Show Off Your Summons! (Abyss and Múspell)

I don’t really have anything to put here :P


Pepe leave


Brave banner 2: Electric Boogaloo.

Watch me get no focus units until spark.


I would have wanted to say 3 star healer, but alas. 3 star blue mage.


Pulled until the spark and got a perfect IV Hapi and got my Yuri from the spark. Feel pretty happy with this. Just missing Constance and I’d have the full crew with the free Balthus we got.

Good luck y'all

I hope none of you wanted Múspell fanart, because I couldn’t find any.


Burned 43 rolls until spark, absolutely nothing. 32 of them were 3-stars. :catcry:
Probably gonna take Yuri as my spark and then ditch.
(This game really annoys me sometimes.)

Anyways, wishing better luck to everyone else.


Got nothing from my tickets and freebie. Got the DFs from Balthus. Movin’ on!

I pulled until the spark and got a neutral Muspell with one of my tickets. Afterwards I got another one around 21 Summons with +Def IVs. At the end I also got a Mia and a Nyx and then sparked for Muspell, because he is the only character I care about on the banner. Now he is +2 and I am definitely happy about the summoning session. A good banner all around for me and now I wait for a banner were I can actually try to get more copies for Muspell^^

Some pictures

When I get the time today, I am going to level him up and give him some fodder. I am really excited that I got lucky for once!


Got a free Hana

And another free Hana

And somehow another free Hana

Roughly around 300 orb's, full circles until Spark then Blue snipe since all I wanted was Hapi's.... but my average Blue orb count felt like -5

After getting B.Eirika went full circle (forgot that off focus doesn’t completely reset pity, but not mad git Special Spiral fodder)

After summoning Hapi went full circle since it was goingbto reset, and not too mad about it

cool she’s even closer to +10 now

Well at least got 2 Hapi’s from summoning + the free pick copy


This was like the last echoes banner for me. Two red units and I got like 3 till spark.

Pitybroken by Nils at 4,25% and then I got Hapi on my last circle. Sparked for Múspell.

As much as I like Constance and Yuri I am done with this banner, maybe I will get them in their rerun.

Free Summon. I’ll take it (I’m not going to spend orbs for now, I really like the Ashen Wolves, but I’m more interested in Balthus, and I want to save orbs). Still, skipping Yuri and even the other two is kinda difficult for me.

Did a bit more


Then did the story and summoned

Well this is a little awkward Nifl wanted to show up so she could kill Muspell


That cav Dagger unit is very tempting but Save orbs I must. Wish y’all happy pulling!


Ok so I went into this banner expecting disappointment cuz statistically Colorless and Red should be hell.

First circle I got Yuri on my second pull. (-Def +Spd). Oh snap, if I didn’t also want Muspell I could just dip rn. Let’s keep going.

Got 3 Yuris (-Atk +Def) (-Spd +Res) 1 four star Balthus (Neutral, Dang!) and Spark Muspell.
Might go back in later to break the 4.00 pity.

Which Yuri should I keep? +Spd is a superboon but that +Def sounds like fun with a CF Build. (I even have a Julian he can eat!)


:feh_lilinaburn: “Canto for me”


It’s okay @Umbriel we still love you, and also… its early af.
I wouldn’t be up myself if–…

ah, I’ll just cut ahead.

Free summon, baby! (no tickets yet)

After just getting her on her revival with like what… 20~30 orbs?

I've seen this before (in a Legolas accent)

Same thing happened with Laevatein, except… I whaled to get 2 copies at the same exact time at like 6% on a revival before getting a 4☆special copy a week later

I’m just… Not sure. Because do I…?

or do I…?

Because she’s already +spd/-hp. And these skills are so good and rare to get for me. Mostly the DC, which I do need on a couple infantry units who could also use the Null.

But she’s cool enough to make more powerful with merges right? since she’s older and really needs the stats. Oh and I also have a Lull Atk/Spd fodder I’ve been holding onto for a while now. It’s really between just her and the -spd/+def Brave Alm I just pulled on CYL3 New Power. Not sure… I’ll figure it out tho, not necessarily asking for advice unless some possible Nailah fans feel like telling me why I need to merge her xD

EDIT: The almost full circle.

Almost don’t want to pull on greens because no focus 5☆, but I’m kinda low on orbs



IS gives Hapi mediocre Spd


Still not fast enough


Since Balthus is in the permanent pool, I went ahead and did some free Green pulls, and lucked out!

It’s not the 60 Atk monster I wanted but hey, +1 at 185 BST? I’ll take it


3 full circles : Delthea, Fallen Ike and Yuri.
Perfect, i’m done, still 280 orbs spared.

I won’t reached the spark, was only looking for 1 copy of Yuri

Good good for Gangrel !