Show Off Your Summons - Risk and Reward

:crab: :crab: PIRATES ARE GONE :crab: :crab:
As with most seasonal banners, this one lasts for a month. If CYL is a higher priority for you, you can save your orbs for that banner, and you’ll still have a chance at the thieves afterward.
Go get 'em


as usual :D my kids make the summon today in the evening . so in around 11 hours :smiley:

Please one free Duo!Kagero :smiley: Then i’m done xD

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This was one of the worst summoning sessions I’ve had in a long time.

Risk: I went for the spark hoping for Duo!Nina, Cath, or Leila.

Reward: 4* PhantomThiefOfHearts!Sothe and sparked Duo!Nina.


Omg, not a single 5 Star pitty breaker or a 4-Star special?

:fearful: :cold_sweat:

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Nope! :feh_hildapout:


Wanting Cath and Nina and had an excellent start with the free summon.

+Atk -Res so great IVs.

7 summons in and Cath appears. +Spd -Atk but maybe the banner’s cooperating and I can get a merge. Ended up at the spark with just a 4* special Petra (+2 now) and a 4.75% pityrate which I’m just leaving as I’ve got what I wanted.

Gone from my all time record of 2218 orbs down to 2022. Maybe should’ve just accepted the Atk flaw and saved 165-ish orbs. Still, hot thieves! Worth it.

On a side note, summoning all those blues and no Miriel. She’s still only +5 after 8 months in the game.


Only interesting circle was the free summon circle

Sparked Nina naturally


Free summoned Cath, the one I wanted most so I am really happy. I’ll just have to fix her ivs with trait fruit.


Imma skip this banner… been a while since I did that

Only thing that kinda interests me here is the tier 4 B skill for scoring, but I expect better ones later. Maybe sooner rather than later with the CYL banner.

I did get a Sothe… the normal one. I did one more summon and got another Sothe but this time it was the Phantom Thieves version. I’m good now :feh_tobinice:


FREE SUMMON!!!.. On the form banner.


Oh nice - i see ATK/SPD + Fodder + other fodder xD :D

For the time being, I shall settle with 4* Thea and Marcia, once CYL comes out I will summon for the one(s) I want most from the cast then it’s back to this banner for Cath

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4* Niles… next!

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Got nothing on the free summon, just waiting for CYL info now!


Got a 5 Star Sothe what is cool, but of course he had -Atk +Def. Uselesse IVs but at least I got something and that is good.

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Only vaguely related to the topic but I can’t be bothered finding/making somewhere else for this.

Using Kagero for TT and summoner supported her which gets the special background and I seem to be late for our beachside date.

“Where have you been? I even worse this outfit especially for you.”

Loving these new backgrounds. Still don’t think they should be payed for but loving them nonetheless.


That’s actually quite a nice colour combination :feh_annandcute:

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Things went quite well with this one!

I got Nina as my free summon, and Cath as my 21st with Leila and Sothe in between. Another banner completed!

This will allow me to pull for Naga + AIdunn merges (be good IS) later this week/next week, which makes me pretty happy.


wow very nice luck :smiley:

I am so happy for you :smiley:

Can you please borrow me some luck for my summoning session in around 8 hours? :smiley:



It’s the fourth seasonal I’ve completed before the spark since the feature was added (NY, bridal, summer 2 and now thieves). I’m starting to get scared. At least, it balances out with the shitty DHS banners (I failed to get my targets on 3 out of the 4 I pulled).

Good luck on your pulls!!