Show Off Your Summons! (Shared Purpose)

I just meant the mentality of overwhelming offense but fair.


Managed to get Sara from one of the tickets (although I threw in a few orbs to pick colorless stones as well). :slight_smile:
She went right into my new AR-D. Now I just need D!Peony to make it perfect. :(

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Two tickets and free summon got me nothing of note. Got two tickets left to obtain before bailing.

I got all of them in 26 summons plus a random Gerick. Both Asbel and Ronan are -spd though. Kinda tempted to go for the spark to fix their IVs.

But I need to stay strong as this month will be hella expensive.


From the 5 free pulls, I got this off-focus 5*. Probably his worst IVs, so I’ll likely take the dragonflowers (since I didn’t have him) and fodder him eventually.

Free Pull

I’ve been blessed on my free pulls after my sub-par performance to +10 Winter Hilda (took me 658 orbs). Over the last 3 weeks with the 40-ish free pulls/tickets we got, I pulled:
Fallen Tiki
Winter Fae
New Year Azura
New Year Selkie
New Year Duo Peony
New Year Plumeria
And the aforementioned Caineghis

lol, that’s ridiculous… I free pulled a New Year Camilla with my last ticket from the quests today. Can finally patch the +SPD -ATK I pulled 3 years ago!


Did my 40 summons and managed to get Ronan along the way. Sara and Miranda also showed up, though I only got 1 of Miranda out of about 15ish red orbs that showed up. This was the last circle.

As for the spark, I could get Asbel and have everyone collected, but I think I’ll spark a second Ronan to give A!Tiki the Stance and Joint Drive.


Just did my free pulls. Got Miranda free summon and another with a ticket.

Going to leave her with this wack build because I’m not investing super heavily until I get more merges over time.


I also forgot to mention I got a bunch of manuals of low rarity units too.


Frick wrong thread
Sorry umby


I put off summoning this morning because for some reason, I was strangely nervous about this banner. Turns out I was right to be as it did not go well. I pulled a male Adrift Corrin in my first circle, a Leila in my second, then nothing until the spark. I went a little further after that to try to break my pity rate and was pity broken by Brave Micaiah.

I’m not giving up here. I will end this banner with at least one merge for Asbel


finally got enough heart thingies in fb to get Sara’s ticket

got absolute garbage

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Last ticket:

Wow, Asbel, you’ve certainly…changed.

Skipping the banner pretty much anyways, so I’ll take this. :feh_flaynfish:


Sure, I’ll spark for Sara.
What? Over 140 orbs and no 5star??
Let us keep going.


A banner late. At least he got a good IV, I guess


Absolute trash (Making Arthur 4⭐ +10 is an exclusion)

Things were going well so I went for the spark:
1st Circle: F!Ike
2nd: Ronan
3rd: 4* Miranda
4th: Sara + Mikoto
5th: Surtr
6th: F!Mareeta
7th & 8th: nothing
Spark: Asbel

So seven 5* plus the 4* focus in 40 summons (full circles)


Some good news! I finished two more merge projects!

Well, by finish I mean they’re at +10 now, I’m still working on builds. I’m pretty sure I know what I want to do with Mustafa but unfortunately, I don’t have many good skills for healers to give to Lena. I can give her Earthwater Balm+ and Restore+ from Loki and either Kumade+ or Wrathful Staff from NY Laevatein but that’s about it.

Not having much luck with the focus units though. Adrift female Corrin really seems to like me


Realized that I still had a ticket left

ok then


How about no summon on this banner, I have other priorities

:fgo_iwillereshyou: all

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I was like, let’s get Sara through spark and hope I get something else along the way. I’m done!

Edit: I felt lucky
So I did this, wtf is this.

Spend mooore or quit for real now.


Forgot to post here, but I did spark Sara for gameplay purposes

No focuses on my way to 40 pulls (I wasn’t sniping), but I got a rare triple 5 star circle and my first Kaden. Too bad he’s severely outclassed, so just another 6k feathers