:feh_corrinmug: Show Off Your Summons - Divine Harvest :feh_corrinsweat:

Lemme see your candy Corns.


Thank you I’ve been trying to find the topic so I could show my first/free summon


Doing full circles and I got 2 4* Naga (+HP -Def, +HP -Res) and a 5% pityrate to spark for F!Corrin. Will go back to break it at the some point but I’m so… tired, I think, of all this. A year and half of below average to awful luck and the Three Hopes banner was summon 56 to break the starting rate and its going to do that again but no 2nd spark this time.

At least A!Tiki can get a new weapon as a gift from her mother. Maybe the rate will break with 1 female and 2 male Corrins in the same circle for Shez, Tiki and Myrrh…


Starting rate broken at a total of 174 orbs with a 2nd F!Corrin. Shez gets Atk/Spd Finish for more oomph and self healing. Then a nice Null-F seal coming her way. Just need 9 more copies. Hopefully she’s less shy than Miriel (+7 after 10 months, already my longest demote merge project) and Cath (+4 after 8 months).

Will wait until a double special heroes banner to try for M!Corrins to kill. This banner is clearly not cooperating.


Yooo i free summoned Female Corrin!!

…the 3* one…


Unexpected free summon


Bit over 300 orbs (free summoned the first F.Corrin)

Lilith felt left out from the banner and came with Naga


3 4* Nagas and a Duma when finishing up a circle. Took 19 summons and around 60 to 70-ish orbs but otherwise I’m pretty satisfied with it. Got my fodder and even another focus unit.


I like Nils’ new weapon… pretty nice


I’m up to 30 summons. So far I have:
1 4* Special Lewyn
1 Louise (my first one!)
1 Niime (also my first one!)
1 5* Naga
I’ve been going for colourless and blue mostly (with an occasional dip into red) but no Corrin yet unfortunately. The first 3 5*s were in my first 10 summons though so not too bad.


My fiancée will do the summoning as soon as I saved enough orbs for sparking (still 70 orbs missing, which shouldn’t take too long).
Good luck to you all!


Levelling my neutral F!Corrin and her sprite does a spin for her start of turn ready animation. She’s so cute. Is this unique to her as I’m not aware of sprites doing anything more than pose and twirl their weapons?

Although with hair that long in chibi form, it’s pretty much just hat and hair



I’m still disappointed they didn’t use the Dragon Sprite of her Legendary alt for both H.Corrins… cuz look at how well they go together


omh, i have to resist with my summons until today 20.00 (CET) time xD

i have bought the ciper card from halloween female corrin today in Japan. From my best card dealer ^.^"

Maybe with a other expensive female corrin card. xD


Nice… I actually bought one myself lol

On a side not… I think the game is telling me to +10 HM.Corrin instead of HF.Corrin

The one at the bottom is from my previous summons

Another 300 orbs netted me 4 copies of him the only real reason I’m really summoning Green is for F.Shez, but I guess I’ll take HM.Corrin also, at least this version of him is actually unique compared to all of both Corrins Dragon alts


i will send my newest trading cards in the december to a grading company xD
Hope i will get a rating from PSA 9 to PSA 10 xD haha xD

also damn, you invest much money in feh today xD

H!F!Corrin will be my newest +10 target. But for this i have to save F2P orbs^^

Still not nearly as much as I spent on the Brave banner this year :laughing: shit almost drained me dry



Yesterday i bought a Weiss Schwarz Trading Card for € 200,-
Today i bought 2x Corrin Cipher Card + another Trading Card for € 365,- xD

the f#+#ing urge >.<""""""""

Damn - so i have no money left xD “Only” my F2P Orbs.^^"


Yah sadly with me buying 1 cipher (this is going to be my first cipher card) the urge to buy more is going to be hectic especially for someone like me


i see this (Trading Cards) as an investment.

My children will inhert this cards later xD
When I invest much money (a few houndret dollars a month) in a game like FEH - it’s lost money for them and for me.

SO better buy cards and send them to a grading company. I can recommend “AP Grading” :smiley:
They are far the best provider for grading cards.

They judge very strictly for the Ratings. :smiley:
Not like other providers for gradings^^


Geez, colorless SUCKS

I really wanted just one Naga for her Rein and picked some greens at first for M-Corrin’s Ire.

…I got Corrin first.

Naga took me 30 summons before appearing once. I got a 4 Star Special Jaffar and pitybreaker Shinon before her. Sigh. I spent more than I would have liked to here, but I suppose I was due for rotten 4 Star focus luck, but that stings. At least Myrrh will be getting some tasty fodder.