Silque Defense stat

Why does Silque have very high defense in Heroes if she’s one of the characters with the lowest defense in Echoes?

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Why do any Echoes characters have a res stat above 10?


wait people played echoes


To actually answer, home game stats don’t always translate to FEH stats. Just look at Robin and Karla.


I guess IS just wanted to introduce a healer with different stats. The other bulky healer in the game is Azama if I’m not wrong

But it’s ironic, Silque died to anything in SoV


I did and it’s one of my favorites.

I did, unfortunately

Unfortunately? Why?

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Probably because you can actually max out her Def Stat in Echoe’s

I didn’t like it. I’m one of the probably 3 people on GP who didn’t

Silque was squishy but the Dread Fighters she could Invoke sure as heck weren’t. Silque alone made Alm’s path bearable for me because of her Warp and Invoke. Endless adds aren’t so bad when you can summon nearly endless strong adds of your own. Genny’s Invoke making Soldiers was pretty good for early game but Tatiana’s is outright useless because her Invoked Pegasus Knights die in one hit by the time she learns it.

After playing a little of fates, I think I wanted to vomit.


Revelation: absolute trash
Birthright: not as trash but still bad
Conquest: actually not that bad


One of the many things I liked in Echoes is that the characters actually felt alive, unlike in fates.

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I liked it, but certainly didn’t love it.

Most people agree the presentation and characters in SoV is great. It’s the gameplay that’s the problem. It was a bit too faithful to Gaiden, and the gameplay suffers as a result.

I enjoyed the game but getting through it is a tedious slog, especially on Celica’s path. Cantors are my least favorite enemies in all of Fire Emblem since they constantly regenerate health and constantly spawn adds that are more annoying than challenging. And ugh, the maps. So much hostile terrain that takes ages to cross, especially when combined with the aforementioned endlessly spawning enemies.

Also, Witches are annoying, especially when they are among the endlessly spawning enemies. Their Warps are pretty much impossible to predict and they love to swoop in and take a potshot at you when you can’t really do anything about them.

Fates may have had a trash story but at least I actually enjoyed the maps.


play gaiden

I know that sometimes the maps and enemies in Echoes are boring, but that battle against Fallen Berkut may be my favorite moment in the series!



do it rn