Simple paint job for NY!Reginn :feh_reginnwink:

It feels a bit uninspired that Reginn and Fáfnir use their regular mech with a piece of cloth attached. A simple paint job would’ve gone a long way:

(Based on her kimono)

Fáfnir’s sprite looks ok at least because his colors already match his kimono.


The designs of the mechs are hideous in general imo, theres no saving of those
They shouldve made mechanical horses or actual mech suits fitting to each character with personal designs


True, I don’t like the design of the mechs either. They also hide the character inside too much, you can hardly appreciate their new outfits. The only noticable difference is that piece of cloth attached to the front.

The art is lovely but good sprites also matter to me to some extent. Oh well, wasn’t going to pull for these characters anyways.


Pink mecha! Wonderful :rainbow:

I wish they made a sprite of her standing up so we can see what a dwarf she is


Inb4 she starts saying “nerf this!” and nukes people lol


She has a Prf AoE special that deals 5x damage to “ALL” spaces within 5 spaces away centered on the target


And she becomes an infantry unit until the next time she uses it :feh_thinkinglikelukas:


But her max Hp/Atk/Spd/Def/Res gets lowered by 25% while in infantry status

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Yes :feh_thinkinglikelukas:

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While in infantry status charges for her special increases by 2 (aka the effect on Blade tomes but worse) while the special itself is 5 at base

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Shouldn’t the special charge faster given how fast the ultimate charges in OW? She can get the mech back pretty fast.

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Unless her Special while in infantry status does something entirely different since even with a 25% reduced Atk stat a 5x the damage in a 5 space away centered on target AoE will still deal tons of damage

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