on Emboar.


If you plan to use it in PvP at some point, yes. If not, then no; probably isn’t worth the resources.

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I made a post not so long ago when conkeldurr was datamined.
The post was a comparison between conkeldurr with 2 moves vs machamp with 2 moves for taking down gyms. The difference in 3% of damage wich favours conk (most of the time meaningles) in comparison with having a 2 bar charged move for dragonite, gyarados and the stuff tends to give machamp the edge. Note this is only PvE
Everyone said I was wrong. I’m still convinced that machamp is still king in taking down gyms. And all of us have at least one powered up.
Raids? Pure power? That’s another story. But you only need Counter + DP for that.

Answering your question @MarcoLeandroX: if you are looking for a mon with Counter + DP and rock coverage, machamp is still the answer.


When you factor in the second charge move, I agree that Champ fares better then Conk when attacking gyms. Rock Slide is significantly more flexible compared to Stone Edge given that it costs half as much energy and is far less likely to overkill the defender and waste energy.


Yes and no: if you are really rich in dust it’s pretty comfortable not having to switch against Flyings such as Togekiss, Dragonite, Gyarados and Salamence. On the other hand, the cost makes better to just lose a few seconds more switching for an Ice, Rock or Electric specialist (Metagross too if Togekiss and Archeops (it’s rare and new so expect people defending with them soon just to brag of them)).