Since I am bored... What’s everyone’s favourite pokemon included here?

My favourite is Salamence by virtue of its design and battle prowess.
Design wise I like its colour scheme of blue body and blood red wings. I also like its story of achieving its life dream of flight by attempting suicide over and over again :rofl:
Battle wise I like its role back in the days of DPPt OU as a pokemon with so many viable but drastically different sets due to its generally great stats, great ability and an impressive movepool. It can be physical sweeper, mixed, specs or even tank (with reliable recovery in roost and, wish of all things, and a great defensive ability in intimidate)

I’d tell you, but you probably can tell what my fav Pokémon is.

Gengar is probably my favorite. Pretty high Sp. Atk, and this ability Cursed Body which is sadly not translated to Masters. As for the design, it’s kinda ok, I guess?

Well it is not yet included here but definitely in the foreseeable future considering its starter status.

Levitate is more useful imo (though cursed body would be broken in this game) and it has a pretty good movepool so I liked it too.

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