Sigurd underwhelming Buff fix ideas?

No Okita have a literal Quick mana burst, is a 50% plus her almoust useless passive riding E (2% quick)

Not really, Sigurd only win un who does more damage in one turn, but Okita win in the long run plus she can gen a good amount of stars to herself

Again not really, Musashi can gen a desent amount of stars with the right chain plus her star drop skill, and you can help that with the fifth form to even more drops, inna crit team she will end up doing more damage because she have the potential of doing 3 Buster crit and not just 2(talking about only one set of cards)

You can say the say about literaly every servant, even Gilles Caster.
No offence but this sounds like you were trying to denying that Sigurd have great flaws

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Also if you want to compare their skill , you should remember about cooldowns, where Sigurd mana burst being tied to guts, have longer cooldown making his overall sustained damage lower (and in general evade is better than guts). This is somewat equalized by the fact that okitas crit/evade skill has longer cd than Sigurd crit buff.
On another note, you need look at their np effects. Sigurd anti dragon effect is not useful very often, while Okita has not only ignore defense, it also decreases enemy def for 3 turns making her sustained dmg even better.
Sigurd advantage is the fact that his stats are better than okitas. In general i would say that Sigurd is rather good servant with much potential but at the moment his is rather underwhelming and would make good use of some kind of buff.


Hahahaha Let me salt the wound even more !

13th batch of Servant Interlude and

  • Quartz Interlude: Sigurd, Qin, Lakshmibai, William Tell
  • Skill Upgrade Interlude: Reines, Holmes
  • Reines, Holmes, Lakshmibai and William Tell

Skill upgrade:

  • Reines: NP charge added to 3rd skill
  • Holmes: AoE Art resist down (3 turns) added to 1st skill.

Reines skills would give about total %50 Np charge I guess

I dont get it really Reines and Sherlock were already good servants. Why buff them even more while give Sigurd quartz interlude?

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Don’t ever expect DW to make sensible balancing decisions.

Anyway, I’ll give my thoughts on the topic.

Sigurd’s skill 1 is actually really good. Most 100% crit buffs in this game last 1 turn (except Emiya Archer who got it for 3 turns but that’s only justified because of Emiya’s awkward deck hampering his damage potential), Sigurd got it for 3 hits turn-based it is quite easy to maximise the use of this crit skill. I would love for old Li to have a hit-based crit skill too but DW says nah.

Skill 2 is a Mana Burst on prolonged cooldown because of a little guts skill. Yea it is a poor trade-off most of the time, but at the same time long cooldown does not impact Sigurd that much. Sigurd’s an aggressive servant who’s designed to pump out a ton of damage quickly and kill the enemy fast, if you are dragging on the fight long enough for steroid cooldowns to matter significantly Sigurd’s no longer the ideal point man for you team in the first place.

Skill 3 is shite. It is just shite, no other way to put it.

Despite skill 3 being basically a dead skill most of the time, Sigurd still handles his intended role well (i.e. pump out a ton of damage). For people saying ‘but muh break bars’ I should point out because of Sigurd’s high damage ceiling he’s a favourite among TA-ers dismantling multi-bar CQs in minimum turn. I won’t go into it too deeply but Sigurd’s TA records speak for itself. A TA-er on my FL already has a L100 2k Fou NP5 Sigurd.

Sigurd’s real problem isn’t skill 3, his problem is something shared with all gold ST Sabers in the form of a pudgy 3 star Roman. Fixing skill 3 is easy, that super-Roman disrupting game balance has no easy solution.

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Re:Sigurd’s S3, it’s designed to be used for NP turns to set up a following crit turn. Since his NP does have good hitcounts.

Or it’s designed to for an ally who will make stars Sigurd can then use.

Still agree that in practice it’s underwhelming. 3 turns and party wide—an upgrade or a side grade of CasGil’s skill, basically—would be plenty fine.

But if I were to buff Sigurd, I’d either add crit weight up for a turn on his S1 or I’d shorten the cooldown on his Mana Burst

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First, so now Reines is basicly a Rider Wave? Neat!
Second, why you have Sigurd so much DW?
DW: isn’t that i hate him, is just that i give a shit about him.
Seriously he is the limited servant with lest amount of rate up

While you’re right about it benefiting from NP hitcounts, unfortunately even best-case scenario doesn’t exactly improve its forcing dubious trade-offs given how valuable 1T Debuff Immunity alone can be, no less with swarms of effect-on-break shenanigans.

But, yeah, we’re agreed on the core: Give him a damn starpull (or fix that frustrating steroid).


I didnt notice Arjuna example until I tried Arjuna just now I should’ve noticed Arjuna’s skill of 3 turn star %50 drop rate and 5 Turn! debuff immunity for 6 turn cd(I usually pick busted archers from FP so I never noticed it until I tried him for his animation
update :smiley:)

Its possible to compare Sigurd’s star skill with this because both skills give same kind of buff and perhaps its possible to even scale buff by comparing this skill Sigurd has %100 crit star gen and targetable skill but its only for 1 turn Sigurd cant even generate that much star by himself meaning that if you use this skill on Sigurd you may still not get enough stars for crit burst attacks So in my opinion if DW gives 3 turn debuff immunity I think that it wouldnt be broken skill for sure Star gen can also be 3 turn because he has decent hit counts for sure but his star gen is not that broken but problem would be how DW would buff Sigurd “if” they buff him because Sigurd has just recently missed his chance to receive upgrade for NP or skill for that matter I know that some of the buffs DW gave had no impact on character whatsoever

Not so fast, every anniversary we get a good amount of rank up quest, Sigurd still have a chance, and if he isn’t there i’m going to laught a lot because that would be hilarious for me, been one of the worst SSRs and the worst ST SSR Saber and don’t get a buff in two years but he get two interludes

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