Shuten-Douji (Caster) General Discussion

GamePress review; placed in “B” Tier

Rabbit’s Review (from 1 year ago)

Much like with Sitonai, I don’t disagree with the meat of their review but just with the ordering of their skill levels. I view S2 as the most important skill to level for Shuten precisely for the reason they say to leave it for 2nd- it lasts 1T and has a long CD, so you want to level it to have it ready as much as possible.

For S1, t the Crit chance down has really big values, higher even than a lot of Assassin enemies will have (30% seems common? I know I’ve seen a chart for it somewhere, but don’t have it on hand). There isn’t any scaling for the NP seal’s chance of success, so I’d recommend leaving the skill at level 6 for the first CD reduction, since a 40% subtraction to most Assassin’s crit chance still leaves them in negative numbers, meaning it won’t happen.

S2 is…both better and worse than a Mana Burst. Worse, because the value is smaller (30% vs 50% for 1 turn) while having a longer CD than normal (6T vs 5T). However, Shuten isn’t a gorilla and can’t NPBB chain, so having the Arts bonus is really nice for her to quickly recharge her NP to fire it off again. The draw for crit stars is nice, should put her slightly higher than Riders, and since crits are better for NP gen, it’s ideal here that she gets an NPAA chain with crits on both Arts cards. Please note she won’t generate stars herself, so you’ll need to pair her with supports who can provide them, either passively through skills or by their CE choice. Definitely level this skill though, you want the CD reduction so it’s ready to go as much as possible.

S3 is another skill with potential, but I’d rather they just carried over Demonic Nature of Oni instead for the 3T NP damage buff vs. the trait damage on Demonic enemies (though wow she would hit for a lot in that case). Please note, there is the “Demon” trait AND the “Demonic” trait - thankfully, the “Demonic” trait has wider coverage, including enemies like Skeletons, Werebeasts, Ghouls, scary calamari Sea Demons, Lamia, Ghosts, some spellbooks, Demonic Boars, Crabs, Bicorns, Hydras, and Soul Eaters (a commonly annoying Assassin midboss), while also including all the “Demon” enemies, and includes a few servants such as Tomoe, Ibaraki, Yu, Shuten, and…Summer Melt for some reason? No spoilers for me for Summer 4. If you’re looking to save Lores leave this skill at level 9 and you’ll be fine.

Skill (and Ascension) Mats:

She’s a Welfare, so her Ascension mats come from playing the event. Skill mats are a nasty mix of Bronze and Silver (no Gold mats required at all!)

108 Bones
90 Stingers
48 Feathers
60 Steels

These are not friendly mat requirements, apart from maybe the Stingers. We get 10 Bones in this event, then 3/box in the Christmas lotto. 30 Stingers now, and another 3 from Christmas mission rewards. 21 Feathers here, 3 from a mission reward at Christmas, and finally 20 Steels in the shop here, and 3, again, as a mission reward at Christmas. (Oniland has 2 nodes that drop Bones, and nodes for Stingers and Feathers as well, while the raid drops Steels)

Mat Farming Locations and (Approximate) AP Cost:

You could try to farm Bones and Feathers at the 20 AP Archer daily if you’re literally insane, since Feathers have a drop rate there of 2,740 AP/drop. Yes, 2,740 AP. No node drops a combination of her needed items, so you will have to farm all of these individually.

Bones: Unknown Coordinates X-G (Fuyuki): 2,538 AP

Stingers: Field of Reeds (Babylonia): 3,024 AP

Feathers: Town Hall (Salem): 2,856 AP

Steels: Castle of Snow and Ice (Gotterdammerung): 3,234 AP

Total: 11,652 AP///41 Days (Natural AP regen)///83 Gold Apple Refills.

Verdict: If you’re not a completionist or a die-hard fan of Shuten, what’s wrong with you? leave her at 6/10/9. If you have other strong Casters (Illya, NP2+ Sanzang, NP5 Summer Umu maybe) and you don’t see her getting much use at all, 4/10/6, sure. But I know for my friends who play, and myself, high HP Assassin bosses are among the worst enemies to deal with, and Shuten just hits so, so hard with her NP that she’s almost certainly going to be your hardest hitting Caster too (unless you have NP2+ Illya or NP4+ Sanzang, or NP2+ Alter Egos like Melt or Sitonai), so I’m sure you will get some use out of her and you might as well put some investment into her.


I can’t believe I was beaten to the first like. Thanks for the thread Wyan. :+1: I’ll actually go and read it now.


Now I know @jakeyb asked the other day, when would you use Caster Shuten instead of Mecha Liz? Would you? If you’re a new player, who should you invest in?

I’d say Mecha Liz, but I’m not convinced of my own answer and could probably be persuaded the other way. My reasoning is they’re both Buster focused on the NP front, so they’ll benefit from the same supports (Leonidas; Shakespeare; Merlin). But Mecha Liz plays nice with others in that she does have a passive star gen on a skill; has double the base star weight to absorb and use those stars; has a battery to help her charge with her Buster-focused deck; can NPBB brave chain; the Defense demerit (while sad) can be avoided by either the order you use her skills OR having one of those Buster supports - Leo has a taunt to take the damage instead of Liz, Merlin can make the party Invincible for a turn and then provide passive healing, and Shakespeare has a (chance) to stun all enemies for a turn so they can’t attack.

She’s also nice from a mat perspective (really easy to level her skills from just common shop items, even if they are Gold) and if you’re new she covers 3 classes instead of Shuten just covering one.

But like I said, I’m not necessarily convinced on that myself, so what are y’all thinking? Looking forward to a Caster that doesn’t hit like a wet noodle? Or are you disappointed she’s Buster instead of Arts or Quick?


I’m just a bit surprised about her lowish placement considering all the other half decent ST casters in the game are really hard to get your hands on. She’ll be a godsend for me because I absolutely hate assassin bosses, so she’ll be my go to. I’d prefer she was arts based, but she’s fine as is

And I’ll definitely be using her over mecha eli, partially because I like her way better, and also because I’ll be bringing her to tough assassin fights so the class advantage on defense will come in handy


You may or may not have been who I was thinking of when I said

But I know for my friends who play, and myself, high HP Assassin bosses are among the worst enemies to deal with

it’s may. You were.


I literally hate seeing a high hp assassins because casters hit like wet paper towels. And medea being my only ST caster and having an AOE multiplier doesnt help


Shuten is DOA for bigger rosters with her Buster NP and no battery. She’s pretty solid overall, but B is a good placement.


Paracelsus: You’ve got an AoE multiplier? :fgo_badciv:


At least para can actually do stuff outside of NP

Medea can look at a coin and thats about it

I’m not entirely sure I agree with you on that.

Medea can NP back-to-back, but her damage is a joke.
Circe can NP back-to-back, but her damage is a joke (Np1 is less than half of what NP5 Shuten has)
Sheba has decent gain and crits, but is story-locked and has half the NP damage Shuten has.

(^For both of those if you’ve got NP5, still not close to the damage Shuten has).

Sanzang doesn’t even match Shuten for damage (need NP3 to pull away)
Illya is limited and has demerits that actively make her worse the more you use her.

She’s got a solid place as a really solid damage dealer for Assassin enemies.


Sanzang has a really good kit for firing off np multiple times though, maybe not back to back. But even at np1, I would probably rather use her just because you make the damage back by firing another one and her general stats will make her better in neutral.

The only issue is you more or less need to be spooked by her to access her. But if you had her, it would be weird to shelve her for Shuten, in my opinion.


these mats are disgusting af


Casters compete with Berserkers, AEs, and high neutral damage options.

Sanzang just needs to do enough damage to kill her target, which she often will even at lower NP levels if assuming class advantage. Her massive battery is the key to her utility.

Illya has battery and Buster NP problems like Shuten. Similarly, she is in the lower half of the rankings.

Medea and Circe are excellent as long as their damage will hit the mark. We aren’t expecting miracles; at most we might need a chunky wave 2 mob to die with an event CE equipped.

Overall Shuten just isn’t amazing.


Something like 6 months ago I saved a comic about Shuten’s mat requirements, but I don’t have it now.
But I feel I saw it again recently in the last meme thread?

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Definitely a pretty nice kit (and character too).
I like that Arts and Buster split, but wish her Mana Burst skill could last for longer, because 1 turn isn’t really enough, but her 8% Arts Territory Creation passive is a little redeeming on that front. The other thing is the fact that she doesn’t have any form of hard or soft protection — would have been nice with an evade somewhere. Good charisma-like skill and also Crit chance down utility for high difficulty quests though

NP5 definitely helps, though I’ve personally never had problem with assassin bosses. I’ve got NP5 Sheba who is consistently Arts NP based and can loop very easily. And also a maxed out Ilya so not in need of anti-Assassin options. For the average player though, with mostly just defensive casters around and specially for those who just missed Mecha Eli, she will be a great welfare.

Not too fond of those mat requirements either. Bones are required for almost every other servant and stings can go away in one wush if you got certain servants. (Casgil)

Good to have options though, so I’ll take Caster Shuten Gladly. Also on the account of character and that most serene ASMR voice. :ok_hand:


This might be a thing next year, but unlikely anyone wasn’t able to do Mecha Eli’s event who will be able to do the LB2-locked Oniland event.


Good point. I often forget these locked events are a thing. I think someone mentioned Shuten’s got full class advantage both ways so that might enough of an edge in the case against Eli.

I knew I had it,

I have, don’t worry. You’ll be 9/9/9 as soon as I can ascend you.


I can’t remember if I still have that many bones. :sweat_smile:

I think I do since I specifically didnt use bones the past few weeks just so I have then for Shuten.


I’ve gotten used to Sieg for my “ST” Caster TBH

But Shuten is definitely welcome.