Sigurd in lb

What’s with the mental immunity, they might as well banned using euryale she still have large damage but come on!

It’s called being a chad.


It means charm doesnt work but he still has a d*ck so Euryale goes haha

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Doesn’t Euryale have enough of an advantage already? You want more?!

Potential spoiler

*Norse Giant chad, that is.

Also, big stick anti-gent damage is all you need to get past Sigurtr. Now if you don’t have the means to quickly charge/instant NP, I get why that alone might not do.


That Napoleon NPC support they give you is probably already good enough to deal with him, that said if you lack taunters his crits may be a problem. He almost killed my Fujino in 1 turn just with a few crits.

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She is still debuffing him with 20% attack down everytime, which allows for strats like this:

While she might not have any survivability, Sigurd can’t kill her if he’s dead. If he was AoE and had Invul Pierce (foreshadowing) then we would have a problem.


They don’t want her to walk all over this Lostbelt like she did with Camelot. It helps a little, in that she can’t solo it but she’s still great so…

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Ya’ll know without it this shit would turn into a ROFLStomp in Euryale’s favor.

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