Simple questions about Feh "bank"

So I’ve been reading people are saving orbs by making Feh a bank (of orbs) of sorts… which I am planning to do too, since saving orbs is hard when you see your orbs numbers on top…
How long can you not collect those daily orbs? Will they disappear someday, maybe after major update or something?


Unless stated otherwise they will always stay in your mail iirc


I see. Well that’s good then, so it’ll always be there if we don’t collect them… Thanks


Feels like it’d be a bit inconvenient if you wanted to take all the other stuff besides orbs in your box, though. Probably easier just to learn, or practice, impulse control hypocritical as I’m a massive whale


Not always. For example, I think compensation orbs and orbs that are given as part of a celebration disappear after a certain time, so I prefer not to use Feh bank. :feh_legion: If you’re sure you won’t forget to claim these orbs, though, it can be a good idea.


Whoa okay thanks for the heads up… We’re getting some free orbs for the glitch with the Mjolnir scoring, I’ll be sure to take them asap.


Cuz you’re a boss at resisting temptation :clap:


Thanks! Though I wouldn’t say I’m that good at resisting temptation, F!Lyon and F!Byleth still got me last month. :catcry:

(F!Byleth is a future merge project and F!Lyon is one of my favorites, but I still feel a bit guilty for spending orbs before the CYL banner).


You should have enough for when CYL4 comes out, so don’t feel too guilty about it! Besides, pulling for your favorite is part of what makes the game cool, you have to indulge sometimes :D


Hold on… Wasn’t there a user here that complained a lot of times that he couldn’t get the Universal Fragments we received from an event?

That really is a good idea. I consider myself a man of restraint but I’ll be doggone if I recklessly dip into my orbs when I shouldn’t (thanks, NY Azura. I’ll never forget those 300 I went through to get you).

Thankfully, my restraint to spend orbs is almost non-existent. But I def don’t hold my orbs in the FEH bank cuz I know I will forget to claim time sensitive orbs. Not even gonna risk it lol.

Actually, I’m not sure compensation orbs and orbs given as part of an event expire. I haven’t tested this theory with compensation orbs (I plan to with the new compensation orbs we’re scheduled to get), but I have done so with various events. Some evidence:

Here’s a screenshot concerning the Voting Jubilee Event Present:


Not exacly sure what the range of dates for that event’s rewards was, but I’m quite sure the end date was before June 2. I accepted the reward either yesterday or the day before for the Mythic banner.

And then, here’s a thread I made earlier and a corresponding screenshot concerning Feh’s Quiz Event Present:


Feh's Quiz Event Rewards Expiration

The dates when the screenshots were taken are at the top of each screenshot. Also, the last paragraph of the linked thread is a disclaimer, which applies to this comment as well. I just wanted to say this since it seems as though a lot of people believe certain rewards will expire when, in reality, it appears they actually do not.