Sigurd underwhelming Buff fix ideas?

Sigurd’s design is amazing(acording to my opinion) But he is really underwhelming as servant He has good stats and really good crit damage but some of his skills and his NP are just bad I want to explaing my point of view how his kit is not that good and want other people’s opinion about to find how create fun kit and fix his problems

Primodial Rune:Its good skill not the best one but really solid skill with %100 crit bonus if certain conditions are created for this skill Sigurd’s crit damage skyrockets Also if you are good player and can predict next turn cards then you can just pop this skill for next turns and since effects of skill doesnt dissappear until next crit hit for 3 turns you would be in advantage due to less cooldown But problem itself is to create conditions for Sigurd to crit due to his average star height and mixed deck

Dragon Modification EX: This skill is just bad I understand that skill also consists 3 turn guts with buster mana burst but thats no excuse for 9 turn cooldown This also problem because this skill is also unconditional buff for Sigurd’s buster attacks If it had cooldown like 7-6 turns then I couldve said its ok but as it is this is just bad

Crystallization of Wisdom:This skill’s effects are not that bad but 1 turn crit star gen and debuff immunity are just underwhelming even for 7 turn cooldown Sigurd has buster-crit oriented mixed deck with one quick card he cant generate stars by himself and his mixed deck makes him hard to put in any team unless its Merlin

Noble Phantasm-Bolwerk Gram:Np’s damage is kinda ok but not really Hit counts are really good but it doesnt have any side effects other than hitting extra damage to dragons If your enemy is non-dragon then this NP wont help you that much and to add salt to wound Siegfried hits more damage to dragons with his np and gets NP Gen

To summarize this up Sigurd lacks Star absorbtion he cant absorb stars and to make matters worse Sigurd’s skill shine only once Yes with certain buffs and stars people can see big numbers but that is only for 1 turn and creating that shining moment condition doesnt pay off that much due to bar break HP bosses in game

With that said I would like to hear other people’s opinion Is he better than I gave credit for? If not then what kind of modifications would you like to make?

I like this buff someone suggested in a similar thread on Reddit sometime back:

In general I’m kinda frustrated at how barren some SSR Saber kits are compared to the others. Look at the deluge of effects Dioscuri, Nero Bride, and Benienma have compared to Okita, Sigurd, or even post buff Arthur.

Really, even with the added Guts wrecking his 2nd skill’s cooldown, his first and second skill are fine, it’s his third skill that’s just baffling week. A 1 turn star gen up, even at a 100% is just awful. Even if you use it on himself with a arts-arts-quick chain, it’s pretty much the same effect as “grants 10 stars a turn later” skill, which is pretty effin weak. Just make it three turns and be done with it.

I actually had the same idea before that Sigurd should get a skill cooldown reduction buff on his third skill. Although I would make it simpler and just make it so when he uses it he automatically gains -1 CD on himself and the targeted ally and he can target himself for -2 CD.

Doesn’t clash with the likes of Malter, Edison, or Tamamo either given their all being used in very different cases and him being, well, a point, so you’d most likely use it on him anyway (or support Merlin).

I think his S1 is fine. It’s powerful, while offering reasonable flexibility/not restricting you as say Rama’s does (which during his burst turns is effectively exactly the same). I feel you could also reasonably patch him up by just… giving him a star-pull skill on his S1. Make it so he can do more with fewer stars, still enjoy big boy crits all the same.


Give him a battery on his third skill since it’s the most “lacking” skill out of his current three and he suddenly gets a niche of being the only Saber with a 50% battery (or the only ST saber with battery). Even if his damage can’t stack up consistently against other big hitters like Musashi or Okita (the latter of whom can almost loop), he can hold his own as the only saber who can turn 1 NP w/o needed a MLB Scope or double Waver comps.

On a more realistic upgrade, giving him a star absorb on his third can also work but that’s nowhere near as impressive.

Wow Ideas at reddit post are really good His third skill idea is really good in my opinion offers a limited flexibility I dont have problem with first skill but critting is not that easy without star absorbtion on buster cards

Though in my opinion NP buff or NP damage buff on his second skill and third skill buff are neccesary Star absorb on his first skill would be nice but his first skill is not that bad compared to his other skills and his NP

Benienma has a 20% AOE charge, she can already do that.

Lack of star absorb is the main thing, yeah. I’d go for fixed 3T ATK Up and Buster-card star absorb or such to help raise his floor. The issue really is with his third skill, though. Just recently, for comparison, I was playing around with Diarmuid in the Command Chain calculator and at max his third skill is… effectively 5 more stars for 3T, which is dreadful. Sigurd isn’t dissimilar, it’s pretty under-tuned for something that’s only there for 1T. Never mind even his Debuff Immunity (which I value more) is not even 1 hit but 1T, meaning you can totally waste it if you’re trying to use it to “amp” up his stargen, such as by using it for that and then whoops the break bar brings some nasty debuffs leaving you more vulnerable. It’s a problematic skill in terms of design even if it can be made to work, IMO.

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His star height is the same as Okita, what it mean that is almoust the Saber with the lowest star height only Siegfried have a lower one

Yeah the thing of the 50% battery in his third skill is to much for a skill with a 6-4 turn cooldown, even a 30% battery would be to much for that short cooldown

And Nero Bride also can do that on Jp

A 5 turn cooldown 30% Buster and 30% NP power as long as Brynhild is there.

Now that you mention Bryn, literaly the kit of Sigurd looks like was made to be supported by Bryn,Bryn can gen a good amount of stars and make that a specific member of the team eat all the stars at amount Lancelot levels

Okay, let’s see what I can find… :fgo_ereshmentarymydear: pulls out lore and list of skills

Primordial Rune (Warrior):

  • Effect-wise it’s directly outmatched by Summer Osakabehime’s Marksmanship (FPS) B, which gives the same effect but 120% critical strength instead of 100% and she has an added 1 time, 1 turn evade. So it could definitely get a buff of sorts. Same cooldown as well.
  • Lore-wise he was taught to make runes by Brynhildr and is good enough with runes to qualify for Caster class (Caster Sigurd when?). Brynhildr’s version of the Rune skill is completely different (it’s a debuff skill) so no hints there as to what added effect. Cu’s version is similar and adds debuff resist and NP charge, but I think crit star gather would make more sense like others suggested here.
    Also as an end note, Bryn can’t use her runes to the maximum without damaging herself due to her Divinity being too low (due to leaving the Valkyries), so that’s probably why she can’t be a caster as far as we know

Dragon Modification EX:

  • Would like it to have at least 1 less cooldown so that it’s on par with the Jalter buster skills for cooldown, that would be pretty fair (Invincibility and Guts are both forms of survival after all). Maybe improve the Guts effect or add another effect to it.
  • Lore-wise he swallowed a dragon heart and it turned into a mana reactor core kind of like with Artoria, so that explains the Mana Burst effect, Guts I guess is due to having a second heart since he has the reactor core in him? Kind of odd.

Crystallized Wisdom A:

  • He doesn’t exactly have any direct competitors that do what this skill does considering the 7-5 turn cooldown and the fact that he can use it on an ally (which appears to be its intended use if his star gen is as bad as you say). Closest with the same cooldown is Caesar’s Incitement skill, and then next closest is Shakespeare’s The King’s Men skill with 1 higher cooldown.
  • Lore-wise he got this skill from eating the dragon heart, but now it manifests as a magical item (his glasses) and if another servant uses the item then they’ll get a headache from information overload. Pretty vague then, and kinda surprising it doesn’t have negative effects on allies when used on them.

Hope this helps out at least for others to come up with ideas!

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I dont think thats good idea Bryn is awesome but she can also support other heroes too and thats good Sigurd needs his own buff independent from Bryn Needing 2 SSR for servant’s full potential seems bad Illya and Kuro have something like this but those 2 were already good servants So its just extra for them If Sigurd becomes a better servant in future then maybe they can try united buff but as it is I think Sigurd needs his own buffs

I think you mixed Billy’s marksmanship with Summer Osaka’s FPS skill because Osaka skill gives her %50 crit dmg as far as I know not %120 with evade Independent action makes this skill %60 dmg I guess

Normally people want to Star Gather on this skill but I have some issues with this You see one of the strength of this skill is that in team fight if you dont get sigurd card or know that you will get Sigurd’s cards in next turn You can just pop up this skill and use it on next turn and get less CD If DW adds Star Gather on this skill instead of others this skill might become bit weaker due to Star gather usage Sigurd will be stronger for sure but this skill may become weaker due to star gather priority

As lore for this skill He can be caster class but I doubt that he will be stronger than his Saber counterpart But DW perhaps can use this idea in future

I think This is the skill that should get 5 turn cooldown instead of 6 with addition of Star Gather Rate Because Guts in this skill is not that strong and Jalter have whole invincibility compared to this skill 6 turn might not be bad but it can break synergy with Primodial Rune Having Buster buff with Star Gather would really help Sigurd especially with less CD It would also make sense in regards of attacking like getting ready his dragon core for attack

Though acording to lore Sigurd was hiding(dug a pit) and waiting for Fafnir and when Fafnir came to place where he was hiding He slew the dragon with ambush So technically if we are going with lore then this skill shouldve been evade instead of guts in my opinion but both works

This skill is very weak compared to Incite making this last 3 turns would help Sigurd or other party members to generate some stars and Debuff Immunity would actually be useful
Lorewise I dont have much to say about this skill…

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searches up Osakabehime Summer on Gamepress
Huh, so one of the two wikis has an error. I pulled up a third wiki and it’s saying the same thing as Gamepress, so it’s probably cirnopedia that has the error then.

My mistake, in that case the main comparison is the servants that have 100% crit strength for 3 turns (Emiya, Skadi, Mori Nagayoshi), which have 1 higher cooldown but have more consistency and a secondary effect, so it’s still reasonable for him to get a secondary effect since he lacks the consistency of those skills. Since you make a fair point about the crit star gather, then what extra effect would you give it? Or do you want it left as is? I’d be fine with that, could always improve a different part of his kit instead.

Well, it is an EX skill, but adding crit gather and still reducing the cooldown by 2 is probably a lot. I could maybe see that have a 1 turn reduction, but I doubt they’d be so generous to give it that buff and reduce the cooldown by that much at the same time. I’d agree that his Guts isn’t as good as Jalter’s Invincibility, but if you’re adding crit star gather then that balances the scales a bit.

To be fair, the skill is based off of the effect of the heart being inside him, not on how he obtained the heart, so that’s probably why.

True, making it 3 turns would be quite helpful. I’m not sure about the Debuff Immunity lasting 3 turns, there are definitely examples of that, but none of the 3 turn variants can be used on an ally, the ally ones have all been either 1 turn or 1 time, 3 turns or in the case of Nightingale 3 times, 3 turns.

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Oh that’s not new, they have more errors like Vlad extra

Okay, I’ll have to cross-check with other sources in the future then. I mostly use that due to the page of skills which makes it easy to compare different skills, it’s handy for thinking of potential skill buffs.

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I lucked into a copy and I’ve been loving him so far.

-Lack of star pull
Can be fixed with either CE:

Or with using servants that have low star pull themselves, such as cockwizard x2

I’ve also been loving using him together with castergil. It’s a meme, but casgil actually helps our dude a lot.
-low star pull
-arts buff (NP -> Arts -> Arts -> brave actually gets him to loop)
-decent attack buff

Obviously he’s not the best saber out there, but experimenting with different servants that might work together with him as well as CE’s is a great feeling.
His animations, NP, crit based playstyle and overall design make him a joy to use, at least for me. :slight_smile:

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The reason to buff a servant is to make it better, and make that he don’t need to have a ce to do the job that he was designed to do


Problem with Sigurd is that other multi-functional servants does crit job better than him He is not 3 star level bad but for SSR its bad in my opinion But yea crit absorb ces make him bit better

In all fairness his crit skill, even on its own, is pretty damn capable with the proper play. It’s basically a looser take on EMIYA’s Hawkeye sans the (also important) stargen buff, and that itself is a great skill. Although compared to his ST SSR competition alone he’s definitely not in a great spot, never mind some SRs if you just want to crit at all.

Still needs a buff and is a damn shame he hasn’t gotten one since release though. Rama is also pretty much defined by his one great skill and basically just Big Red Button in his NP, and he’s also been under-tuned forever.

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I mean, if you compare him to the other 5* ST sabers (musashi and Okita), he really isn’t that worse than either of them.
Okita has a 1 turn 40% quick buff, Sigurd has a 1 turn 50% buster buff. I’d say Sigurd wins here.
Okita has a 3T 40% C. damage still, Sigurd has a 3 hit 100% C. damage skill. I’d say Sigurd wins here.
Okita has a c. star gather skill, Sigurd has crit star drop rate skill. I’d say Okita wins here.

Overall, I would say that if you have to means to fix Sigurds star absorb he wins out in the offensive department against Okita. Okita being a little bit more consistent and self sufficient, but lacking in raw power that Sigurd can bring to the table.

Musashi is a buster monkey, so not really a match if we go for crits. Her raw damage obviously being higher, but a lot lower once you put her in a crit team.

All in all Sigurd is a great servant, with only one weakness that is rather easy to fix with either one CE or a proper team. He even has a niche against dragons, which is a nice bonus.

I would contend it makes no practical sense to compare individual skills in a vacuum, Servants are defined by how their composite kit functions and particularly what it can or cannot do, not specifically the individual values and numbers.

Like, as a point of reference which subsequently defines her entire MO, Okita’s far more than “a little bit more” consistent and self-sufficient; she’s a lot more, you literally only need to feed her crit amps and other stuff for her to go to town, and her stargen/npgen is so outstanding that even her ‘vanilla’ starpull can help her NP not but two turns after her previously NP for even more damage.

I’m not even going further like I could and have in the past, nor even delving into Musashi, but that has nothing on their internals, the interplay between their internals and kit, how cohesive or problematic their kit is, so on.