Sierra makes me want to join Team GO Rocket

I mean have you seen her? Like man is she amazing looking. I look at Blanche and Candella and I’m like, is that all our teams have to offer? And sorry Spark but I don’t roll that way. But Sierra, her candor, her demeanor, her attire, her hair and her face… Nnng. Sign me up for Team GO Rocket and get me a date.

Why do the villains always have such amazing looking members? I mean look at Shelly from Team Aqua, also amazing.

Anyways, long story short, I’d probably join Team GO Rocket if it meant having a shot with Sierra. Just sayin’.

No. Just, no. She’s too annoying.


Why join when we could take over team go rocket? Most players have beaten Giovanni at least once, so almost anyone should be able to. :joy:

Relax Cowboy … you need to go find some Japanese anime or Japanese comic books they will give you what you are looking for. LOL I am curious … did Jessie (of Meowth balloon) rock your world as well?

Jessie’s taken wtf

Sierra can steal my pokeballs anyday


Yep, she’s bitchy. Cliff has that frat boy enthusiasm, but at least he lives his emotions (insofar as an animated character in a silly little game can). Arlo is just, odd.

On the other hand, in the splash screen for GO fest, Candela is leading Sierra by the hand, taking her towards the right side of the screen. Wonder if there’s something there, …

Probably pizza. Or maybe one of those churro stands. :yum:

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Evil does not pay, dear.

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Careful, dude. She’s KGB


I admit, she indeed looks pretty good, but is a 6/10 for me, maybe 7/10 if one is pushy. But personality wise, she‘s a Bitch/10, and that‘s a No-Go for me.

The bitchiness just makes her hotter

If you want to date some one from an evil team, do Mars from Team Galactic. I dunno, I sorta have like a spot for her over all the other evil team admins. Jupiter, not feeling it, and Saturn, well, Saturn is male…

If I had to choose an evil lady, it‘d probably be Shelly or Plumeria. I like them the most. But hey, why choose someone evil, when you can have Shelly in good (and awesome) in the form of Nessa?


After being able to have two Lapras, Spare me.

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Wait what?

Jessie’s taken … by who?

Uh, James?

James? Are you sure? I thought he had eyes for Spark.