Show Off Your Summons! (Abyss and Múspell)

Went in planning to pull until spark, or first copy of Hapi if she showed up early.

IVs +Def -Res. Used my last ticket and called it quits. Got nothing else of interest.


So far nothing

I’m not gonna lose hope

Next special banner is Three Houses confirmed. No, I’m kidding.

Ninja 2.0 Three Houses Edition!

The lineup is primarily male this time. Felix, as the duo maybe? with… Annette? (sorry I forget how to spell it) or Sylvain
Caspar (with gauntlets wow they had us in the first half ngl, sike they’ll introduce black tomes and breaths before those garbage gloves LOL)
Claude (
and Petra (because I love her and want an alt in the game)

Hey at least it has some House variety right?


For around 150 orbs the amount of 5 stars I got certainly ain’t bad:

I was pulling for Yuri, ofcourse mugly muspell had to show up twice. But I have plans for him on AR-D. I just had the scary thought that his effect stacks… That’s +8 Atk/Def and A LOT OF DAMAGE. So I will put my disgust for his cringe looks aside, he can have a place in my barracks :feh_sothishug:


Garbo as usual

At the very least, easy skip banner and have 269 orbs saved up for Halloween


Your first mistake was not doing "LnD7. Your second was not using S/R Far Trace. Your last mistake was not trying harder.


Claude/Petra Ninja Duo would end me. Even more hilarious if both of them were riding Wyverns.


Does his true damage stack multiplicatively like DR or is it actual cancer?


She has L&D4 but she still gets the same amount of speed from Swift Sparrow 3, and Solo A/S gives more Spd than L&D3

I don’t have it and if I did I would have given it to her instantly, waiting until the next unit that gets it comes or baby L’arachel comes back

I still have like $500 in my account and nearly $1500 right next to me, if I really wanted to +10 her right now I could, but nearly $300 is good enough for me right now


These $$ numbers make me :eyes:

though I never regretted spending 170€ for PoR on ebay

It’s why I have to deliberately take money out of my account before spending it all on this game otherwise I wouldn’t have anything, after 200 I told myself no more buying orb’s… then I buy 2 more 77 bundles, I’ll need to stop at the bank later and take most of it out before I go wasting it all

Also you know what… in place of the S/R Trace, I got something to help her score Doubles better…

Forgot I had pulled a Lysithea recently


On my last ticket, let’s go.

Might use her in Ar maybe who knows.


Targets: Yuri and Constance

I had like 60 orbs + those we get from the latest story chapter

First ticket:

+4! I can’t wait for his refine

Literally in the red orb close to him:

+atk -spd… nice? I honestly didn’t want him

I got nothing from the other tickets, but then:

-atk +def. That -atk hurts a bit, but I actually like his boon so I can’t really complain

No Constance and I’d like to +1 Yuri so maybe I’ll spark if the Halloween units do not interest me. Otherwise I’ll just wait for this banner’s rerun, it’s a given at this point


I did some quick playtesting, I’m not really going into the math but here’s an example:

Eirika did 55 damage when there was no Muspell near like shown in the picture
77 damage when one Muspell was near (take the drive attack into account)
101 damage when both were near… :feh_hecstare:

I don’t know exactly what’s going on but that’s some good damage :feh_flaynfire:

If it’s true damage we are talking about here, it’s never a bad idea to use the unit against a unit who they’d otherwise would deal 0 damage too

Nice, F!Edelgard got a new friend.

Despite being classified as a ARD unit, he has the potential for offense.

Oooh yes PLZ i already wanna +10 them! Not that I could…

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not a great bug, but it is mildly amusing.


Went the spark road going for all colors besides green and it went pretty good.

I got

Fallen Male Corrin (+Def/-Atk)
Hapi (+Atk/-Def)
Caineghis (+Atk/-Res)
Fallen Hardin as 4 star special (+Def/-Atk)

Then I took Constance as my spark unit and should have been happy because I got one of the Ashen Wolves and could avoid Muspell.

But then…I got greedy…I wanted Yuri. Thought RNG is nice to me and it won’t take long getting him. Hah…as if…

Ended up spending 200 more orbs and needed Walletchans help.

After getting pity broken by Silque (+HP/-Atk) first and getting a 4 star special Takumi on that way it finally happend.

Yuri is (+Spd/-Atk) and the second Hapi is (+Atk/-Spd). I’m not sure how much I spent in the end, should have been like 350 orbs.

I’ll skip the L Remix banner, I sinned too much already. :feh_berniebulli: