Sieg NP effect Idea

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Why thanks!


Well OG Nobu can even hit hard servant that she have disadvantage against like Karna, a 250% of trait damage makes her dangerous even without class advantage. And the other two Nobus are pretty good Anti-divine units

Yep, just wanted to point that out since it can be easy for people to merge everything together and think she’s only good against divine riding sabers or berserkers, when really she’s good against both divine and riding trait separately. Combining them does give bigger numbers, but it doesn’t mean she’s useless unless you align all the trait exploits.

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Yeah, OG Nobu is good but she live and die for those traits

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Truthfully I still think OG Nobu isn’t that noteworthy, but I felt like checking numbers off of the wikia. Possibly off by a few, oh well.

  • Riding: 78 Servants (25K unbuffed), 10 dis-advantaged. Four (irrelevant) non-Servant cases.
  • Divine: 80 (34K unbuffed), 18 class-disadavantaged. Non-Servant makes 32, 3 class-disadvantaged (and I think 2 that can be adv or not).
  • Both: 27 (51K unbuffed), ~5 class-disadvantaged.

Of course, a lot of those are class-neutral cases wherein to me you’re simply better off running class adv, and as known the number of Divine Riding Sabers is only at around like 10. Not unreasonable range, still better range than Bryn’s Beloved, and relatively more reliably it seems, although that’s always felt like a mere bonus for her to me.

Yeah. Overall I feel that having trait advantage against enemies that you rarely have class adv is not bad - opens new options both for unexpected comp or for some class mixed nodes.

@terranort_asashin @Tetragoner in case of Nobu: her base damage is just meh, that is where “you need divine riding saber or zerk” comes from. Give her NP interlude (as if :fgo_circereally: ) to update her after all this time and she’ll be fine

Reason why I told they shouldve added AoF as passive was because most of the SR servants have 2 passive skills instead of one I only know Kato Danzo,Asssasin of Paraiso and Kintoki(welfare) only those have 1 passive skill as far as I know
Mata hari and Phantom doesnt even have multiple NPs like Siegfried and they are not even SR so comparing them with Siegfried seems bit unfair

But its mostly about DW anyways They can add it as skill or as passive or as mechanic or they may not add it at all

Edit:As for Nobu I dont use her too much so I have no comments about her :smiley:

And why is that?

I know where it comes from, no less with how she was my only worthwhile gold Archer for quite a few months. I also actually agree with you (right down to Just Give Her An NP SQ). I just felt like checking because… why not.

“We aren’t about to get an AoF-like patched in for him as a passive, lol.”

The entire thrust was both of those got gimped too - unless you think Phantom with his two often dead skills, and Mata Hari not even having a basic bloody Presence Concealment, is somehow logical and sensible? It wasn’t “These non-premium units are worth 1:1 comparisons to a 1:1 premium unit,” which would be patently absurd and also not the point.


I have Gil and Merlin :sweat_smile:

How the ■■■■ i guess you would say something like this, HOW!!!

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Saving and rolling on their banners? GSSRs?

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Yeah, our best bet here: him getting disengage uprade to AoF effects. And I think disengage purge will follow current guts purge. I just always felt this skill is underwhelming - cant help with worst debuffs like stun and healing skills are not that effective in game in general. The only healing skill I actually like is BBs: 4t cooldown, targetable, heals a good chunk, cleanse AND debuff immunity.

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Yeah, a debuff cleanse packed with a fat Debuff Res. if not more sedate version of Arjuna’s Clairvoyance would make me a happy camper. And/Or with Invul!

Where does the “Guts purge” come from? Only example I can think of offhand is KH, who came with the context of “Kama and her absurd Guts (and overall kit).” They otherwise seem to be focusing on pruning Instinct and making Tactics as it should have been from the start.

This also actually really bugs me with both Sasaki’s and David’s Mental Debuff cleanse, much more so the former since his is entirely selfish and David can at least un-Charm an ally. Former’s is pretty much a flashier Instinct, given that you can’t pop it when Confused/Charmed/Terrored. Granted, David is already super good, and yet…

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Like Tetragoner said I got them by saving quartz but funny thing was that my catalyst was bus I got both of them in bus while traveling somewhere else :joy:

They also upgraded good old Uncle Vlad with Apoc rerun :wink: Granted 2 do not make a trend, but it makes sense - this is another vanilla skill, that is seen often enough and find me anybody who actually upgraded it ever - seems to me this skills need extra effects to make investments worthwhile

Right, forgot about Regend :man_facepalming: always seen this skill as just instinct renamed. Still have no idea what were they thinking when they made it…

Oh right. I legit forgot about that, I was too focused on Amakusa and Red Boy at the time and I don’t have him lol. Fair on that front, although I otherwise think it’s fine as is - IMO it’s only with instances like Shuten where it falters. On properly survival-oriented units, it’s splendid (cf. un-skill-buffed FSN Cu even now).

It just is like lmao why. Just make it like Disengage, please~

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Is really better then instict

Thanks for your history but this answer have no sense with what i say