Sigurd Refinery?

What do you think guys? Will he even get it? Or will he get a legendary version even before Seliph?

Imo, I think it will be something similar to Urvan


He may get one eventually, but I don’t think it will be any time soon.


Nobody knows :feh_lucyshrug:

Probably not since we have L!Julia to go as a pair (unless we end up with another Ryoma/Azura situation)

I really only want the Divine Tyrfing refine so that my 4* +10 Seliph can use it better.

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He will get a refine eventually, possibly soon. He’s a Gen 1 exclusive so he should have higher priority. But IS will plan around which hero refines will sell the best, so nothing’s guaranteed.

Legendary Sigurd would be amazing. Unfortunately I don’t think he’s got high priority unless Jugdral remakes are announced.

Sigurd will definitely get one this year or beginning of next year but he’s not prioritized likely because he’s still one of the better red cavs and won’t make as much money as other 5* units