Sieg Looping Testing - - initial thought

Okay, finally running out of servants I can exploit for bond sq before skadi’s return… Time to test sieg with upgraded paracelsus in looping strategies!

And with 4 new archers, what better place than archer / caster ember forest? one with consistent enemy classes and hp, that’s what

Since the hp levels are so low in embers, I opted to see how it would work with Artic MC (working on lvl6 before Gilfest just in case I can work out a comp with it not plugsuit) rather than Mages, Ether, 2004 or plugsuit.

Looping support: Tamamono, Bride, and paracelsus, all will bond CE’s available, all max skills, all upgrades completed. I did combinations of tama(bond) with paracelsus with and without bond, the bride (bond) with paracelsus with and without bond partly because paracelsus obtained bond during testing

The Looper: Sieg, 10/9/10 with lvl20 kscope. Battery skill always used T1, and with no other battery, if 100% refund failed, Paracelsus was my backup.

I feel like I should have taken notes of which enemies were present vs which buffs… Because the class based refund definitely makes a BIG difference.

*Tamamono art’s up refunds more np than Bride’s gain/charisma combo. When Tamamono was there it was always easier to refund further when zerker, archer dominated over caster trees.
*paracelsus bond CE made a noticeable improvement, but with too many zerkers a 1 time buff still required on sieg to ensure full refund
*sieg’s 1 turn arts helps refund a lot more than artic buff at level 5, trouble is deciding if w1 warrants the need or save for w2 since you don’t have enemy spawn clairvoyance. Too often I would use on W1 and over refund, then face mostly archers/zerkers w2 and miss refund by 10-30% depending on setup leaving paracelsus to settle w3

Looping embers would probably be cakewalk with any of the usual looping MC (or just having mlb kscope).
*Mages so I can save sieg’s 30% battery for later
*ether would cover small np shortfalls and give greater gain for next loop. 10% or less shortfall usually occurred with tama/para bond ce combo vs bride
*2004 has 2 ways to improve looping with the np strength and gain up skills, combined with sieg’s arts up lots more flexibility
*plugsuit, adding bride or support Tamamono buffs on top of the existing, yeah, that would cover it. Not sure which bond ce to forgo by plugsuit to the back, bride/tama (15% arts) or paracelsus (10% arts&np strength)?

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Interesting experiment. Nice way to put Paracelsus’ new upgrade to the test.
I didn’t know Sieg was even considered as a candidate for looping. I thought his NP gain/hitcounts weren’t enough, even though his damage is up to par (thanks to his Welfare NP5 status)

He is one of the best budget loopers.

One of his main strengths is the fact he works well with other budget supports


Sieg has a nice np gain 3T skill plus battery which helps a lot


As I understand it, Sieg can 3T farm all of this year’s Gilfest lotto nodes with 5 drop CEs, when properly supported. He was going to be my emergency backup plan if I didn’t get Skadi.

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Still needs double waver to use bonus damage ce :sob: in no waver

Also, one thing i have to mention about the mystic Code.

AFAIK Sieg can’t farm Berserkers without being MC code reliant until Nero Bride gets her SQ with the 30% charge.

On the video i posted prior, Sieg could just barely3 turn Assassins with 2004 Mystic Code (refund of 102%) thanks to their 0.9 np gain modifier. Berserkers have an even lower 0.8 modifier.




I currently have Sieg at 10/6/10,along with 1/1/1 Skadi and 1/1/1 Tama (only got both of them very recently) along with a 5/6/6 Para.
How should I level my team if I want to loop? (Gilfest and Shinjuku Gear Farming specifically)

Tamamo, focus on s3, the others are stall oriented and don’t help with looping. However I don’t think she’s necessarily needed in Gilfest because sieg will need double waver or waver/skadi to make up for the lack of charge on the damage ce.

Paracelsus, number one skill is #3 for looping. If looping arts, boost s2 too. If you want paracelsus to fire an np too, even if just to give sieg overcharge, raise his battery.

Skadi, if you don’t have waver, then sieg needs her battery skill maxed if he’s to hold the Gilfest damage ce. Levels on the def down will help too. If you have a quick looper as well, then s1 should take priority over s2.

As for barrel tower, saw a YouTube video where sieg looped it with just bride/tama/2004, but required mlb kscope since he only refunded 69% off wave 2 and needed the damage boosting to clear w3. Maybe plugsuit paracelsus would fix that? Not sure, I haven’t tested it yet, but also not short on gears, maybe I’ll test on the similar node for stakes

Here are some examples of how it works for each node for gilfest:

You can substitute 1 Waver with Skadi, however then you’ll need to max out Paracelsuses battery, and you may struggle to kill 1st wave with just Paracelsus, since you’ll be lacking 1 Waver atk buff.


I am also hoping to get Waver when Zero comes,then I can try to rush him to 1/1/1+ as fast as possible and I’m set for Gilfest
as for now I’ll stock up on Skadi and Tama mats and use them if Waver doesnt come
also Para Bones,but Summer and Zero should cover me in those
Tama Bones will have to wait a long while later