Show me some of your gaming merch

Some time ago some of us were talking about Kirby in another thread and showed my Kirby amiibos, and in my profile it says I like collecting stuff, so idk here’s some of my merch.

Bought this guy today, haven’t opened him yet. Will probably name him something dumb like “BadHaircut”

The first shelf is for favorites and my 3DS games. Second one for nendoroids and more amiibo. Dark Pit’s there behind Pit, and Pichu’s behind Wolf Link. Don’t mind the cheap $5 Patrick next to Jotaro.
Third one for other amiibo. The ones in the very back of the third shelf are a group of 6 that have been disowned by my younger sister. Those ones are SSB Zelda, ZSS, Smash Bowser, Samus, Pac-Man, and a chewed-up Mario series Yoshi. Not pictured is a Smash Bros. Link with a missing left arm and some red nail polish on his cap (he was also disowned by my sister).
I also keep the backs of amiibo boxes; the others are all on another shelf.

Some of my favorite plushies. My current pfp is an art edit of that Ike plush. Not pictured is a Lucario bean plush (to go with that Riolu) and tons of other Pokémon plushies.

So yeah, here’s a collection of some of my gaming merch, show me some of yours!


I don’t have much things since I hide my hobbies from my family and friends.


I don’t have much, but mostly KH stuff


Couldn’t find the pillow so I found a picture online

I also have all the KH manga if that counts