Simultaneous knockout in GBL question

A few months ago, I had a battle end in a simultaneous knockout. I was given a win and I assume my opponent did, too. However, last night I had a battle end in a simultaneous knockout and I was given a loss. Again, I assume my opponent did as well (at least I certainly hope so). Does anyone know the mechanics of a simultaneous knockout and how it is determined if you get a win or loss in that scenario? A lesser question that may not be able to be easily answered, do both parties get the same outcome in a simultaneous knockout?

Ok, I did a search and supposedly a simultaneous knockout should count as a loss. I know I had a win previously because it was one of the few times I went 5-0 in a set. Unfortunately, I have no video proof.

It has happened to me more than a dozen times in 3,688 battles on my main account. In terms of tangible rewards, it counts as a loss for both players. In terms of “points” or ELO rating, it does count as a tie. For example, typically if you go 2-2-1 in a set you might lose about 2 points. Whereas going 2-3 can drop you maybe 14 points (if I recall correctly)

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Thank you. And yes, going 2-3 is a steep drop in points.

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I think when that happens both players get to play again it can get quite frustrating that you lose your reward because of a draw

Hmmm. I hadn’t even thought about the rewards aspect. That makes it even more frustrating. For me personally, that last battle was extra disappointing because I was down and fought back to the draw.