Show Off The 5 Star Units That You Got On Free Summons

When it comes to summoning, there is no better feeling than getting a 5-star locked unit on a free summon. As of now, I have free summoned 10 of them, so I figured that now would be a good time to show them off.

  1. Celica (free summoned her on the Weekly Revival 2 banner)

  2. Picnic Flora (free summoned her on the A Season For Picnics banner´s rerun during Golden Week)

  3. Phina (free summoned her on the most recent Heroes With Form Skills banner)

  4. Rhajat (free summoned her on the most recent Heroes With Draconic Aura banner)

  5. Shannan (free summoned him on the Overseas Memories banner)

  6. Sacred Memories Eirika (free summoned her on the July 2020 New Power banner and the December 2020 Heroes With Luna banner)

  7. Azura (free summoned her on the most recent rerun of the Weekly Revival 20 banner)

  8. Fallen Female Corrin (free summoned her on the Hel banner)

  9. Siegbert (free summoned him on the Klein & Clarine’s Battle banner)

  10. Micaiah (free summoned her on the Marth & Caeda’s Battle banner)

  11. Male Morgan (free summoned him on the Morgan & Morgan’s Battle banner)

  12. Gray (free summoned him on the Jeorge & Gordin’s Battle banner and the first Legendary Hero Remix banner)

  13. Sue (free summoned her on the Alm & Faye’s Battle banner)

  14. Spring Idunn (free summoned her on the August 2020 Double Special Heroes banner)

  15. Laegjarn (free summoned her on the Heroes With Duel Skills banner)

  16. Lysithea (free summoned her on the To Stay Dreaming banner and the January 2021 Heroes with Combat Boosts banner)

  17. Fallen Robin (free summoned him on the banner for the Hood-Up Throwdown Voting Gauntlet)

  18. Fallen Mareeta (free summoned her on the Weekly Revival 14 banner)

  19. Ronan (free summoned him on the Shared Purpose banner)

  20. Ogma (free summoned him on the banner for the Mercenary Matchups Voting Gauntlet)

  21. Legendary Leif (free summoned him on the Legendary Claude banner)

  22. Ylgr (free summoned her on the Weekly Revival 31 banner)

  23. Saber (free summoned him on the Weekly Revival 1 banner)

  24. Brave Ephraim (free summoned him on the A Hero Rises 2021 banner)

  25. Delthea (free summoned her on the April 2021 Heroes With Rally + Skills banner)

  26. Young Caeda (free summoned her on the rerun of the The Start Of It All banner)

  27. Adrift Female Corrin (free summoned her on the Heroes With Aerobatics banner)

  28. Alm (free summoned him on the June 2021 New Power banner)

  29. Keaton (free summoned him on the Heroes With Even Wave Skills banner)

  30. Sirius (free summoned him on the Heroes With Lull Skills banner)

I would love to see the 5-star units that you guys got on free summons in the comments.


i know people arent going to believe this, but:

All of them except the free one I chose from the CYL are free summons on other banners. I did not once summon for her, nor get her with orbs.


Just managed to pull this from the Marth & Caeda BHB rerun

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Well I free summoned 4 Miras’ off her debut banner.

(This is on my alt)

I have two accounts and I free summoned: F!Julia, OG!Tobarn and Karel across three days in a row. (That’s on my main account)

Lilith has also been a surprise free summon, I’ve gotten 2 so far . (on my main And alt)

I think I’ve free summoned 3 Caineghis on my alt, they’ve been turned into manuals.

Don’t remember any more memorable ones…

So far at least 46 from my main account (so much that I needed to make a new folder just for free summon pictures. 1 Roy and 1 Azura from before I started documenting my free summons image missing. 1 other Elincia missing that I guess I forgot to screenshot). 2 from my alt also unpictured

Image dump 1

Image dump 2

Image dump 3



the chances


Too lazy to remember all of them so ill post the ones I’ve gotten this past week
From the Tiki and Nagi banner

From the Ike and Mist banner

And my fav free summon so far, from the Pirate Banner


I can’t tell you how many because I’ve lost track, but here’s the ones I remember/ones I could find in my Twitter feed:

*A 5 Star merge for my (now +10) Chrom
*An Amelia merge
*My first Myrrh (who was -Def and later merged into a +Atk one)
*OG Julia
*OG Ephraim
*Multiple OG Micaiahs (At least 3, because mine is +3 and the only time I remember spending Orbs for her was on her debut)
*Peri before she demoted
*Tailtiu before she demoted
*Lukas ON BOTH TIMES THE FORTRESS SKILLS BANNER APPEARED (I will never, EVER forgive the Fortress Skills banner for this slight)
*OG Ryoma
*Brave Lucina (with garbage IV that I foddered many months before she got her godly refine)
*W-Tharja (eventually foddered to Matthew for Close Counter)
*Nephenee (foddered for Wrath)
*S-Gaius (from the seasonal giveaway, gave his bow to Takumi)
*W-Ephraim (also from a seasonal giveaway, and I later free summoned him again on his rerun)
*Idunn (THREE TIMES; one was from a ticket, though)
*Summer Cordelia (seasonal gift, foddered to Ferdinand)
*Flying Nino

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I stopped keeping count 2 yrs ago as I’ve gotten quite a bit of them,but these are the recent 2 that I’ve actually hoped for.

The amount of posts I had to lurk on is unbelievable :feh_tooobin:.

Anyway, I tried to look for my free pulls posted on this site:


(IIRC I free pulled another copy of her, also in a weekly banner)

(Idr if the Zelgius came for free but I believe he did)

Now, I may have free summoned at least one copy of the following units, Idr tho which is why I highlighted the word… I’ve scouted my barracks already:


And… if this counts:

Picks of different CYLs
  1. Lyn
  2. Veronica
  3. Alm

But yeah, I think those are all the free summons I remember getting ever since I started back on Mar/2019, at least 28


Well I don’t remember all of them but I’ll try to think of the more recent ones.

Also I don’t have a pic since I already turned him into a manual but I got OG!Ike recently too.


I drew summoned an azura, fallen Lyon, Quan, and flora in the past week. I wanted the first 2, but was hoping for f!julia/igrene/lysithea/Ophelia for the other 2 but got them, as well as Sothis, Nagi, Bernie, and Ephraim for hero fest (Sothis was first pull, the other 3 were from summon tickets) (yes, as unlikely as this seems, I’m not kidding, I spent no orbs on my first Sothis, first Nagi, Bernie, and duophraim)

Everyone: “It’s hard to remember all the free summons”
Me, an organizer: favorites all free summons

Bantu, Ross, Mustafa, Reyson and Cecilia are promoted 3-4*. Camilla is actually a recent 5-star free summon.

Sorry for the bad edit :feh_tooobin:

Manuals waiting for merge / fodder:


I added an A!Tiki I was forgetting on the first details block, the shot is right at the end.
She came at 5★ on the last daily banner she appeared in, now she’s +2 :feh_flaynsmile:


I rarely get free summons, but the ones I have gotten are deirdre, annette, shannan, spring kagero, lene and one or two others