Show off your Awakening Formas (R2)

Only playing the first day, and this one is basically ready to purchase. Any others that people want to show off? Will change to a weapon after all the chambers are completed, and may opt for speed/res trace, unsure. But else it’s what I wanted.


Still looking for AS Trace and AS Rein, maybe Close Reversal for the memes since mine already has Unity



I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: you guys who clear all the stages on day 1 are crazy.


I mean, crazy is one of my middle names


These two are the only ones with anything slightly note worthy, they both atk/spd unity on their first skill lmfao

god inigo your stats are so shit

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If only she wasn’t completely overshadowed by Morgan(M), who is easy to +10, I’d might go for something like this. But since I already have him at +10, it’s really hard to justify using a forma on her.

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I’m only on like 17 or 18. Still a ways to go.

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look it gives me something to do for an hour ok?

Plus this round was stupid easy. Only lost one map(chamber 22 to an og!nowi)


The carries

The dancer

The unit who wasn’t even there

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First time I get all the skills that I want on the first day. I am thinking to use a soul on her.

I guess I will try Inigo now.

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I might pick up Nowi for save ball support if I can get atk/def or atk/res rein.

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I might forma Nowi for AR-D shenanigans

Guys, wouldn’t it be better in this situation to run Ground Orders for increased craziness?

you fucker

Unity, lulls, and the RIGHT menace won’t show up for me.

No need for that language fucker, not my fault I got lucky, the Lull came on the final floor before I was running NFU tho I was fine with that also

Yeah…honestly I might not even finish this H.O.F because the units are just :slightly_frowning_face: I do love B Tharja’s art which is why I already have 1

Well it is done by Sencha who’s art is always amazing

The only Forma I care about. I have her at +5 and this would be an easy merge with some nice skills to boot. Had to pass up Crusader Julia’s tome for Unity, but I’d say it’s worth it.

Kinda don’t want to lose the +SPD roll I have on mine, but…worth it? We’ll see.

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Cordy and Nowi power duo

I was bored while waiting for a flight

Cordy didn’t have a B slot until after the very last map, and the Flowing Lance was from around the second-to-last map (she ran +def Gilt Fork+ before)

Not formaing either of these though

Oh yeah, Tharja is level 11 from chipping a Myrrh so Nowi could finish her off