Siegfried vs Nero

So I’ve been needing to add a aoe sabler to my current roster. I have Nero and Siegfried at lvl 1. which would be the better investment? the only 2 other sabers I have are okita and rama (both ST) I’m leaning on Nero because of the event upcoming but thats about it. what do you guys think?

Just based off what i know, unless Siegfried is fighting dragon type enemies, then you’re better off with Nero. Sieg hits like a wet noodle otherwise. Nero has excellent durability.

Siegfried gets better in the future, but for now Nero is better.

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In purpose of farming CCC Nero is better, but overall they have different roles in battle.
Siegfried is straight AoE-Buster farmer with good option against dragons; Nero niche is surviving challenging situations (I mean just look at 3rd skill), but she’s a very poor farmer because of low damage, low damage modified on NP and, as a final nail in a coffin, annoying random on a single atk steroid she have.
So, if you can afford ascending and leveling Nero to lvl80, then do that because of CCC (and don’t forget to complete interludes), and if you can’t then just level Siegfried and farm CCC with Nero at backyard for bonuses.

Nero has great survavility, but is rather underwhelming otherwise. Her damage is also largely dependant on triggering Imperial Privilege, which involves RNG.

Siegfried is similarly tanky against normal damage, but doesn’t have the tools to survive enemy NPs.
In the damage department, his normals will indeed hit for less if not against dragons, while his NP damage potential is higher with the buster buff on his third skill.
After his NP upgrade, he gets a pretty valuable NP gain buff, which combined with his Golden Rule allows for decent spammability.
It’s also worth considering that his dragon bonus makes him deceptively good against non-lancers, as long as they have the dragon trait, which includes but isn’t limited to ALL the Artoria and Bathory variants.

So… in my opinion and as a tl;dr Nero is a better last stand unit, while Siegfried is the superior pick in pretty much any other case.

EDIT: Actually, Mecha-Eli isn’t dragon. But a robot can actually be a female. Go figure.

Nero, yes her def down only lasts the one turn, but she will be useful during CCC which is coming soon, plus she has lots of interludes and the 1/2 ap interlude includes her. She is a good anchor, rather than a farmer, though her tankiness is nothing bad, just something middling.

Siegfried is going to be better from a gameplay standpoint despite his worse stat spread, yes, because the dragonslaying-George combo is fun. In about a month from now he’ll get an np upgrade that will help his np generation, allowing him to slay dragons even more, just do Seigfried, Gerogios, and a support caster like Merlin or Tamamo, and you’re good, or if the targets are already dragon trait, then just bring another support, they’ll all have plenty of hp.

But yeah, now is the prime time to upgrade Nero and blow through the interludes.