Should you roll story banner if you are free to play?

hey yall this question might have been answered before but should you roll story banner? I love rate up banners because well its rate up and usually have exclusive on those banners. However i do not have a single kalidoscope and i really see that effecting my gameplay. I usually save my quartz for those rate up banner but should i now spend some on story? If so how much until its not worth it?

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At the end of the day: ultimately up to you.

Personally, my rule of thumb is that if I ever have to ask myself “should I roll on this banner?” the answer is no. Especially if you’re F2P, quarts is rare and valuable. Choosing what to spend where matters, and honestly I’d expect saving for servants you truly love and want would feel far more satisfying as a F2P than shotgunning Story banner.

Yes it has a “higher” chance for like Kscopes and 2030s. However, these CEs are not necessary by any means, and you might find it more fun to make do with what you have. I wouldn’t bother trying to use Story banner as a vehicle to “snipe” these CEs.



No, no, no.

Story banner is something you roll if you don’t know better or have unlimited funds and are bored.


New in the story chasing a specific storylocked servant (who doesn’t have rate up soon) from the chapter you just finished… Well maybe. In that case the pool of chances will be a bit better since not dituled by servants not added to the story banner.

But chasing kscope… Well odds are slightly better in story due to lack of rate up, but rate up servant banners sometimes don’t have any CE’s on rate up either. Like the singularity release banners. CE’s are displayed in the graphics, but if you look in the summoning info there isn’t actually an on rate up.

I’d look ahead for upcoming banners and see if there’s one without ce rate ups with a servant you want before doing the complete shot in the dark on story. But at the end of the day, kscope can come on absolutely any banner rate ups be darned, because rate up is a lie

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There are banners without event craft essences (for example, Waver’s banner in April 2021) where you can aim for a desired rate up and also have a good chance at Kaleidoscopes. So you should take a look at those preferably before examining the story banner seriously.

There is one definite usage of the story banner though – rerolling new accounts until you DO get Waver. However… that is a real trial in patience and time, and most likely very unrealistic for most people, though I’ve heard stories of it being done.


I’m f2p and I roll story. Don’t do it. You’ll regret it the second all your SQ are gone.


Yes. You have higher chances to pull a Kscope there. Do take note though there are others 5* CE and 5* servants who can spook you.

I tried story gacha, I must say I am disappointed and I really need kaleidoscope too.


Story rolling is a clear sign of depression. Even using tickets there is a waste. Just don’t.

It should only be considered for meme-rolling, but I get the feeling that’s not what you’re doing here, considering you’re F2P.

I’m pretty sure you will get another side of this discussion right here.


I’ve had some good and bad luck out of story but as for recommending rolling there my usual advice is to ask yourself one question.
Do you have a servant in particular you want?

If No, then why not you can’t be disappointed really

If Yes, then no wait till someone you want is on rate up

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I rolled tix on story banner when I was still relatively new and got a waver as my first ssr

therefore, yes



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The only reason to roll story is specifically if you like about 3/4 of the servants and do not specifically want any limited servants. But, who does that even apply to?

I think it genuinely exists solely for the really casual players who never even pay attention to what is rate up. Like, the people who do not log in every day. It is relatively pointless if you take the game vaguely serious.

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The specific draw of the story banner is that you have a chance at rolling story-locked Servants. Cu Alter, for example, will never spook you on any other banner; he only exists in the story banner, in GSSR, and in any banner which specifically features him.

That being said, it’s always better to wait for a rate-up if you want a story-locked Servant.

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Of course, but, like, what are the chances of that? The game probably tells you, but I imagine it is extremely low, you could go dozens of unique ssr drops and not get him. Even if the game had a duplicate proof system, not sure it would be worth it relative to a rate up, at least not as f2p.

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The game does tell you, and it’s low. Hence why I don’t recommend it.

But why would you want a duplicate-proof system? In most cases, NP++ ftw.

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I’m a chubby dolphin, rather than F2P, and I have the habit of rolling the Story Banner when I’m drinking and there’s nothing interesting on rate up.

I’ve managed to snag several 5* CEs, and quite a few 4* servants that way, but that’s taken a lot of investment. For every one of those 5* CEs, there has been a lot of NP10 Bedis and Houzins, along with a lot of complete junk. So while, yes, you can get some good stuff in there, you have to be willing to make an investment, and eat a lot of loss to get to the good stuff.

So I don’t really recommend it if you plan on staying F2P.

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It really depends on what servants you want in the future. If you have anyone you really want, then the answer is probably no. Even when not, I advise to not spend lots of quartz on the story banner. I’m of the opinion that there are better options with those banners without rate-up CEs, even though there are not that many of them.

That having said - it’s still the “quickest” way get a K-scope, even though it’s still a gacha. Personally I’d recommend to just use some tickets now and then but leave your quartz untouched unless there’s really nothing else in the upcoming two years that you want.

At some point in the game, however, not having a K-scope limits your farming capability severely, and it just… sucks, which is why I disagree with the opinion of never rolling on the story gacha. It’s kinda the last option you have when you can’t get one. The chances are still worse than a SSR, which is why I do not recommend on spending heaps on quartz on it, but I think a few tickets are fine.

Disclaimer: I played this game for over two years while being fully F2P and my biggest charge was a normal Imaginary Element up until a week before Skadi, where I got a K-scope from a random single roll in the story gacha.

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F2P need: Welfare. NP5 3* aoe + st each class, checkout gp 3* tier list for more info. Big 4 caster support. Rolling on story banner to NP5 Bedivere and Taiga is so insane.

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I would not roll on story banner - every servant on story banner eventually comes up on rate up (I could be wrong but I’m pretty sure)

The only reason to roll on story banner is if you want to get at this point multiple copies of 2 specific CE’s the CE you got from the 2 lostbelts. From what I can tell those CE’s aren’t in any banner and are in the story banners - so if you want to MLB those two CE’s then roll - otherwise I see no reason unless you have unlimited quartz and cannot wait.

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if you have less quartz, you should save it for a rate up you particularly want.
kscope doesn’t have a rate up on the story gacha. it’s going to be similar to rolling anything else.

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