Siegfried General Discussion

Hey everyone,

2nd writeup of this week is here. This time it covers the just-upgraded Siegfried who definitely needed a new writeup.

With his new NP his damage is starting to get really insane vs any Dragons, and it has a nice built-in NP Gain buff to boot. He can even pull some decent numbers vs non-dragons, although nothing too spectacular. Good enough for those who lack other Sabers.

Anyway, I hope some of you had some fun utterly stomping on those dragon Lancers in Babylonia - I do kind of enjoy using Siegfried whenever I do get the opportunity to field him in events.

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Was my only only AOE saber for a long time, just as I replace him with Suzuka Gozen he gets buffed :roll_eyes:

Still did get to try it out a little and it was pretty insane.

I always get a “This looks like a job for Aquaman” vibe to Siegfried.


He’s incredible right now. His average damage is still good enough for farming purposes, and as difficulty escalates, the rest of his kit becomes even better.

Disengage is incredibly useful in Challenge Quests, while the combination of Golden Rule + his new NP effect allow him to unleash Balmung much more often, which in the long run can mean he’s dishing out just as much damage as comparable units.

Then we have Dragon Slayer which is actually pretty busted. It’s the same Mana Burst you see on so many units, plus insane buffs that make him formidable against dragons, while keeping a 5-turn CD when maxed. So strong are Balmung and Dragon Buster that Siegfried is a perfectly fine answer against non lancer/berserker dragons, which is very valuable when you have a limited roster.


I’ve gotten so used to ignoring Siggy in my roster now that I have 4 other maxed sr and ssr AoE sabers it might take a while to realize that Siggy might actually be the best choice in some fights now. Still need to try out the trick of bringing gregorios along to turn enemies into dragons for Siggy to slay trick…

He spooked me on Kiara’s banner, so mine isn’t leveled yet. (Also, I now have every saber in the game except Altera, avoid Shiki, Musashi, Artoria Lily, and Salter, so saber gems are at a premium.)

Can he beat Lancer daily Liz (with help from Merlin, maybe?) I’ll definitely use him for that once Arthur hits bond 10.

He makes dragon pudding out of Liz.

Sounds tasty! Let’s go make some when it next comes around!

Yeah me too i only lack okita og saber and altera and void shiki (saber lily too)so he is staying at lvl 1(np3) ,i will probably burn him as soon as i get 2 rare prisms.
I hated his guts after watchinf apocrypha

I mean, I’ll put him in my farming lineup before Fergus.

And with all his Np gain buffs, throwing him in a team with Merlin and Tamamo feels super viable.

what about mordred chan,she’ll do the job way better(except against non arturia dragons xD)

Mordred is overall the best AoE Saber at the moment. Against her, the difference in damage with Siegfried becomes too evident, but outside that they have comparable kits. If fighting Dragons, then Siegfried will come out on top, even if said Dragon is an Artoria enemy.


Already Bond 9. :p Not using her for farming anymore…she’s only for events now, since that battery is good for those.

Yeah my mo chan is only bond 5 .she spooked me while i tried rolling for okita.
Sadly with all the sabers i have,her skill are still a mess but i will start to invest in her as soon as i finish leveling kiara skills (it will take a while xD)

lancer dailies

liz is a dragon so erm yea


Against normal mob he has a Buster up in his 3rd skill and an NP interlude which makes his NP damage usable. Against dragon he always deals great damage and now that Lancer dragons are a thing it got even better. His main problem would be a lack of direct NP charge so farming with him requires stricter conditions. Actually the worst way to use him is actually as your only gold saber during earlier story chapters, then you will find him as an absolute disaster due to his pathetic damage output in general, this is, unfortunately, how I used him last time, so he gave me a bad experience personally.

Similar to me. He and Fergus (neither maxed) were my only sabers going into the saber wars event where only saber servants give you the drop bonus…it was great when the wyvern spawned with Jeanne because Siggy killed those in one go, but it was usually the atomatons. My friend with the awesome altera is probably the only reason I got saber lily to np5. Just thinking about that is giving me event ptsd… Though I can’t wait for the rerun now that I have a bucket of maxed sabers field, I’ll actually be able to get the lore rewards this time.

Fergus has always been pretty solid at least. I actually used him for my non-gacha comp for the Nero Fest challenge against Scathach and her pupil. I finished that quest with Spartacus actually.