Signature moves


I was wondering what you guys think of signature moves that may or may not be implemented. Psystrike Mewtwo got me pretty excited that these might be implemented, and I’m wondering (and also hoping everytime there is a special raid weekend, that there’ll be another signature move implemented…) what other people think about this.

I’ve also found it pretty weird that out of all the legendaries/mythicals Jirachi and Deoxys did get their signature moves on their first introduction. Why is that?

And will this be a yearly cycle now, as in generation 1 (Mewtwo) returned last September, generation 2 (Lugia & Ho-Oh) will return next year in September?

The signature moves I can think of so far (I’ve played up until Pokemon Platinum, so my knowledge doesn’t go too far);

As speculated many times; Rock Wrecker for Rhyperior as a community day move. I think this is one that could happen very soon. It wouldn’t knock Rampardos off the DPS-chart, but it would have - generally speaking - almost 2 times more TDO and thus become an amazing bird killer.

Lugia and Aeroblast; I’ve always found this a cool signature move, but even if implemented; would this top Sky Attack?

Ho-Oh and Sacred Fire; This would make Ho-Oh a bit more interesting. Assuming it would be a charged move, it may even challenge people to look for a fire-type hidden power move rather than a hundo or shiny?

I’m pretty sure I’ve read somewhere Origin Pulse and Precipice Blades are already in the master data? Would this be applied to their normal forms (Kyogre and Groudon), or their Primal forms? Which would most likely already be extremely OP

I’d like to name some more, such as Dialga, Palkia, Giratina, Arceus & Darkrai’s moves, but I think my post is long enough like this. Also praying for Garchomp with Dragon Rush (since I’m not a spooferboy that can fly to any gible and also hatch feebas 90% of the times). Your thoughts please!


If Origin Pulse and Precipice Blades aren’t nerfed before release it’s very likely that Kyogre and Groudon will instantly break the meta.


Mewtoo has always been the big post-gofest super unlock in some form or another. Jurichi most likely came out with doom desire available because the one we got from the quest will probably be the only one we get. Honestly I would like to see dialgia and palkia back before another round of the gen 2 and 3 legendaries.


I’d definitely like to see more signature moves available for Legendaries/Mythicals, as it will make them more exciting when they return to raids. That said, it’s hard to tell if/when we’ll see some of these moves added. Lugia and Ho-Oh, for instance, have come back for multiple repeat runs and are still without their signature moves.

Off the top of my head, these are the legendary/mythical Mons currently missing their signature moves (not including ones that have yet to be introduced):

• Lugia - Aeroblast
• Ho-Oh (and technically Entei) - Sacred Fire
• Kyogre - Origin Pulse
• Groudon - Precicipe Blades
• Rayquaza - Dragon Ascent
• Latios - Luster Purge
• Latias - Mist Ball
• Heatran - Magma Storm
• Cresselia - Lunar Dance
• Giratina - Shadow Force
• Palkia - Spatial Rend
• Dialga - Roar of Time
• Darkrai - Dark Void
• Regigigas - Crush Grip
• Cobalion/Terrakion/Virizion - Sacred Sword
• Melmetal - Double Iron Bash

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Huh? Entei can learn sacred fire too?

Yeah I agree on that, with or without signature move… gotta get that shiny dialga thingy

Yep, Entei learns it too in the main series! Serebii lists Sacred Fire at the top of Entei’s eligible moves.

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I see, while Raikou and Suicune don’t get to share any signature moves or get their own

Imagine if Arceus gets Judgement, sharing the type Arceus has at the moment, being a strong move and the devs allowing us to change Arceus’ type freely. Depending on the fast move options, this could be absurd.

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Then watch the Attackers By Type list be updated so Arceus is in every slot :joy:

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Even if we assume that Judgement a) matches Arceus’s current typing, and b) is ridiculously strong (let’s say it’s a Meteor Mash clone), it still wouldn’t be at the top of most charts for attackers by type. Arceus has an attack stat of 238, which is lower than most of the chart-toppers, and its quick moves won’t magically change to match its current typing.

Also, unless Niantic changes something, Arceus is slated to learn Iron Tail and Shadow Claw as its two quick moves. Shadow Claw + Judgment would admittedly make it a very powerful Ghost-type. Iron Tail + Judgement would still fall behind MM Metagross. Arceus would rank much lower for any other type due to lacking a STAB quick move to go along with Judgment.

These are the quick moves currently available in Go that Arceus could potentially learn:

Hidden Power
Zen Headbutt
Rock Smash
Bullet Seed
Fury Cutter

If quick moves get changed around for Arceus, it will likely only get 2-3 from this list, which will give it an advantage for that typing and that’s it. Or it gets all of those moves and becomes an unmanageable TM sink like Mew. Hidden Power would be interesting, but the move won’t change its typing when Arceus changes it’s typing.

TL;DR - Arceus will likely be a novelty attacker more than anything with some potential top the charts for specific types.

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I think you might be right, it looks like it’s going to be a lot like Mew (only maybe ‘plates’ instead of TMs?): niche TDO is certain areas and unpredictable in PvP. But mostly just cool.:sunglasses:

I mean, I was kidding, but cheers for the info :+1:

Niantic: Hi I am Niantic, and as you know I love the players, so instead of monetize an 18 different type Pokemon like I did with Giratina and the Alolan variables, I would simply realease an item that let you change its default type, it doesn’t matter if it cut my incomes because I have show over and over that I put your happiness first before getting any income…simply ignore the poffins, the rocket radar, the premium passes, the incubator, and the PvP pass…(what do you mean we haven’t realease that yet)…ejem, forget the last one. Go and explore!!!


I never said Niantic won’t monetize the heck out of Arceus, because they most certainly will. Most likely, we won’t be able to just change its forms at will (or for free).


Not to turn this into an arceus thread but the plates could be consumable items (like stones) that will "evolve " arceus into whatever type the plate is. That would allow the moveset to change to reflect the type as well

Oh you don’t want that.

Just imagine … Arceus plate TM.

I rest my case.


Arceus? Easy enough. Make Judgement a (good) Fast Move, have it‘s typing match Arceus‘ typing, slap the best Charge Move of each type (which it can learn regularly in the main games, no shenanigans like Meteor Mash or Frenzy Plant for example) onto it‘s specific form, and boom, viable Arceus.