Siegfried Setup against the Onigashima challenge Quest

It took me couple of tries but I did managed to beat the challenge quest with Siegfried as the main DPS.

I’m so happy because it’s the first time I beat a challenge quest with him and he is my favorite male character in the game and I wanted to show it to the world that is possible.
Big shout out to the team that helped make it possible.
The run was really luck based given that anytime Raikou could use her np so the usage of the servant’s skills and the Mystic codes at the correct time was important.

As a support I of course took Merlin with a MLB event CE and his role was to use his either his 2nd skill when all the enemies were attacking or buff Siegfried and switch him in cause I was unsure whether they will do or not.

As for the others George turned enemies into dragons and helped Siegfried to do more damage while protecting Merlin from dying, Mash with her defense buffs helped Siegfried to not die, Helena was here for the extra np gain with her 1st skill and buff Siegfried more with her 3rd and finally Hans helped Siegfried to crit some times with his 1st and 2nd skills while also giving more buffs to Siegfried. Over all the fight was amazing and I had fun using my favorite characters for this fight.


Nice One! It’s always a good feeling when you finish such a hard quest with your favourite servants rather than the OP/broken ones. I’m just starting my run this very second, congrats on the completion!

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Always lowkey wanted to try a George + Siegfried setup, given George’s unique NP effect, but alas, my Siegfried still sitting at lvl 60 D: having so many AOE Sabers doesn’t help… But one day.
It’s interesting to see that this setup worked for a CQ, though! It’s always fun to use your favourite servants, as well. Nice job!!!

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It took me a while but I’m glad I could give Siegfried some spotlight. 2 more grails and he will be 100 level

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A fellow person of culture, I see.

Congrats’ on your run.

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