Showcase of my three latest projects

Wanted to get them out here
The grinding… The sacrifices…
I gotta show em to the world

LA!Eliwood - DC Sustain

First of probably the most standard and ‘meta’ one. Still struggle a bit with the rather low bulk, but as long as Eliwood keeps fighting he’s doing alright. Using weaker enemies as healing tanks.
The bond might be tricky to use, but it’s what he needs. He needs to kill is enemies and even with the spd he’s not as fast as I’d like him to be.
Concidering giving him a Vanguard, but this is fine now.

Berkut - Wall of Rigel

Number two is somewhat looked down upon. For good reason, he faces the common problem of low bst with a statline that isn’t quite minmaxed enough.
But he’s certainly usable.
This man is a wall, with the ability to run around more than any armored unit. And unlike some options, Berkut does have workable attack to not rely only on special procs.
The idea is to focus on def without dropping the res. Most tanks focus on one and have a hole in their def thx to that. Berkut can survive stray hits from mages and dragons accually struggle against him.
Cav teams are really nice for him with their buffs, but he doesn’t fully rely on it.

Haar - Panic Tempest

Lastly the weirdest build. One I build around a cool looking weapon.
Squad killing Haar.
With amazing atk and good def + hp, he’s tough to take down. And the spd isn’t gonna save him from everyone but there are a lot of mid tier spd characters will not be able to double him. Dragons especially.
But the big thing is his axe + C skill.
The idea is that Haar strikes the enemy team down by debuffing the with one fel swoop. His def allows for safe attacks against melee targets and his atk oneshots blue mages and even some green/colorless ones if on flier buffs.
Mind this build is #1 made for fun and #2 made to work with a team.
Most specifically H!Mia to heal him up and keep Haar going, and flying Olivia to allow Haar to propperly debuff the enemy team and take out key targets before they become a problem.
I am tempted to to give him spd/def solo (and a differend seal)


Are any of these merge projects? Kinda doubt they all are since you’d be collecting grails for a lifetime. Really digging the interesting Haar build, trying to use his speed to avoid doubles and have him panic the enemy.

Maybe Berkut (since he can get to +5 without grails already), but Haar and Eliwood will stay at the merge they are now for likely a long while.
At least until IS decides to be a bit more generous with the Grails.

Haar is fun, yeah. The enemy likes to focus on buffing with rally skills every chance they get, something I had not noticed too much before. It does rely on team support a lot though

I don’t know if a build that doesn’t rely on team support at least a little bit

I’m pretty interested in building Haar, but I don’t really know what I’m doing in this game and I don’t have premium fodder, so I’ve just stuck with giving him a budget brave ax’s build at the moment, but will likely give him more skills as I merge him up. Thankfully no other grail unit interests me though

True, but some units are build to be more team centered and some more Solo.
From these builds, Haar is the former while Berkut is the latter.

Also part of the reason I gave Haar Legion’s axe:

@Sir_of_Coffee Do you have S! Tiki for Melon Crusher? That’s better than Legion’s Axe. Or Slaying Axe. Idk, I just feel Legion’s Axe isn’t the best for him, but still really solid builds! Nice idea for refining his speed so he’ll have some speed to kind of double on EP. That was a smart idea! Nice Berkut and very nice LA! Eliwood!

But my aesthetics!
Tbh, I know Legion’s axe isn’t the top tier choice, and probably will switch it out someday.

Was thinking Handbell or indeed Slayer.

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Legion’s axe is really good for AR though. I have a Walhart with it for fun in GC/AR and this is sometimes hilarious. This work best with somes WoM user for abusing of the debuff. I think def/res smoke will be better offensively though but he will be relegate to debuffer support mainly.

Dual smokes, when?

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That idea, low key, sounds very interesting…

I already have a Walhart with def smoke C slot and atk smoke S alot with legion’s axe. It’s fun in GC/AR.

I could never switch out Walhart’s base weapon
But Legion’s axe + smokes on a cav seems like a cool idea. Makes full use out of their mobility.

Wolf berg look so cool on Walhart, but god it is inconsistent… How i would LOVE if it was a solo activation like ephraim… but no… this is a shitty need more ennemys than allies… And i like to see the ennemis having -13atk/def. My WoM galeforce team enter the fray and clean all this mess after that.

Well, L!Ephraim has the same kind of requirement on his Flaming Siegmund… But it gives him a double-attack instead of stats, so there is that. I do agree that Wolf berg (and Walmart in general) is underwhelming compared to its Awakening incarnation.

why not refine berkuts lance with +res so that def and res will be more even and be able to tank dragons easier?

It’s a physical wall focus, it’s intentionally a bit lobsided.
This way he’ll work amazing against physical while still being able to survive magic doubles. But the physical part is the most important.

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I see what you were going for on Berkut and I like it a lot. Honestly, it’s just so nice to see my favorite non-meta unit besides Tobin get so much love from someone. Your angry boy is very sturdy.

How’s it coming with Haar? I have decide to postpone building him for now because I’m trying to focus on my Tobin merge project, so I’m curious how he works for you.

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Haar works fine. Some problems with ranged and atk/def bond is sometimes hard to pull off. But good team support (H!Mia and Flying Olivia) helps him a lot. And he is very tanky.
That hp is more useful than it seems. And flying goads/wards are very easy to pull off.

Edit: Like I said, enemies are surprisingly obsessed over buffing their allies.

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I’ll have to look into getting him a flier partner when I start building him. (Jill when?) I have to agree with you, high HP units are deceptively tanky once they reach the threshold of like 50+ HP. My Tobin has 60 HP to along with his 38 Def and 35 Res, and whatever he gets blasted with that breaks through his defenses gets eaten up by his huge HP pool.

That’s one thing that makes me like Haar, I’m a sucker for dense HP pools like his.

As a sidenote, that 29 Def and 29 Res on Eliwood is so satisfying to look at lol, I love when I can get the numbers on a unit’s bulk to match.

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Kinda hoping Jill has a lance, just so they fit better together.

That’s a problem with Alm and Celica. All red.