Sieg NP effect Idea

I was thinking about how to make Sieg more useful since his stats are kind of bad and I kinda use Sieg trio(Sieg,Siegfried,Sigurd) together So I thought "Wouldnt it be nice for Sieg to have apply Dragon trait in his np? "I mean not only this will increase his damage more but also would be useful when he teams up with Sigurd or Siegfried I mean lorewise both Sigurd and Siegfried had got their dragon traits from Fafnir So wouldnt it be nice for Sieg(as Fafnir) to just apply his tiny bit of dragon traits to opponent so that Sigurd or Siegfried would burst damage over it Any thoughts?

Hum I don’t know. I’m not in fond of these kind of stuff as it feels a bit unatural/cluncky to me. They did that for 5* Romulus but honestly I don’t really like it. Looking for the day when Jack/Carmilla will apply female trait on NP.


I’d sooner he just get an NP upgrade lol. He’s already strong, and raising his ceiling sans grails? Priceless.

F’course I doubt that’d ever happen.


I know he can NP loop but my problem is without dragon trait Siegfried kinda sucks and Sigurd although is kinda ok his skill kit is just weird and his only np overcharge effect works against dragons so in my mind with little change I wanted to get rid of these weaknesses

I dont think such obvious pairings are good design. Devs tried it in early days: Georgios and Seigfried were meant to be used as pair, but whole setup ended up being too clunky outside of mems. So our favorite dragonslayer were given upgrades to be servicable outside of his niche, which, I guess, were thought as too much at release, cause “everybody will use him with Georgios, so no need to make him any stronger” way of thinking.

Basically, I am for comps that come up naturally as players get a feel for “meta”. Not artificial “this character is meant to be used together with that one”. Though I do make exception to field effects adding skills and Romulus AoE one: when everybody, friend and foe, can make use of such effects, this is more interesting. Wish it was just something more widely applicable than Roma trait, or DW to give more Servants (come on, we have three more roman emperors, not counting ftp Romulus) ways to interact with it. Cause it feels like “Georgios and Siegfried” type of situation right now.


IMO Siegfried just needs a like 3T ATK Up or something to help his off-Trait damage, he’s not absolutely stellar but he’s perfectly serviceable. Solid basic steroid, Disengage, and two sources of NP Gen Up is a nice combo. Sieg meanwhile is already rather terrific with how easily he can slot into 5 slot CE comps for lotteries, let alone outside of them.

Also agreed with @CrazyPterodactyl, feels more like square pegs and round holes than organically buffing them individually to bolster their strengths or help minimize their weaknesses. And I would like to see a Siegfried buff (Sieg too would just be delicious though).


Only thing I have against this - that it is too generic. Maybe give him taunt on his Golden Rule and 3T skill of “each time Siegfried is hit, increase his attack by x % for 3T” or something? This would be fresh, let us get some use of his bulk and plays on his supposed “endurance fighter” style in lore.


I disagree with you about him being serviceable outside of dragon niche I mean sure He has really good hp but Siegfried just doesnt work He has NP gain but his hit counts and dmg are really low that even with 2 np gain you still have to rely on crits for NP gain His Disengage skill is kinda okish but he doesnt have any taunt not to mention that enemies hit harder in later content

Worst of all is that He doesnt have his signature Armor of Fafnir as skill or as passive skill or even as CE The reason he didnt have Magic Resistance in lore was because he had AoF (writers didnt want to give both resistance and AoF) and in game he only has Riding as passive DW shouldve at least gave him AoF defense buff as passive

I kinda agree with CrazyPterodactyl I mean making him Endurance fighter would really make him fun to use But still I would gladly accept generic attack buff as well But DW should really add AoF as some kind of mechanic I think Either as skill or defense up or passive
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If you’re looking for a teamwide dragon trait effect on enemies, then they should just buff Geogios’ NP, in his lore that effect is AoE anyway.

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Well they can do that I guess but still George’s class might be problem for long battles Because George is rider meaning that he would suck most of the crit stars But its still valid option

That soungs pretty unnatural af, Roma can do that because he literaly is a God and he build Roma over you,but become his enemies in dragons for shoting them a blast of fire makes no sense, no offence

Well I thought Fafnir’s fire as also part of his curse like his heart or his blood from lore I mean it wouldnt be big of curse but more of tiny bit of dragon trait for Siegfried and Sigurd to use it as advantage but mostly its about mechanic since Sieg can easily gain NP and help Siegfried to gain NP with his arts card for arts chain

I mean Sieg is solid af, and have a good damage in his NP so i think he is ok as he is

@lynch @CrazyPterodactyl (Overall response, separate points, blah blah.)

See, I don’t think ‘generic’ is inherently a bad thing, nor even an not-valuable form of buffing. TBH, I think it sometimes gets too much focus. Gil’s kit is ‘generic’ but he’s continually at the top of the charts in every measure and is one of the last in the need of anything. Marie got a ‘generic’ ATK Up, but in a post-Skadi environment for her, is that really so bad when that’s her best context anyway?

Beyond that, I myself have issues with that sort of buff, given that it’s on someone who otherwise has: No hard defense (Evade/Invul), no form of survival after-the-fact (Guts), no soft defensive measures (HP regen/MAX HP Up/DEF Up)? Harder to pop and play as well. If it came with an invul or whatever that’d be another story. Even then though, I’d sooner see it as-is, so you can more reliably survive enemy NPs. He’s no Mash.

Personally, I’d sooner get a Charisma-like - why not something like Lanling’s Mask? - attached to either of his first two skills and call it a day. Maybe even with a fat Debuff Res. for half the time it’s up, then you got your lore shenanigans in play. Jarcher’s Summer! is also comparable to what I have in mind, and actually gives you some form of hardiness.

I disagree with you about him being serviceable outside of dragon niche

Just finagling with the GP Command Chain Calculator shows how easy it is to build gauge with it and/or Balmung in effect, especially since Golden Rule is on a DPS which is uniformly worthwhile (Drake/Gil/Darius who highly enjoys it for low-rarity esportsing/Diarmuid (Saber)/the list goes on and on).

His Disengage skill is kinda okish

I do agree it’s pretty bland and in the face of more and more skills that get shinier, with more effects, or whatever, makes me pretty :/. Which is why I’d appreciate seeing it buffed. I don’t think you’re giving safety from DoT for at least a bit, ability to shrug off enemy offensive debuffs, or random enemy Taunts enough credit though.

but he doesnt have any taunt not to mention that enemies hit harder in later content

Again, what would a pure Taunt do on someone with nothing else that I mentioned? You want him to be like Sanzang and take needless damage? Sure, you can build gauge, but you’ve already got his own cards and supports to bring in.

he didnt have Magic Resistance in lore was because he had AoF (writers didnt want to give both resistance and AoF) and in game he only has Riding as passive

I wholly agree, it boggles and frustrates me why they didn’t give him even a bog standard MR. Meanwhile, Mata Hari has literally no skills, Phantom is still a joke, and that list goes on as well. We aren’t about to get an AoF-like patched in for him as a passive, lol.

Beyond all of that though, I only began talking exclusively about offensive buffs because this was focused on offensive buffs anyway (AoF was mentioned but only within the context of George’ing enemies which isn’t the same thing). I’d well welcome defensive buffs.

Never mind, I would still contend him being ‘serviceable.’ He is wonky outside of his niche, he explodes enemies within. That’s hardly dissimilar from say Euryale (sure not 1:1 but still). Not having every bell and whistle doesn’t mean he can’t put in good work, he’s just situational. And he still would be with an AoF-like skill by design, just have less of a gap between his on- and off-Trait showings.

I think Sieg’s biggest problem is that he is a caster, but most dragons in this game are riders. He has few opportunities where class advantage and trait advantage work together. The only time he gets to really shine is against MHX, Shuten-douji, and the occasional different class dragon (MHXA if you think of every class having advantage over berserkers). He needs some way to bypass enemy class advantage.

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Well in the case of Sieg that isn’t so much of a problem because the focus of his kit isn’t really focused un kill dragons, unlike servants like Nobu and Siegfried that are totally focused on that, and Sieg isn’t that only servant with an Anti-trait that usually never can do a atack with max power, look at buffed Enkidu he literaly have 0 enemies yet that he can hit at full effectiveness


Well, Nobuzerker and Nobuvenger are, Nobu Archer has a different NP so she has a few different niches she can try to exploit.


True. These things are more for staying true to lore than gameplay. But he has more problems being anti-dragon than Siegfried and Sigurd since they will at least do neutral damage to most dragons. Unless they face Archuria…

If you ever face a dragon with a water gun, RUN!

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Well 100% trait against something is like having a unexistent advantage so isn’t so bad.
And you are right the weakness of the Dragon Slayers are dragon Kings with water guns

I’ve seen him 3T enough farming nodes, in practical circumstances, to not really care at all aside from the fact that yeah it’s kind of a bummer. All I need is a Tamamo and a superscope for maximum efficacy, but I also need a Tamamo to maximally support my actual favorites and a superscope is broadly useful Sieg or not, so… whatever really.

I do hope I can aim for native Tamamo soon, woman does not want to come home.