Sieg NP effect Idea

Well you guessed my answer correctly thats for sure but when I saw Tetra’s message I thought that “He also might have asked how I got servants as well” so thats why I answered like this but its not that important anyways just misunderstanding on my part

Is ok mistake happen i just wanned a explanation of why that answer

@CrazyPterodactyl Correction instead of a stealth edit: I forgot about the Delayed Debuff affect of Terror and Confusion, so it’s actually not that bad on those fronts. More so, Confusion being used by one (Fuuma), Terror three (Astolfo, Gilles, Abby)… but all Charms just proc and you can’t un-Charm when your skills are locked. Still kinda :roll_eyes:.

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If you count others with different names, there’s also Paracelsus, and if you count others with extra effects that still needed a buff there’s Tesla and Scheherazade.

Still not definitively a trend considering how many battle continuation skills there are, but a possible trend.

I also agree that Disengage should get the purge treatment as well, it doesn’t do too much unless you have debuffs to get rid of (and often you can just wait out debuffs without it hurting your strategy anyway). I was hoping they’d finish off the Tactics soon, but since they buffed Caesar’s NP instead of his tactics it’ll probably be a while until his tactics skill gets buffed.

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The point there was that a lot of early servants got cheated out of passives in a similar method as Siegfried. You mentioned he lost his debuff resistance passive due to having Armor of Fafnir and then they just didn’t give him Armor of Fafnir as a skill or anything. Similar cases are:

  • Mata Hari and Yan Qing lost presence concealment due to their espionage skills, at least Yan Qing got his buffed eventually, but it seems people still don’t consider him very good after that and Mata Hari’s hasn’t been buffed yet.
  • Drake and Blackbeard lost their Riding passive due to Voyager of the Storm despite it being a very different kind of skill effect-wise.
  • Gilles Saber has Madness Enhancement EX due to his connection to Gilles Caster, and yet Gilles Caster doesn’t have that passive for some reason, or at least the Madness passive Abigail got later.

Basically there’s a lot of passive skill stuff that could be fixed, but we haven’t seen a fix like that yet, closest we’ve seen is fixed internals with Iskandar. I’m hoping maybe 5th anniversary will be a big enough event to fix passives on past servants.


Yes, that was the point. Thanks, Cat.

IMO it’s worth pointing out YQ’s Gangster A is in practice like Riding C~D + Independent Action (roughly) D, which like, works for me. Though I’d like it more if he also had Presence Concealment, even if stargen is the last of his issues…

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I understood things better now thanks

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That’s soungs good, always in the aniversaris the do a big thing and they give a lot of buffs or new servants like the past year in jp