Show off your team management

How do you organize your heroes in teams?

Here’s what I’m doing:

#1: Special teams for exchange (dark blue favourites)

#2: My very first team when I started the game - hence the name Team #1 :feh_thinkinglikelukas:

#3: My permanent special team

#4: Blazing Blade Lords AKA the most reliable content cleaner

#5: My fiancée’s team named “Irresistible”

#6 to #13: spare team slots

#14: Quad madness for Røkkr sieges

#15: Training slot for new units and HM

#16: Tempest Trials

#17: Movement specialists (green favourites)

#18: Arena core

#19: Benchlord League

#20: Teams per game title (yellow favourites)

Let’s see what you got :feh_annawink:


1: my flagship (D Corrin, Bike, Bector, D Azura)
2: my arena defense (locked and forgotten)
3: my arena offense
4-5: arena/arena assault compositions (usually staring my +9 L Alm or +6 L Byleth)
6-9: active teams (TT, VG, FB, etc)

My last teams backwards are for that horrible TT monthly level 10 run to get that one stupid orb:
20: armor
19: infantry
18: flying’
17: cavalry

No pictures worth noting, except my first team maybe.

Now ARO, that is a different story!


I’d use pictures but some of my team names are stupid ones from around 2017-2018 and I don’t feel like blanking those ones out

#1: Units I like setting as my lead: currently S!Elincia, V!Ike, Mist, L!Ike

#2: My main TT team: Drunk Ike, Volke, OG Kagero, S!Elincia

#3: Flier Emblem team: OG Elincia, S!Elincia, SY!Tiki, P!Tibarn

#4: Horse Emblem: V!Titania, S!Dimitri, S!Ephraim, V!Mist

#5: Armor Emblem: V!Ike, L!Tiki, L!Hector, B!Ephraim

#6: Beast team: Tibarn, P!Tibarn, Leanne, Reyson

#7: Allegiance battle team: Duo Ike, L!Dimitri, L!Edelgard, Drunk Ike

#8: Misc. team: currently B!Ike, B!Alm, Clair, B!Ephraim (used this for the rerun of the CYL5 forging bonds)

#9: filler team: currently L!Ike, B!Ike, OG Ike, and Drunk Ike

#10: usually set as my arena defense team: same as above but swap OG Ike for Valentine’s Ike (I swap builds on them sometimes so it’s helpful to have a team of them locked for arena defense)

#11: my training team: currently OG Ike and Nils. This team usually has a dancer, a healer, a unit I’m leveling, and a stronger unit in case the unit I’m leveling gets taken out

#12: misc. team for my favorite males with armored alts: V!Ike, B!Hector, B!Ephraim, with Mist for support

#13: misc team: L!Ike, Drunk Ike, B!Ike, OG Ike but all with builds centered around summer weapons copium is strong

#14: Team I usually for GHB and BHB quests: L!Ike, B!Ike, Anna, Sharena (after I’m done I usually place one of the units needed for a quest into this team, make them weaponless, and put them as my defense team to help others trying to clear the quest outside the BHB/GHB, since it counts if you defeat the unit inside Arena Assault)

#15: misc. team: Drunk Ike, S!Dimitri, Nifl, L!Ike. Used this team for the TT where Nifl was a bonus unit

#16: Fallen theme team:
only putting this team’s name here because it’s a reference :cat:

#17: Hector Emblem: B!Hector, OG Hector, Duo Hector, L!Hector

#18: Misc. team: L!Ike, B!Ike, B!Hector, Mist. Usually used for the sword/lance/axe story quests whenever a new chapter drops

#19: Chain challenge grind team: L!Ike, Reinhardt, V!Mist, Reyson

and finally #20: arena team: L!Ike, B!Ike, Mist, Mordecai still need to get around to playing my 5 matches for the week


Wow, people really do set up loads of pre-set theme teams. I’m dull.

Team 1: the lead unit for others to see in VG etc.
Team 2: arena attack team
Team 3: arena defense team
Team 4: event team, changes for TT team, VG bonus unit etc.
Team 5: SP/HM farming team for clearing quests and daily arena
Team 16: Spd Smoke 4 waiting list (I’ll forget who all wants it otherwise)
Team 17: allegiance battles team
Team 18: merge project waiting list
Team 19: dew refine waiting list
Team 20: multi-range team for low level quest clearing


Team 1: Lead unit plus other alternate leads
Team 2: Grinding teams/Forging Bonds
Teams 3 and 4: Training
Team 5: Arena Def
Teams 6-10: Dedicated teams: armor/flier/cav/dragon/beast, in that order
Team 11: Tempest team
Team 12: Røkkr
Team 15: Allegiance Battles
Team 17: Smolren’s Fury

Other teams: No set theme


My main teams are anime themed and they usually have a Legendary unit as the leader.
I use these teams for clearing story missions, training tower missions, and also GHB and LTB since most of them tend to be game restricted.

Main Teams

My brigades are strategy-focused teams and are named after Pokémon moves (silly I know, don’t judge me; I just find it funny and charming). Their overall power and synergy is highter than my main teams and they have a Mythic unit as the leader. I use these for Arena Assault.

Special Brigades

Lastly this is how I mark my units, in case you might be wondering.

My Favorites


1 team is the main unit
2 team is the arena one
3 team is the allegiance battle one
4 team is the resonant battle ones

And the last ones are usually made when the new orbs mission gets on

Frickin' 12 character limit

  1. Supposed to be for current faves, but really just exists for setting the Friend Hero
  2. Weekly Arena run just for the chain
  3. Flier team,
  4. Cavalry team,
  5. Armor team, all for movement based quests
  6. Allegiance Battle pairs
  7. New Dragon team
  8. Arena Assault team, but usually no rhyme or reason to them
  9. I haven’t used a proper all Bow team in a while, but I’m proud of the dumb name so it stays
  10. SP/level grinding
  11. Miscellaneous quests
  12. Tempest Trial team. The name always changes to try to fit the team. Expect bad puns most of the time
  13. Forging Bonds team
  14. For event modes that require your own team like Rokkrs, but often just for having a VG lead
  15. Defense Team that I haven’t changed in ages because I couldn’t care less
  16. Resonance Battles team

Brigades only set up for movement teams for Grand Conquest/Rival Domains, managing all my merge projects and keeping track of new Heroes.

Favorites only ever used to keep track of future Dragon Flower candidates


Currently work shopping names for a team and I’m torn between two names


Avatar units
Story units for the current chapter
The A-Team
Grindfest, with Valor skills
Current Forging Bonds team
Limited Battles
Røkkr teams
Current Tempest team (currently in the wrong slot because I was half-asleep)
A bunch of empties
Arena teams, by season.


Titles should be self explanatory.

Team 1 is used for reaching tier 21 in arena.
Teams 9 onward are for Tempest Trials, Forging Bonds, training new units and clearing other game modes in no particular order.

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