Sin release NA

I know i will have my answer in a fed days, but does someone know exactly when Sin will be available in NA ? If we follow the schedule it should have already been available…



if we follow the schedule, the thanksgiving banner shouldn’t exist. what’s your point?


there’s no official answer, but the 25th seems the likely candidate for the answer.

Probably right after Heaven’s Feel campaign.

“Late November” is the most exact answer we have.

It was announced on Twitter just a bit ago

Thanksgiving Day release!


Damn it you beat me!


00:00 PST huh
Is that 9 am on thursday or 9 am on Friday in Europe?

Thursday since I’m assuming European timezones is only 9~12 hours ahead

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Nice! :fgo_ereshwoah:

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Let me breath since Lord Horsey is coming…

Great I’m really hyped!

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If I goes …uhm…, Then I should have enough for …hm. hopefully Xiang Yu and QSH doesn’t reject their subject.

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But we already have Chiron

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Guess I should be thankful.

That is nice.
So I guess Lanling might have have the solo rate-up this sunday.

Paying my respect to the past, uhm…

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00:00 is the “start” of the new day, so it should be Thursday morning in your time zone. For end of the day people usually say 23:59 to avoid confusion.

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Makes sense thanks.