Since the game is out for some time now (fe3h)

I want to ask you guys what was your favorite ending?
I want to keep it as much spoiler free as possible since a lot of people may not have the game or finished it yet.
For me was Blue Lyons ending, Dimitri’s evolution as a character is just amazing and I felt like I wanted to fight by his side and help him achieve his goals.

Small spoilers

He was a flawed man, made many mistakes but in the end all he wanted was redemption and peace.
The reason I don’t like Edelgard (sorry Edie fans) is because I felt she was 2 blinded by her pursuit to achieve her goals that she would sacrifice anything and anyone for it.

Anyway I am interested in your own opinions on the topic and I Will add a poll for you guys to vote too :grin::+1:

  • Azure Moon (Blue Lions)
  • Crimson Flower (Black Eagles)
  • Verdant Wind (Golden Deer)
  • Silver Snow (Church)

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Well I’ve only actually beaten CF so it’s the only ending I’ve actually seen firsthand.

I’m sorry I’ve had it since the 2nd week it was released and my narrow mindedness only allowed me to play B.E because it’s the only route Edelgard doesn’t die.

I just refuse to play other routes


Crimson Flower


I just love those games/tv shows/whatever where in the end humanity defeats Gods and everyone is free. I don’t know, it’s poetic and as an atheist I’d love a world where there is no God or religion so people must work hard and belive in themselves rather than belive in a mighty divinity that can give you everything if you belive in them. I like SoV’s ending for the same reason.

Also, Edelgard is my favorite FE lord in general, I love the Black Eagles, Crimson Flower was the most unique route (it’s short I know, but it felt unique compared to the other two) and this is the only ending where Byleth’s heart beats again. Beautiful, the others are good too but Crimson Flower is perfect in my opinion.

The only flaw is the fact we don’t actually fight TWSITD but whatever, the important thing is that they are dead in the end


As someone who doesn’t like mega cliche’d endings, like CFlower, or rather weird trips like Verdant Wind, even if they try to make it this whole joke on how friendship talks help by distracting their enemies. And even if I love Blue Lions. I have to say Silver Snow.

Don't think there are spoilers. But, incase

The interesting, not antagonistic portrayal of a religious group, the building up of the background, further explanation of Byleth. Rhea as our “Lord” was fascinating, and one interesting experience. And I found her far more compelling than Edelgard who was I would honestly sum up as arrogant, and lacking in long term intelligence for somebody labelled like Arvis, of all people.

The way it puts into the center the churches misdeeds, whilst also reminding you about how those are not the majority, but the fray of those who want power, truly makes it feel like real life in a sense. Whereas religion isn’t a flat out evil potential, but something grey. In that sense I also like how the BE cast are actually following up on their doubts. Dorothea’s hate of killing forces her to choose the church. Hell, she goes and takes care of orphans. Ferdinand stops trying to 1up Edel, and simply chooses to be her better morally. Caspar goes along with Linhardt, whilst Linhardt wishes to simply avoid fighting. And shy Bernadetta grows a spine and she even calls you out when you doubt what you’re doing. (Who knew she had a spine amiright :feh_bklul:)

Genuinely, its uniqueness made me love it. Because it gave the cast a far less cliche story. From release world from religion and evil gods (when humanity was the instigator, every time, just FYI. That’s a trope from FE, and most any RPG) down to "We have a skeleton key. We can fix the system our way (Byleth being the Skeleton Key).

TLDR: Uniqueness, rather non lopsided portrayal, and lack of cliche made me love the route more than others. Even if I feel that Blue Lions has the best Lord and plot out of the four.


“Since the game gas been out for some time now”

“Been out for some time now”

“Some time now”

“What was your favorite ending?”

Gee, wish I knew. Even if it’s been out for a while I still don’t know anything :catcry:
Though hopefully I finally get to play it soon :eyes:

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I’m a fan of verdant winds, at least in my current situation. I need nice things and I think that’s the best overall ending for me. The only one that puts racism on the big table, also.


I only played Crimson Flower and Azure Moon.

I kinda liked both endings because… You just can’t compare them, they fight for good reasons, and end the war fullfilling it in the… best way they can. I can understand WHY CF path is shorter, isn’t lazyness from the developers but for plot reason! I will never understand those comments about how short CF is comparing it to other paths… Those who say that… Just… Ignored the entire plot for just an hour more of gameplay?

Btw, since i’m starting Silver snow route i’ll wait a bit before choosing a winner. Both the BE and BL route were splendid.

I’ve only ever beaten Crimson Flower and Azure Moon (and I really need to finish Verdant Wind soon).


Comparing the two endings, I like CF more because we got rid of Those who slither in the dark in the end even though we don’t actually battle them. And I don’t remember the AM ending mentioning anything about defeating Those who slither in the dark.

Classic JRPG.


Im not sure about which one is my favorite (CF v VW), but i definitely know which one is the worse:

That’s right, Silver Snow

How are the Church and Claude’s routes losing? Those two have by far the endings that are more satisfying. Like Dimitri is the most irrelevant lord of the 3 story wise. Edelgard’s ending completely offscreens the main enemy. Yup she beat the main enemy you don’t need to see it just take our word it happened.


Also Edelgard’s route is the only route where she lives so detract points for that as well.

Still underway in Verdant Wind.

May pick Black Eagles next…then create an extra save before the split. :feh_edelsmug:

Azure Moon! Dimitri is my favorite character, so that’s not a surprise at all, but also


It has the least (mandatory) major character deaths out of all the routes, I believe, and the only real drawback is that we don’t directly deal with TWSITD. Still, we do weaken them by killing a lot of major members even if accidentaly, and there’s nothing stopping Dimitri and Byleth from finishing them later like in CW.

I haven’t finished Silver Snow and Crimsom Flower yet, but I’ve been spoiled to hell and back on those, so I know pretty much everything that happens in these routes. Just haven’t experienced them first hand yet. Still, so far, I must say Azure Moon has my favorite narrative as a whole. Golden Deer was kind of meh to me as much as I love Claude, since I didn’t feel there was a lot at stake during the story and it was all wrapped up in the end with a huge info dump. Hooray…?


Here’s my thoughts on not only the endings but the routes in general

Spoilers (but I mean why would you read this topic anyways if you don’t want spoilers lol)

In order of play.

Golden deer was the 3rd best path in terms of story. Tbh Nemesis felt so rushed. GD is so disconnected from the main story, it’s like when Edel was revealed as the FE I was like ‘wait who is this?’

It doesn’t have a good story, has mostly filler or if not filler it has garbage rushed storyline.

But characters! You get best house leader Claude and obv best girl but she’s recruitable any path. Worth doing the route solely for Claude but other than that not a very good route

End of story was well done but at the same time felt really really rushed like why am I even fighting nemesis where does he fit in? And the answer is he doesn’t

Silver snow. Garbage story, I thought GD was bad. You have filler of GD up till the very last chapter. And the filler makes less sense! Like why am I recruiting Judith, she’s Claude’s friend not Seteth’s!

You get Seteth in any other route too (save CF) so not worth it for characters either. Just a trrrible route holy… Worst route in terms of characters and in terms of story, the whole route was ‘We need to save Rhea’ but I was like ‘nope I’m only here for Bernie and Flayn, just passing through’

End of the story made no sense and was alright overall but not great

Blue Lions. Has a good story. After finishing the story I gotta say I’m really not a big fan of Dmitri. I appreciate his development and his character is written really really well. But not for me, I don’t like him as a character, I just like his writing. Probably 2nd best story

End of the story is alright.

Crimson Flower has imo the best story. I’m personally on the ‘edelgard was right’ bandwagon compared to the ‘Rhea is right’ bandwagon. But ofc Claude is better than them both.

Either way the chapter has less filler which is imo a better thing, and the story makes logical sense

The end of the story is really well done and nice, feels very concluding and gives me that feeling you get when something ends and it’s bittersweet. None of the other ending gave me that

Overall endings wise


Same order for route wise

Character wise GD, CF, BL, SS

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For some people good characterization > general plot.

That’s my case at the very least, but what could you expect out of someone whose favorite anime is totally based on the characters :feh_lucyshrug:



Not only that, but I’d say Claude is the one that’s irrelevant to the story. The story would play out exactly the same without Claude there (since he’s a neutral party with no major ties to the conflict), but it would change drastically without Dimitri.

Would it, though?

I mean Edelgard never really cared about Dimitri being against her and if we removed him from her route it wouldn’t really change. Sure, there’d be less drama, but that would be it. Edelgard’s true enemy was always the church, to the point where he isn’t the final enemy in her route (understandinf the final boss as the ‘ultimate’ threat)
In SS and VW his situation is even worse, Dimitri is painfully irrelevent to the point that he commits suicide in one and he dies offscreen in the other. Edelgard is by far the most important character for the plot and Claude is important too, but in a more ‘indirect’ way. Just like Edelagrd he has his own plans and he also wants to change things, we just don’t know about it as we barely know a thing about Almyra.
Unlike Dimitri, who is shown as someone who lost his way and dies accordingly ( :feh_sharenacry:) in all routes save for his own, Claude doesn’t even necessarily die, he always retreats and returns to Almyra (unless if you kill him in CF, but you’re not even forced to)
CF and VW are routes that try to change Fodland’s government for the better, Dimitri’s route, however, spins entirely around him. I remember that was my only complain, that the game appeared to have forgotten about those mysterious peeps from TWSITD. Also, Dimitri’s ending is relatively famous for being the ‘worst ending’ for the people of Fodland. That’s debatable, if you ask me, but it’s true that he’s the only one that doesn’t have a clear plan to change things :feh_myrrhthink:

Idk, not like it matters though, his was the route that I overall liked the most, the one with the most satisfying ending imo and the one where I found myself the most emotionally invested, so I guess that’s enough to make AM both my favourite route and ending :feh_bylethsmile:


Fair enough, maybe it wouldn’t change drastically. As you said, Edelgard is by far the most important in the story and Dimitri’s quest is a more personal, character-oriented one. I wouldn’t call him irrelevant, though. It’s just that next to Edelgard and Rhea, everyone else seems kind of unimportant by comparison.


Yeah, to me the only drawback of his route is the lack of closure on TWSITD and Byleth. But I much preferred that over the info dump tacked on at the end of VW. I just imagine these matters were settled later. Rhea is still alive, so she can provide information on both of those things.

Makes sense he didn’t have a plan for ruling Fódlan, really. His plans for the future were solely to avenge his loved ones for the tragedy of Duscur and embrace the sweet release of death shortly afterwards. He only finds a reason to live and look forward later on in the story, so he doesn’t have a full plan like Edelgard and Claude, but I don’t think it’s the worst for the people Fódlan at all. That’s a whole different can of worms, though…

Same! :heart: :feh_dimitrismug:


i’ll be a blue lion forever