Si huang di np level

So since ruler has no damage and a debuff on his np do u benefit that much from gaining more np levels for challange quests n hard content or do i save quartz?



His critical damage scales with NP level.

NP1 = +50%
NP2 = +75%
NP5 = +100%

Qin Shi Huang | Fate Grand Order Wiki - GamePress

It’s only crit damage iirc, so definitely not necessary, but NP2 could be nice

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I will say that NP5 is nasty crit damage, but it’s not at all necessary for him to function and to be very good at what he does.

Also, if used in teams with crit buffs, the NP2-NP5 range becomes a little less noticeable the more crit damage you stack at once. Still good to have if possible, but again, not necessary.

Unless you’re trying to solo hard shit np1 is enough.

Nah, he’s nearly at full power even at NP1.

QSH’s NP level affects the crit buff, but crit buff is often the least relevant part of his damage buff due to the presence of event powermod in a lot of CQs.

For event with 200% damage CEs, NP5 is only a 1.2x improvement over NP1.

To begin with, with QSH’s absurd stall/surviving ability he’s not strapped for damage in solo or normal team context.

Even 75% gauge Kama and Giflest MHXA (with event CE) were soloed with NP1 (both happen to have event damage CE).


In general, if a servant has a follow up rate up, I believe it is best to test run the servant yourself and if you feel it is not good enough given the general content you use the servant for, you can always upgrade later with confidence in your decision. He has one next New Year. So I would save your quartz for now and see if there are situations where you believe the np damage spike would have genuinely made a difference. In general, new servants are more valuable to clearing content than adding a bit of damage.


I actually like this advice and have done the same myself. My Kiara was NP1, decided I liked her so made her NP2 in the next banner.

Just grab NP1 and see for yourself but I don’t think NP2 is particularly valuable personally.

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Thinking on this a bit more, I guess I’d put it this way: the main benefit of whaling QSH is that you can potentially get the same value of crit damage amp in a single NP that you get in two overlapping casts at base level, and obviously with the potential to further increase by stacking.

If I hadn’t gotten lucky and then decided to whale the rest of the way, I’d have stayed with NP1. NP2 isn’t a huge increase in total damage even though the 25% crit damage increase looks like something, and each level up from there is progressively incremental.

NP1 for gameplay, NP5 if you’re deliberately going to whale or if you’ve been stockpiling SQ for the past two years because QSH is your favorite Servant ever.

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