Show me some OG!Eldigan builds

So I was never able to pull OG!Eldigan until his Resplendant came out, where I proceeded to pull a 4* focus on the next banner. I still have the two of them in my barracks, but I’ve never been sure how I want to build him. Therefore O haven’t, even though I want to becaise his Resplendant is just…raw sex appeal and I wanna use him. I’m just not sure how. Do I double up on Fury with Mystletainn’s refine? Or do I give him Dark Mystletainn for Special Spamming?

I have a neutral and a +SPD. What should I do with him?

Inspire me.

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IDK, made this in the builder in like 30 sec.

I would use Mystletinn instead of dark, because at that point might as well just build the more available Ares

Boom! Chonky statball. Ignis probably a better special, but since it’s unit builder I just said “hey, ruptured sky!” (In theory you could get it with fury 4 though).

I don’t think this build is great, but it’s fine. Also shown at +1 no flowers since that’s the copies you seem to have and I don’t know what investment ideas are