Silhouettes (May ‘22)

Different game but Harken and Isadora? :feh_ayrafawn:


The ends of Sophia’s hair usually wouldn’t be visible at that point in her art because of how long it is

Even if it is flying up a little, I’m not sure if it’d go up this much but maybe?



But I’m ngl, I assumed that was a really long veil at first and not hair


I did. i like her, she be cute.


First thought: Larum and Sophia
Maybe Silvia?


Larum for the left one seems like a total no-brainer to me and I honestly hope it won’t be Silvia just to save some orbs, since my gf would go completely aspeshit about an alt for Silvia
About the right one I’m very unsure… Sophia seems rather unlikely, since we already got an alt for her last Halloween :feh_maethink:


I see clearly Bridal Mustafa

No lies I’d love to see that


I am surprise they are going for another fe 6 bridal banner, last one didn’t get the “warmest” reaction.

Add Cecilia, Lilina and Sue and we have a thematic banner around Roy’s harem lol.


Actually that was the valentines banner, not bridal. Last bridal did give us Harmonic Catria and her shenanigans tho.


That would have been about 9 months ago almost and we have seen less time between alts with Hilda and her winter and summer alts, so it’s not unheard of. But I do agree it’s a bit iffy since Sophia isn’t as popular as someone like Hilda.


Please don’t be Silvia. A) I don’t wanna dip into my Lute savings this close to her banner and B) I don’t want Silvia’s first, and possibly only, alt to be bridal theme.


Honestly besides Sophia, Julia also came to mind for the one on the right since her hair also kinda looks like that. And if it is Silvia and not Larum maybe it’s a Genealogy themed one this time (although they’re both from different generations of Genealogy which would probably be a bit odd here, since usually Genealogy banners focus on only one generation).

This new banner should drop on 20.05. or am i wrong?

Yes, it is the 20th

We’re under DST again so the calander is correct for everyone, not just Pacific Time folks

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Y’all remember the leak that told us about Ninja Corrin? And how that leak also included Lillina in a big dress? And how that’s the only thing from that leak yet to show up?

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I thought it was specifically a blue dress

Blue doesn’t scream “bride” to me


Seems like it, and since the TT+ focus banner is set for tomorrow it’s very likely that we’ll get the new heroes video in less than 15h

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I mean neither does black tbh but Tharja was in hers, so it is possible for them to mix things up anyway. But yeah blue would be a bit odd for the theme.

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I don’t remember, did they leak say dark blue or light blue? I could see light blue for bridal.

The best ending would be Silvia and Erinys

The dub would be Larum and Sophia, but I could save so there’s that