Show off your current merge projects

Finished (images were briefly pulled from the builder since I couldn’t access the game earlier today. Notes were edited accordingly):

A wise choice

I don’t remember if I’ve shown her since last merge thread so here.

Edit: I forgot I was low on Lull fodder so her B skill is not finished

The other other Brave Lance Cav

I was waiting until after his refine, to see if it was good enough to be worth wanting to build another Lance Cav, so while he’s merged, his build is incomplete

Freedom Flier

Currently waiting on Distant Ward and a Joint Hone Res

Edit: I’ll be able to afford her last merge after this Arena season.

Lex got a whopping 1 copy and is now +5
B!Eirika has become a project, but I’m waiting for the Legendary trailer before I decide whether to try for merges


I see people has some good projects going on… I am unable to ever save orbs so I just go with whatever I get. Lately ladyluck hasn’t been on my side so not much progress.

Eir +7

She is an accidental project from back in the day. One day she might get an awesome refine and her kit will be updated.

B!Ike +6

I’m so happy with him. I also got lucky long time ago and I don’t remember wrong I got 3 of him in the same summoning session. Crazy luck. Unfortunately I haven’t been graced by his presence again.

Sothis +5

Accidental unit from pulling on mythic banners. She’s so bad no matter what you do. Poor thing

Cecilia +6

Current merge project. Waiting on feathers. You all convinced me on this one. Once she is +10 she will get all the fodder.


No luck yet on merges but definitely will build her on the long run.

Mostly F2P although I sometimes buy the FEH pass


My projects have 2 categories

Actively seeking merges

“why does he have 3 merged Notts” because the merge count totals to +9,but I need 3 more to keep my dark def intact so there unmerged (look to finish her in november).

The Charlottes are there because I’m undecided between her fodder and being 1 of my favorite fates characters.

Chrom is +8 and I look to finish him in September.

Zeke is +9 and was an unfortunate mistake,but he grew on me during his bonus weeks so I plan on finishing him whenever he returns.

Units I’d like merges for

First row is +8,2nd row is +7-6 and 3rd row is +5-2.


I don’t really merge 3-4* units until I have all copies and enough fodder to give them at least a single build I want, so none at in between stages (also only have about 150k feathers, but that’s easy to get). Ones that are on the verge of being made +10 projects:

Lex: need 1 more copy and we’re good to go
Hawkeye: maybe? Deciding if I want to do it. If so I have the copies and fodder
Taltiu: really want to build her for some reason; the Jugdral thread has rubbed off on me. Just need TP fodder

For 5* I have a few:

L!Lyn: +7, hope to finish in January
Lynja: +6 (+7 with the free AHR one I’ve been using on another AR season), hope to finish this november
S!Lyn: +1, we’ll see when this happens. Just the blue Lyn I plan on using for a Lyn emblem team.
OG Ike: +8, literally never summoned for the guy (only one free from resplendent). Don’t really plan on finishing him, but it will happen at some point, and maybe if a banner rolls around with him on it and I have enough orbs I’ll throw some at it.

Don’t know about future 5*s. I have a few units I want to build, and maybe I’ll make a poll out of curiosity.


My newest one, just waiting for her rerun!


Since I’m on a quick visit after sharing my review on #pelleas I thought I’d share an update on some of my projects around here, but only some of them, I have an awful lot still going on and builds are slow to get going for me with all the saving I do.
I have 103 [Orbs] as of this post, if Legendary Micaiah isn’t announced later this month I’ll try my luck pulling merges for Deirdre (I saw the data mined mystery tome with the Daein insignia), both are projects regardless, the former when it happens. :feh_deirdrehappy:

I’ve covered a little as to what I like on each of them but I didn’t go much in details, specially since I don’t have enough words to express what I like on each of them, but feel free to check even only the screenshots.

Possibly the biggest glow up in this update

Eir has conquered me as best FEH OC personally ever since she was announced, I still remember the day I was thrilled to learn more of her in that [Feh Channel] she was announced, I’m in love with her personality and beautiful design.

I don’t have much in her OG form done but here’s something I did while I was away for her New Year alt, I have 315 [Heroic Grails] and I need 185 more so I’ll need more time for her last merge, and 64 [Dragonflowers (F)].

My best girl

Not much sadly, I couldn’t pull for merges on her rerun because I assumed @Intelligent_Systems would cover her debut banner in the next batch of weeklies, my bad I guess.
Here’s a thread explaining my interest on her, I’d like to update it once I’m back, not just with this screenshot but something more: [Idoun appreciation thread].
And yes, you can still revive it.

Also, once I get 7000 [HM] on Henriette, I’ll fodder her to Idoun, planning to start once I get the [Feh Pass] subscription this Wednesday.

Queen waiting for her new attire Made in Múspell™

This thread is also outdated but you can read it and revive it anytime, so long as it’s on context that is: [Sonya appreciation thread].

Also waiting for her own upgrade, too

In anticipation of this Wednesday, I’ve chosen Gatekeeper out of my free picks for the [CYL 2021] and foddered him to Sophia, who can use all his fodder really well.
I was always most fond of Sophia over Raigh out of the two [Shamans], ever since I played FE6 (not because she’s the “waifu”) because I adored her calm/serene demeanor, and gosh I love purple and dark magic.

A few things I gave to Legendary Julia

And more is coming soon.

I wish I had something premium to give her on her A-slot as well as have a better defined build (this is more for flex but it does wonders on [Røkkr Sieges]) but I don’t really have anything I could use atm.
I’ve known about her even before FEH but her Legendary alt did a lot of work deepening my interest on her, but sadly I could never make her appreciation thread.
I should still have the draft on my main account so if/when I return I want to make the thread,
Anyway, I love the kindhearted/sweet and caring personalities that stand up to protect those dear to them and show iron will, Julia is one of those cases and so is Micaiah and Pelleas to some extent or another (the last of which I haven’t been able to build but his merges will take months to come if @Intelligent_Systems doesn’t do a thing about the [Heroic Grails] income).

And she’s so good she now has two emojis.


When it comes to Micaiah, I like using those two emojis together, I just appreciate her a lot and the emojis do the job (?).
I like her for similar reasons to Julia but I’ve made a little something for her the other day [af1899's reviews and more — FEH - Finally got the first merge on Hoshidan...](https://right here).

I’m now missing her Bridal alt and hopefully this alt gets a refine sooner, for now I’m most thrilled for her possible Legendary alt and refine for her Brave alt.

Merge coming soon

I think that, while I was around, I still announced I wanted to save up for Brigid… and I did! Well… sorta, but she’s here:

Her merge should be coming in 2 hours from the permanent [Combat Manual], I just checked [Resonant Battles] rewards and I’ll get the remaining amount of [Divine Codes: Part 2].

As for what draws my interest on her, I like her headstrong attitude, she doesn’t mince her words too much and is like the Robin Hood of Jugdral.

A little something for Altena

I gave her a few boosts and I got [Wyvern Flight 3] the other day.

And here’s her own thread: [Altena appreciation thread].

Finally got her!

I have her OG version but her build doesn’t have much of done, her [World of Thracia] alt is more or less done for now though!

She has a strong sense of justice like Brigid but Olwen shows a more kind and serene personality, she’s even strong willed enough to even draw a sword towards one of her superiors, she also finds the child hunts rather questionable.

Update on Summer Adult Tiki

I still remember long planning to pull for her and continuously mentioning how I wanted to pull for her, so I did and… it didn’t went too well, but I’m happy I got her first merge down at least.
(Video of my pulls if you wanna see)

She shows a gentle personality normally, yet a tad mysterious, her voice feels like it has a special mystique to go along with her role as The Voice of Naga, specially on her OG form, I love it.

I'd have never imagined it before but...

…surprisingly enough, I’m working on a character whose art in FEH isn’t… really good, but I don’t want to start bashing on it, and it’s not entirely bad if looking at other aspects like body language.

Anyway, I’ve started to see things that have endeared to me recently, such as her somewhat relatable story and goals in life, as well as her shyness and pessimistic opinions on her dance skills.

Tweaked her build up a little

I thought Bridal Ninian could use a few new skills when I free summoned her merge on her rerun, the IV choice is a little better than +HP but still not +SPD, oh well…

I like her a lot for a similar reason to Tiki, she’s so precious.

While it’s true I mostly work on female characters, I also got a decent amount of guys to work on too, and I’d like to add more to the list. I’ve gotten Lex but there’s no much in his kit yet, Leif has been long planned but I’m waiting for [Distant Counter], Zealot, Zelgius are more I have in mind… and there’s more I’ve yet to put in consideration…

Edit: also I’ve started Nyx and Orochi.

Slightly outdated shots I had around

For the former, I like her story and how she develops as she develops a stronger bond with whoever talks to her.
The latter has more of a playful side, having a knack for pranks but she takes her job seriously.

Here’s a little something I’ve made for them, which goes more in detail: [mini appreciation talk].


Here’s mine :feh_babyseliph:

The last one is +10

My Top Favorite Fates female

Plan to +10 her some day

A work in progress

I need to give her quite a few skills :fgo_meltpensive:

It’s about time I built her

Plan on giving her a Rein

Here comes a Groom

Looking for Distant Foil for him

Another new +10

Need the Plegian Torch and a Smoke and she’ll be good to go



Weekly Revival projects

Also B!Eph but I don’t have him yet.

OG Hector’s build also needs updating.

Usually I prefer merging up weekly revival projects slowly but that’s going to be a real pain now that the rotation is 41 weeks :catlie: At least the Hectors and B!Eph are on multiple weeklies but it’ll still be rough

Merging on the side


Finished since the last merge project thread whenever that was

Honestly can’t remember if I said I finished these ones in a past merge project thread, but I don’t feel like looking :catroll:


Sothe has been sitting at +9 for a while now… :catsupine:


Merric’s build was meant for lance flier Rokkrs so it’s a little wonky


Another Merge Project thread… I’ll come back in about an hour


Thinking of giving her sturdy impact since I do have a spare copy :fgo_mordredthink:. Mainly waiting for hero fest to merge up more, but any more copies on the current banner would be much appreciated :feh_lynsleep:


Sad I don’t have even a single merge but oh well, I’ll get merges for him at some point :catface:


On the inevitable sparkable rerun I’m hopefully gonna get more merges :fgo_think:


She’s unfortunately gonna be put on hold for now, but we’ll see :feh_eirikathink:

I don’t really have any 4* projects atm actually, I just have Leonie kept at +9 for the ephemera copy and… that’s about it


Before I log off, time for the [post weekly reward] update.


The attack and speed boost is so satisfying, the speed bane won’t be hindering her anymore.


I have quite a few.

Forma Projects

I have others, these are just topping the Forma list.

My favorite Swordmasters

Hope you like Hell.

Magic is everything.


Her Imperial Majesty

Sex symbols

I just really love this unit

The precious bby I've been trying to +10 since launch.


Used the arena bonus excuse to justify Palla. I may look into some fun builds for her and Chrom later on.


I work on a budget, so most of the builds are very basic or untouched, as I wait for the fodder to come, eventually. Most of the 5* merge projects probably won’t be ever finished, but its fun to dream.

Greeting, summoner! Nothing to repay

He got updated thank to one GK <3

Two 5* swords I'll never finish

Vika and her boss

The sorrowful prince

Look at him, he’s beautiful

I find weird the fact that she's pregnant, iirc

50% a good father figure for Rolf 50% racist

the goddess bitch

the goddess' bitch

One lethal kid

My most expensive 4* focus to this date

I don’t even have the last 2 merges, but he will be the last thing I merge, only if I don’t have anything else to work on.

oldie but goldie killer machine

He will never get the DF and it’s fine to accept it.

There are more, but I’m tired ;; also, BK and Petrine are a maybe.


I don’t work on many F2P projects… only really have one project at the moment. Hoping to finish him in November.

Completed Projects (missing Tethys)

Currently stuck at +7 until I summon more merges

I'll get around to finishing her eventually

Then these 3 are waiting until next year to be completed.

Probably the hardest 5 star for me to get

My second healer I want to +10

Don't judge me ok


OK I was wrong… almost 3 hours, but what do you want from me I was at work.

Anyways since theirs just so many of them tho some I haven’t even planned to merge so high but if they get their then we’ll they get their , anything under merge 5 I want to +10 from the start, from more than 5+ merges most are from pities and don’t really care if they hit +10 or not, or unit’s that I actually wanted to +10

BuT wAiT aLl BuT oNe ArE 5* eXcLuSiVeS, yah I know... sometimes it makes me want to current up into a corner and cry

Then their’s the "I want to make +Spd after the refine + Resplendent and 20 copies of him later and still no +Spd copy


Just these for now. Arete should have Atk/Spd Solo seal


It’s been a while since we had one of these :fgo_ereshwoah:

I don’t remember who was done the last time I posted in one of these threads so I’ll probably just put them all :fgo_ishtaridgaf:

Done Merges. Most still need better fodder

WIP 5 star exclusives

Already got the manual from the codes so the rest of the merges are up to gacha :breadsive: I’m hoping he comes back at a convient time but knowing my luck with banner timings it probably won’t be

Haven’t really have a chance to pull for him. He’s always sharing with a character I don’t like which demotivates me to pull for him :feh_maepout:

I’ve pulled for Lewyn everytime he’s shown and almost every time has had awful luck. Only his debut and new power banners I was able to get one, with the other merge coming from codes :feh_pentsive: I’m saving for his revival in November so hopefully it’s more generous :feh_lilithpray:

And I’ll Ingrid spark an Ingrid if her banner gets rerun, but I don’t think I’ll go any farther. Hopefully I can finish her relatively soon but we’ll see

WIP demotes

I have most of the copies but I’m waiting to get them all before merging this time. I also need fodder

Same as Knoll seriously colourless is hell, except I think I have the fodder. Just haven’t given it yet

Again, colourless is hell. Tho I don’t think I even have one other copy to merge even if I wasn’t waiting :catcry:

Waiting to get the FEH pass so I can also get his resplendent

Another demote healer, more colourless hell :feh_setethcry: at least they’ll all have fairly different builds when they’re all actually done if ever

Need one more copy. Foddered too many off for renewal before I started merging characters :feh_no_orbs:

I’ve gotten like, 3? Maybe? Again waiting on copies. It sucks :feh_pentsive:

I have all the copies and tbh I don’t know what I’m waiting for. Will probably start soon enough


WIP Grail (and the ones planned for after)

Currently merging Mininnes. I love Innes and he’s a good unit so it’s a win-win, and also was enough to bump him above Saleh despite me liking Saleh more

Then after Mininnes, in this order (roughly)

I hate this alt ngl but I love Saleh and don’t have an axe cav so it works

I know he sucks but I love him so I’m building him anyway :fgo_ereshlove:

Been wanting to build her for a while so hopefully I can get around to her soon enough

Ignore the whack levelling on these two I’ve been slacking

He’s my favourite Fates character so I want to build at least one of his alts :fgo_medealove:

And finally Jamke. I remember starting FEH around when he was added and thinking he looked cool, so when grails became a thing I wanted to +10 him eventually. There’s others that are wishes behind him in line but he’s really the end of “I want to get you done before FEH dies” so I’ll stop at him here. I really do want to see him +10 one day but I know it’s unlikely :feh_pentsive:


Do you want all my Natashas and Linhardts?