Since we're writing doujins, let's think of story ideas!

If you were to write a plot for a ServantFes doujin, what would it be about, and which servants would you feature in it?



  • Gilgamesh
  • Ozymandias, AKA “O”


A mysterious man only known by the moniker “O”, is a talented and elusive mafia leader, involved in the criminal underworld, who commits several crimes throughout the (modern) city of Uruk. After a betrayal by his subordinates, he is captured by Gil, a full-fledged government agent, and he is about to be sentenced for his crimes.

In an effort to save himself, O strikes up a deal with Gil: he will help him catch criminals in Uruk, with the catch that he will not get any sentence. The two end up forming an unlikely bond with each other and try to catch criminals around Uruk, but Gil is left wondering what O’s true intentions may be and if he should really be trusted at all.


I am afraid most of my ideas would end up being censored :frowning:




Wait. Thought of one.

Name: Family/Grand Order (working title)

Characters: all the servants maybe


As Earth goes back to normal and the Lostbelts all vanish, Fujimaru and company have finished their duty. However, to keep this all under wraps, the Mage’s Association decides to shut down all powers related to the incident, including Chaldea. As such, all servants are to be unsummoned.

…Until they weren’t. Something’s gone wrong and the servants are stuck in their physical forms unable to dematerialize and be unsummoned.

Join Fujimaru (whichever which one you want) as he/she and his servants try to live a normal life.

Official Title: Fujimura-san Chi no Kyou no Gohan


NAME: Holy Grill War


Saber: Musashi Miyamoto
Archer: EMIYA
Lancer: Jaguar Man
Assassin: Mysterious Heroine X
Caster: Thomas Edison
Rider: Boudica
Berserker: Tamamo Cat


Seven heroic spirits have been summoned to fight for the most powerful cooking appliance in history, THE HOLY GRILL. Who will emerge victorious through fierce cooking battles? Can the nameless Archer’s Unlimited Food Works keep up with the mass produced fast food of Thomas Edison? Can Jaguar Man actually figure out how to turn on her stove? And who might be that mysterious girl who spends more time eating than cooking?

Who will emerge victorious and achieve their dreams? Only the Holy Grill can grant their wishes.


Second Submission (cuz I actually find this a very fun thought experiment)

NAME: Arash’s Wonderful Trips!

Arash Kamangir
King Hassan
Valkyrie Trio
Chen Gong

The famous archer Arash puts his life on the line once again as a Heroic Spirit! However, every time he uses his Noble Phantasm, he has to go on a short trip to the afterlife. Tired of processing his deaths, the spirits of the afterlife have agreed to take turns on accommodating him.

Arash, ever the great hero, has decided to help the kind spirits who keep bringing him back to life in their various problems running their realms. However, the villainous Chen Gong has disrupted the schedules of the underworld by sending dozens of heroic spirits to afterlife. Arash must stop Chen’s reign of terror while also helping his friends welcome all the fallen heroes.


The King of Beasts

One day, deep in the heart of Chaldea, Ritsuka Fujimaru frowned and turned away from her comrades after yet another failed summoning. She smiled, as she always did, but she knew that they knew that her smile could not possibly be real.

She took their consolations and platitudes with that same empty smile as she left, returning to her quarters.

That night, she come to a decision. No longer able to tolerate the horrible Gacha rates, she turned to an old tome she found buried deep within the storage room.

Within were the details surrounding the summoning system they utilized to call upon Heroic Spirits. But more than that, within lay the secrets to manipulating that same system. It was her final recourse. A modified summoning ritual that was said to be able to increase the success of summoning a thousand fold.

Her many recent failures weighing heavily on her, she began to prepare the materials needed in the secrecy of her room. She was the last Master of Chaldea. She was the last line of defense standing between humanity and anything that threatened them. If this is what it took to succeed, then so be it.

And yet… her mediocre magical potential failed her once more. Rather than summoning a Heroic Spirit from the Throne of Heroes, the ritual instead tore open a hole in reality. Unable to resist the potent energies pulling her in, she found herself thrown into the void, beyond the flow of time.

Unable to return nor capable of anything else, all she can do is wait and hope that someone, Da Vinci perhaps, would find what she had done and come up with a way to rescue her.

But as time passed and no rescue came, all she could do was wait. Wait as her end approaches. And as she waited, she could not help but rage at the Gacha, the very thing that had forced her to perform the ritual in the first place.

Unknown to her, the failed ritual had a mysterious effect on both herself and her surroundings. The more time passed, the more she was changed, the changes directed by her subconscious thoughts. And those same thoughts further fueled her rage, causing the changes to proceed faster. And the more she changed, the more her rage grew. The more she raged, the more she changed.

Time passed, and soon there was little left of the Master of Chaldea’s former appearance. Her features would now be unrecognizable to anyone who saw her.

Soon, her rage grew to the point that it, along with her determination, was enough to tear a hole in space, allowing her to re-enter the world.

But gone was the Master of Chaldea. All that was left of the young woman she once was, was the desire to overcome that which drove her to despair. The Gacha.

However, it was not meant to be. It did not take her very long to realize that she had not returned to the proper time period. Here and now, an indefinite number of years before the Gacha even came to be, there was nowhere to direct her anger.

And so she wandered, now bereft of a purpose. And yet her anger continued to simmer, seeking an outlet even as it threatened to consumer her from within.

As she continued to roam the lands that would later become the world she knew, her eyes caught sight of something very familiar. A familiar sight that reignited the embers burning deep inside her.

Civilization. Humans.

Was it not humans who created the Gacha? Was it not humans who created the very thing that turned her into the monstrosity that she had become?

Her mind, twisted by her rage and eons of solitude, could come to no other conclusion.

Humanity created the Gacha. Humanity was at fault. And if she destroyed humanity, did that not mean that she would succeed in destroying the Gacha?

And thus, with her purpose renewed, the being once known as Ritsuka Fujimaru was reborn as Gudako, the very first Beast of Calamity.




This really was the perfect thread for this story, it’s an extremely nice coincidence right?



Emiya would get a fame bonus so it’s not fair!


Summary :

Story about gudao who have dream to be servmon trainer . After get first servmon from professor lev he start journey to defeat champion

He and his eggplant type servmon, mashchu went to journey but get distract by team DP(demon pillar) and his rival solmon. He must fight 7 singularity leader to be qualified fighting champion and his elite 72. Will gudao be champion ?


Loving this already.

Very cute. Moving on…

Oof. Solomon actually doing the smart move and killing Mashchu? Never done before in any Servmon fight!

Welcome to A Wonderful New Fate/World

Ritsuka Fujimaru is a shut-in Neet who stumbles across a mysterious grail cup and decides to drink ultra bitter coffee from because reasons which causes him to have a heart attack.

He awakes to face the goddess Irisviel, who promises to return him to life in the world of Fuyukizerg where he must defeat the Demon King who has taken over. To assist him in this endeavour he can select a legendary hero from 1 of 7 classes.

He arrives in Fuyukizerg to discover that the Demon King has arranged Holy Grail War and has summoned the remaining 6 classes to help him in an attempt to manifest the greater grail and defeat our hero.

Our hero eventually battles all 6, befriends and adds them to his harem side.

Discover the secrets of the Holy Grail!
Is the pale Tsundere a friend or foe?!
And who is the Shielder eggplant following Ritsuka?!
Can our hero defeat the Demon King?!


We all know Mages are allergic to tech, but Fujimaru’s hardly even a Magus, so what would be really exotic to all the Servants at ServaFes (except for the MHXes)? Sci-Fi!


In the distant future, Mankind has integrated technology and magic. Lacking leylines between stars, they travel the galaxy in ships powered by repositories of magical energy in integrated Grails, each with a command crew of a Master and enough Servants. Join the crew of the USS Chaldea as they trek the space lanes keeping peace in the galaxy, contacting new alien species with their own forms of magic, and exploring the forbidding depths of the void between the stars!

CAPTAIN: Ritsuka Fujimaru. A hardworking Master no one expected to earn his way up the ranks, he has made it to a command and now must prove himself with his first ship.

FIRST OFFICER: Saber Bedivere, the loyal lieutenant with a straight-arrow, by the book discipline, whose style sometimes clashes with the more unruly if talented officers.

SCIENCE OFFICER: Caster Da Vinci, the widely-studied polymath whose eternal curiosity leads the ship into trouble almost as often as it uncovers crucial data that saves the day.

CHIEF MEDICAL OFFICER: Berserker Florence Nightingale, with a no-nonsense approach to medicine by statistics and by fisticuff that gets the job done in the face of impossible odds… and if it means the Chaldea’s injured crewmembers tend to try to avoid sickbay unless the matter is urgent, that just keeps beds open.

NAVIGATOR: Rider Francis Drake, whose rough-and-tumble attitude can be a pain during diplomatic missions but whose daring piloting can see the Chaldea through battle and storm.

COMMUNICATIONS: Assassin Mata Hari, whose silver tongue and dazzling charms not only smooth over the waters in many a tense contact situation but also unearth valuable intelligence. Is Fujimaru her only commander, though?

MARINE COMMANDER: Lancer Valkyrie, a winged warrior from an alien history, commands the Chaldea’s security forces and ground-deployment troops. Her strict military demeanor compensates for her unfamiliarity with human customs, but those who get past it learn of her passionate search for the meaning of honor and nobility of the soul.

QUARTERMASTER: Archer David keeps the ship supplied whether they’re in port or on a wilderness planet; with many of the ship’s missions being focused on domestic politics, David’s business sense helps the crew navigate the civilian waters of economics and trade, even if his ventures (or his womanizing) occasionally land the crew in hot water. He’s also the Servant to go to if you need a little something under the table.

Extra classes:

CHIEF ENGINEER: Alter Ego Mecha Eli-Chan not only keeps the vessel shipshape on a tight maintenance schedule with rigorous standards, she can even plug herself in and take it over in urgent situations.

DEFENSE CHIEF: Shielder Kyrielight keeps everyone on the Chaldea safe with her battle expertise, able to keep the ship together through the toughest fights.

And the PASSENGER with a past cloaked in secrecy, taken aboard to advise them when the alien encounters take a turn for the truly eldritch: Foreigner Abigail Williams. Where is she really from, and what is she journeying aboard the Chaldea to find?

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