Sigurd SQ

So Sigurd got strengthening quest in JP

His NP scaling damage is same as Musashi(though Musashi has useful np up which makes her damage more) his np got decrease one tick from enemy np effect

I personally think that damage scaling is the only buff that somehow refunds him otherwise he would’ve been trash tier with SSR status Np decrease effect on buster crit servant seems bad Sure he will survive more but his purpose is to kill enemy quickly not survive his guts is 1000 hp 7 turn CD (maxed) Mana burst NP Up or some attack buff would’ve been more useful in my opinion for his np effect if he were able to generate stars like okita or he had arts deck then this mightve been useful This effect is not that good with buster deck in my opinion His np side effect doesn’t fix his problematic kit

What do you guys think about this SQ Does it help Sigurd’s problem? Is it good or bad?

This strengthening really don’t fix any of his problems but geting something is better then geting nothing



Oh, you mean that guy who shows up in Summer Bryn’s NP animation?

Seriously though, he’s just not very good compared to his SSR competition, and the NP strengthening doesn’t fix his core issues. His best asset is being kind of hot, sadly.


honestly if he doesn’t sound like someone who talks with hands around his own throat, I am willing to overlook his problems. Great looking character and good animation, and gameplay-wise, it is not something a merlin or 2 can’t fix

He’s still a slow-starter even with Merlin. No battery, no refund, long CD on his steroid, no general damage bonus except for the 1T steroid.

His voice sounds normal to me, excepting the distortion effect on his early Ascension.

It is literally kaibas voice, how can you not like him?
I don’t have a SSR saber in my squad and wouldn’t mind a sigurd spook.


How is a limited servant going to spook you? :fgo_mordredthink:

I was going to overlook that, but since you brought it up, maybe they’re thinking of GSSR or something. Who knows.

What can I say? I can overlook a lot of flaws for that hot of a character :fgo_buster:

The voice is a very subjective and petty grievance of mine. It fits the masked version but imo the maskless 3rd ascension should sound more baritone(?) and soothing. It is objectively impossible to have a “bad” voice when you are a pro VA after all


Thought he got added to the general pool, just like Anastasia. Guess not.

Nastya was always general pool. That’s why she kept showing up after I was done rolling for her.

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For the reason that he is limited he is pretty underwhelming for a SSR: he have a meh kit, bad stat weight for a crit Saber and is a limited servant with almoust no banners. He is sad to be honest, and for that reason he is the worst ST SSR Saber, because compared to every other ST SSR Saber (those are rare and all of them till the realice of Dioscuri were limited) he was pretty meh

But he literally has kaibas voice. Good enough reason for me.

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That doesn’t made him less meh, but if that’s enough for you then ok i guess

I think it’s a good strengthen. Sure, it doesn’t make his kit more synergistic, but it fixes the other issue, being able to nuke a single enemy since he’s ST. Upgraded NP helps with that since you’re not always fighting lancer dragons, plus the added effect is still something, even if it doesn’t make him more able to crit. Charge drain can be handy.

They could have ad him a star bomb in the NP instead, would have been nice

Sure, but he doesn’t charge his NP very quickly, so it’d be more effective to buff his skills to better enable crits. My guess is the NP drain has something to do with Gram being a demonic sword and Curse being an NP drain skill? Makes some sense lore-wise.

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I say it just for something more useful for him, but his skill need a buff more.
And that make some kind of sense

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In my opinion his SQ is okay, an upgraded np is always welcome, especially on someone like Sigurds who need it badly. I would have prefered it they gave him something to increase his damage since his buster buff is in a high cooldown or something to help synergize more with his kit/ make him stand out with the SSR competition but I guess np decrease is better than nothing :fgo_coffee: