Showing off some Athena in Arena this season

Since IntSys made Athena a bonus hero this season, I went about with this team to make them regret the decision.

Changes to note:

  • Athena has Joint Hone Spd already so I swapped Tiki’s Spd Tactic for Panic Ploy
  • I know she has Fire Blessing but it isn’t Earth Season so it doesn’t matter shshshshsh

As for results, well…



Valentine's Eliwood

Valentine's Hector

OG Hector

Note: Athena got Panicked here. Still wasnt enough to stop her.

OG Cordelia, two rounds

OG Fjorm

Soleil, two rounds

I originally had her run a build with Armorsmasher pre-Prf due to her issues fighting Armored units. I’m glad that armors arent much of an issue for her despite the weapon change.
I’ll admit, her Prf refine was disappointing at first, until I realized how good Null Follow Up and Desperation were together. So glad she has this refine now.


Great job. Your Athena looks amazing!!!
Those are some great results!!!
That build looks like fun.

I agree. I thought Athena’s simple refine was disappointing until I realize how flexible her B slot is now.

Now I wish I had Null Follow up + Flashing Blade 4 for mine.

Interesting, and very nice build. Kinda surprised you didn’t run into any Duo Ephraims. I ran into two in this week’s run and both times only managed to beat him because Cormag had Ignis ready. I’m terrified to run into him more in the future because he makes mincemeat out of my whole Arena core…


Yes, he’s currently overall the best offensive unit in the game, imo.