Show Off Your Forma! (PoR)

Share your forma projects and progress here!

Day 1: decent results (basically just Brigid). No skills on anyone else. If I can get Atk/Def menace on her, I’ll start working on Ashnard.


Lit just finished floor 25

H.Ilyana had some hungry food to eat Tho still yet to run into Far Save

Took Dancer Nephenee like 6 tries to get Dance

Other than them the other 2 got 0 skills, and only ran into Flynoka once and that was on floor 24 but she was easily killed thanks to Nephenee


can I borrow that ideal, pls?


Rip, just spent all my torches… still no Far Save… not even Near Save


I finally got a save skill on one of these.

Now to just get a fighter skill in the b slot and she’ll be done.


TOO EZ… Well, I had few fails this time



All Chambers done, All Torches spent.

I was able to get Far Save early on her and it became easier from here on out. I just need Slick Fighter 3 and the forma will be ready for her.

What a powerhouse. He tanked every non blue dragon melee unit with ease and paired well with H!Ilyana with his prf. I wish I had Quick Riposte 3 on him. Maybe I can get a Forma Soul for him too if Atk/Def Unity, Wyvern Flight 3 and Atk/Def Rein 3 show up on him.

She was all support but getting dance early and Blade Session + Springy Bow allowed her to easily deal with Flying Nino and Bownoka aka the only enemies that gave H!Ilyana trouble.


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Another HoF, and another group of impatient people plowing through it in one day…

I should be used to it by now. I guess the fact that there have been no interesting Forma for me since Dancer Micaiah means I have no motivation to rush through the mode.


It’s day one people wtf


If you’re not going to use that menace, can I have it?


I’m so happy! HIlyana got her Far Save at literally the last torch.

I was starting to get pissed since I almost soloed the 25 chambers with her (died twice and 3 times Ashnard took the chest due to no ranged enemies that could be baited).

She still needs Sturdy Stance 3, but I can now focus on Ashnard a bit and see what he can get. Fingers crossed for Atk/Def Trace and Rein.

Here are the 3 skills Ashnard got:

I saw Wyvern Flight and Distant Foil, but decided to keep the bond and pick his weapon in hopes I could use him as a melee tank thinking Ilyana would get the Far Save before chamber 25.


Heh, here I go again with remarkably solid first rolls

Especially that Unity. Damn.


She ate all the goodies and so far, so good. But the far save is resisisting itself to show. I could have take both near saves like a couple of times each one, but no better C skill showed than this menace for her.

I’ll get neph no matter how good her skills are (they’re not existing at this moment), because I want her for completion stuff and for the niche of a bow dancer. So I’ll be focusing heavily on Ilyana until the far save shows.


Not interested in any of the units so I probably barely finish like the last few events.

this is the first time i kinda zoomed through everything. (I sort of see why people do. try to see how you can build your unit right away - and then use natural lances/12 days to polish it off, vs. waiting until the last day to get lucky).

I focused on Ashnard first

Blue Flame was the first roll (never seen again so that was good) - atk/def rein came easier (I was saying in the orb saving thread - so many times when there are fliers - i struggle SO hard to get the right rein skill (IF ANY) and this guy got offered rein skills like no one’s business - same with joint drive atks, it was (kinda annoying LOL) but thankfully that came easily).

what was a struggle was trying to get him an A and B skill. he went through a multitude of floors w/o any a/b skills at all. i got shield session which worked before i got atk/res stance but finally the stance i wanted for him showed up in bracing,

when i saw the trace i was kinda guhh, but i am HOPING atk/def shows up. (I did get wyern flight and flow refresh but i just don’t think those are right for him. if i do get guard bearing i’ll have to think about it for certain. if my ashnard didn’t already have DC i would just kill a Hel for him but he does so it’s something to consider).

if ashnard gets the trace early then i’ll work on Illyana and see what she can get.


First time I went all in on day 1. Burned all my torches, no Far Save on Ilyana. Haven’t been able to finish the 21st chamber yet either so I’m going back to level some of my other units so they’re not just meat shields. Still giving Ilyana each and every first kill though, but no luck. Picked up Atk/Res Unity at least.


Is there a reason why people prefer Bracing Stance over Sturdy or Mirror for HIlyana/Ashnard? Am I the only one that values Atk over the defensive stats?


Difference in approaches I guess:

Kill the target vs. outlast them

I bounce back and forth depending on the unit

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I personally can give her atk/Res stance 3 (I can’t remember the name) as fodder, so I’m getting her the rarer stance I got. I’d rather get her an ideal or a unity, but that’s the best A skill I got so far :sneezing_face:


Sturdy could work. but i figure bracing gives some res protection. most of the ashnards i’ve seen had bracing stance 3 (mostly because Sturdy was seasonal locked until Dedue (and he still has save so), Mirror is available in paperss

For Illyana i think it just gives her some extra bulk too.
if i see sturdy stance for ashnard it would be something to consider.